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    Makeup Tip for the Mature Woman: Simple Cat Eye Make up tutorial for Mature Eyes

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    How to apply eye makeup to get a cat eye makeup / smokey eye effect for a mature woman's eyes. This makeup tip uses eyeshadow, a flat edged makeup brush and eyeliner pencil.

    Cat Eye Makeup Effect for a Mature Woman’s Eyes – get an instant free eye lift with this free makeup application technique

    Here is a quick makeup tip on how to apply makeup for mature eyes that gives an instant eye liftcat eye” effect. Makeup for mature eyes is a little more tricky than usual. Women love the smoky cat eye look of the movie stars. On an older woman however, this look can quickly make you look older instead of looking ten years younger. An old lady trying to put on “cat eye makeup” may wind up looking more like a raccoon eyes than a mature woman with beautiful smoky eyes. In this tutorial I will show a few simple makeup tricks using an eyeliner pencil and eyeshadow to get a tasteful cat eye effect without going overboard on the eye makeup.

    I have read in some beauty tips and tutorial videos on youtube about tips for cat eye makeup. When talking about older mature women they usually suggest using more a more muted brown eye liner to soften the look. It’s a good tip however doesn’t really solve the problem. The problem is that older women have hooded eyes (heavy eyelids) wrinkles under the eyes, and most notable, wrinkles, folds and drooping skin around the outside corners of the eyes. This makes it nearly impossible to neatly draw a black (or brown) line extending out past the corner of the eye (the cat eye) without it looking ridiculous and drawing attentions to one’s aging eyes. There is not an available smooth skin surface upon which to draw the extending black cat eye line without it going through ditches, wrinkles and gullies! I’m not kidding. If you are upper forties or older, there is no way your outer eye area is going to be taut enough to draw a black winged out cat eye line.

    Knowing that attempts to do a cat eye or smoky eye makeup look on mature eyes is like mission impossible, I’m going to go through my alternate, mini cat eye steps. This is going to give you a tasteful cat eye effect that your mature face and delicate eye area can actually handle.

    Cat Eye Makeup Tips for the Mature Woman: Step 1 is eye shadow

    You are going to apply eye shadow along your upper eyelid. To create a neat look I recommend that you use a flat edged eye makeup brush instead of a sponge tip brush to apply the eye shadow with. Unless you are a pro, you normally don’t need a big arsenal of specialty makeup brushes. But there is one makeup brush, the one you will use to apply eye shadow along the upper lid, that is a good investment and very important makeup brush to own. You don’t have to buy an expensive eye makeup brush – just a drugstore brand makeup brush that will cost you about five dollars will do. It’s just preferable to have more precision that you get with a brush than the round tip applicators that usually come free with some eye make ups. That’s why MAC makeup doesn’t bother to add a free sponge tip brush to their shadows as it’s better to apply it with a makeup brush that is more precise. I like a brush with a flat edge (like a broom bottom) for this as opposed to a pointed tip.

    You can go with all one color shadow or do a lighter color shadow towards the inner part and the darker shadows for the middle and outer eyelid. When you get to the outside corner of the eye use the makeup brush to angle off the eye shadow line so that it looks like the curve along the lower eyelid extends up. This gives a lifting effect. If it is hard to get the edge line crisp enough you can use a Q tip or pad to create the edge. Before applying makeup I usually clean/clarify my face with a salicylic acid medicated acne pad. Acne pads work great as a quick spot makeup remover for touchups like this. I use Noxema anti-blemish pads. You can dab a q-tip onto the pad to get a little bit of the cleaning agent on there and then cut the line as it will remove any smudged shadow and create a crisper edging. This completes the eyeshadow step of my cat eye look for mature eyes. You will get a nice subtle effect of a free eye lift similar to that shown in the example photograph of me.

    Cat Eye Makeup Tips for the Mature Woman: Step 2 is upper eyeliner

    I do not think that eye liner looks good along the entire top of a mature woman’s eye lids! Mature eyes tend to droop, the eyelids look heavy, and if there is black all along the top it makes the eyes look too small and actually draws attention to the eyelids rather than the eyes. For that reason, I do not recommend putting black liner all across the upper eyes! What I do recommend for lining the upper eye lid is black eyeliner from about the midpoint to the outer corner of the eye – this actually looks flattering. It frames the eyes without weighing them down. Make sure to sharpen your eye pencil to a good sharp point. I don’t like liquid eyeliner or a fat pencil or wand for this. A sharp tip eye pencil definitely works best. When applying the black eye liner make sure to keep the line thin and crisp going from just past the mid eye to the outer corner. Stay close to the lash line, right up on it.

    Cat Eye Makeup Tips for the Mature Woman: Step 3 is lower eyeliner

    I love black eye liner along the lower inside rim of the eye. You have to use good quality eyeliner as this rim is right along your eye and gets watery. You need a good pigment color that stays put. What I love about this area (the lower water line) is that you can put liner here that accents the eyes without having to go under the lower lashes with makeup. Under the bottom lashes is where most mature women have wrinkles, delicate skin and crows feet lines. That makes putting shadow or pencil there rather dicey and it can sometimes end up looking like runny makeup. So that is why my favorite place to line the lower eyelid with eye pencil is right along the inner water line rim itself since it does not interfere with mature under eye aging skin. I personally like black along the whole inner rim, stronger towards the outside. But if your eyes sag a little bit, one trick is to just start the liner just past the middle point and line just the outer corner part (the most important part to line is the outer third). In order words, there should at the least be liner from the outer corner of the eye to the mid eye.

    Cat Eye Makeup Effect

    What we have done here is achieve the cat eye look on mature eyes by framing the outer corner of your eyes with polished black liner making a pretty triangle point frame of the outer corners of the two eyes. This eyeliner frames the eyes, draws attention to them, and looks clean and neat in spite of your older eyes. The cat eye lift effect is further created and enhanced with eye shadow that is angled upwards at the edges giving the eyes a dramatic makeup eye lift. Using this simple technique you don’t have to be drawing a harsh black cat eye line past the edge of your eyes that will got lost and derailed in the folds, wrinkles and flaws that your mature eyes have. It’s easier for it to look good by angling off the eye shadow on your upper lid instead, creating the illusion of the cat eye extending line without having actually having to draw one. This simple makeup look will give you a cat eye approximate look that your mature eyes can really carry off easily and nicely.

    I hope you enjoyed my simple cat eye tutorial for women with mature eyes. You can easily apply these steps and you do not need to be a makeup artist to get the cat eye effect. This makeup technique should anti-age your eyes significantly and the look can be worn day or night. For a day time look you can use a brown liner and lighter color eyeshadow color. For evening you can go with the black eyeliner and a darker eye shadow color to make it more dramatic. Day or night your eyes will pop and focus attention in the right places, making you look fabulous and years younger. Your eyes will be accentuated and your wrinkles and flaws will be minimized. Have fun trying this simple makeup look on your eyes and let me know what you think of my cat eye makeup advice.

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