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    Beauty secrets, makeup tips & tutorials, cosmetics reviews, plastic surgery, fashion and top anti aging Beauty Tips. Free beauty tips for a beautiful face, bikini body shape, diet and fitness plans, salon hair, and the best skin care products. How to apply makeup, natural beauty secrets, Botox, Restylane, lasers, peels, facial fillers, FAQ and cosmetic surgery prices. How to dress sexy. Look ten years younger and feel fabulous like a celebrity in your forties, fifties, sixties, at any age!

    Manhatton cosmetic concealer, Bobbi Brown & inexpensive alternatives to concealers

    Concealer & Makeup Foundation cosmetics: From Manhattan cosmetics, MAC & Bobbi Brown to N.Y.C. & Wet n Wild: Tricks to cover blemishes, acne and dark circles under eyes. Quality concealer gives the best flawless coverage but there are ways to save if you are budget conscious

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    Manhatton cosmetics and expensive concealers such as MAC NW studio finish, Bobbi Brown Corrector, and Mineral Makeup brand Concealers have great opacity and you pay for quality. Mash N.Y.C. or Wet n Wild $1.98 concealer sticks into an empty cosmetics jar and apply with a round sponge for less if you can't afford the best. Noone will know. Prep skin with body butter to make it go on smoother using a round sponge.

    Concealer and how women over forty should use it to look younger

    Concealer is a wonderful makeup foundation that will effectively hide pimples, cover up blemishes, and diminish under eye circles. Concealer will also lighten dark areas of the face including delicate skin around the eyes and near the lips and chin. With the right concealer, you can anti-age yourself by 10 years easily. The trick is to buy good concealer, apply it correctly, and cover it with a light weight foundation so that your makeup looks light, airy and never pancake heavy.

    High quality concealer: you get what you pay for, which is good coverage

    You can buy wonderful concealers at a price point of around 20 dollars. Some of the best are Mac NW concealer which comes in a variety of color shades. For best coverage go for a light beige color. Ask a MAC makeup counter specialist to help you choose the correct shade for your skin type. The Mac cream concealer pot usually costs around sixteen to eighteen dollars. Besides MAC there are plenty of other top quality concealers. Bobbi Brown makeup makes a great corrective concealer for around twenty. Bare minerals makeup also carries a good concealer. New cosmetic lines like the German Manhattan Cosmetics carry their own version of hi cover concealer teint, as do the really swank brands like Cle De Peau. Generally speaking, you do get what you pay for as good concealers mean good smooth coverage cream. They cost allot of money however, and in this article I am going to give you a thrifty womans alternative concealer trick.

    My favorite: creme concealer. Prep skin first with skin softening butter creme, then glide on with a makeup sponge round rolled around finger

    Most of the top quality cosmetics brands make good concealers. I like the crème concealers as the opacity of them is good and they can very effectively cover the aging mottled skin spots we get as we age. To make concealer smooth onto your skin flawlessly, use a makeup primer or a body butter cream to soften the skin before application. I like to apply concealer with a sponge for full coverage. I prefer a round sponge rolled around my finger over the classic makeup wedge. Wrap the round sponge around the finger, swipe into the cream concealer pot, and apply. Some women like to finish with their fingers if an area is missed, others use a medium size makeup brush for perfecting the application.

    Concealer #1 cosmetic for women over 40 50 60

    If you are over forty, concealer is your most important cosmetic. If it is done right, you can wear less makeup for a clean airy and youthful look. The problem is that you can go through these concealers every few months. If you are paying over twenty dollars per container, it adds up as a hefty little makeup expense running you a cost of a few hundred dollars yearly, and that is just for concealer!

    Cheap makeup N.Y.C. and Wet n Wild are my favorites, Rimmel too…

    During a personal economic downturn, I decided that the expensive concealer was too much to spend on so I started searching for an alternative. Stick concealer applied directly was too sticky and awkward, liquid concealer didn’t cover the spots and dark blemishes peered through it in no time at all. I derived a little ingenious concealer short cut invention. Just before my expensive MAC concealer ran out, I matched it to several cheap lipstick style concealer sticks. Wet n Wild and N.Y.C. were the ones I used as they run only two dollars per stick. Revlon and Covergirl makes similar lipstick style concealers but they go up in price towards 10 dollars. For the massive discount, stick to N.Y.C. or Wet n Wild. Once I found a decent match I’d buy several for only around two dollars each.

    Discount concealer makeup trick using N.Y.C. or Wet n Wild

    I take a little tool like a miniature spoon or toy screwdriver and scoop the cheap stick out of its container and mash it into the empty MAC concealer pot. An empty lip balm or other cosmetic container will do, as long as it is that size pot. I mash the concealer down and pack it flat into the little cosmetics jar. From that point on I pretend I am applying MAC, but it’s really Wet n Wild. I use a round makeup sponge donut rolled around my finger just like I do with the real MAC.

    Good makeup and the bad economy: Sometimes you have to cut corners

    Nothing beats expensive high quality concealer. The consistency is always really good, and its thick and creamy which gives the ultimate flaw coverage. You’ll notice with the Wet Wild or NYC concealer that the consistency will be a little more waxy. If you prep skin with a touch of body butter it will help the discount concealer go on nicer.

    This cheap concealer recipe won’t be quite as good as the expensive stuff but it only costs a fraction of the price. Two dollars beats twenty two dollars. With the right application, it does pretty well. I use this trick all the time now and rarely buy the top end concealers at all. It works pretty well and will save you a few hundred bucks on makeup during the year. For women on a serious budget, every cent saved counts. Putting it in the little tub really makes a difference in how it goes on. You will hardly be able to tell it’s the cheap stuff.

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