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    Beauty secrets, makeup tips & tutorials, cosmetics reviews, plastic surgery, fashion and top anti aging Beauty Tips. Free beauty tips for a beautiful face, bikini body shape, diet and fitness plans, salon hair, and the best skin care products. How to apply makeup, natural beauty secrets, Botox, Restylane, lasers, peels, facial fillers, FAQ and cosmetic surgery prices. How to dress sexy. Look ten years younger and feel fabulous like a celebrity in your forties, fifties, sixties, at any age!

    Beauty tips and tricks! Beauty illusions to make you look ten years younger instantly!

    Mature Beauty Tips – Look younger beauty tricks and illusions to enhance your personal beauty. Use your hair, makeup, body and clothes to your advantage with these beauty tips and turn back the clock on aging instantly. This won’t cost you a thing

    We all know that we have to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regularly, take good care of our skin, learn to apply makeup and wear flattering clothing. That’s a given! And, we can find extensive advice on matters such as health, wellness, fashion, style and skin care for aging on the internet. You have to take good care of yourself as you age and we all know it. So then, what further beauty tips and advice could I possibly impart if we have already “heard it all before”. I am going to tell you right now: You have to learn how to make yourself look younger. There are definitely tried and true tricks to look younger and we will touch on some of those beauty tricks right now.

    The beauty secret: Learn simple beauty tricks to look younger

    There’s anti-aging prevention tips such as wear sunscreen, eat foods that prevent cancer, and so on. And then, there are anti-aging beauty tricks. Women tend to understand the prevention part, though they don’t always succeed at it. But what they don’t understand is the tricks. Trust me there are elementary beauty tricks you can employ to make yourself look years younger than your actual age! If this is you, read on for some tips on how to achieve this illusion – appear younger than you really are.

    How to look younger tricks, here are the variables

    I am constantly searching for new beauty tips for mature women. Our declining appearance is indeed of concern, and for both personal and career reasons we are very concerned about looking our best as we age. Women are extremely sensitive to the signs of aging. My secret beauty advice for the older lady is that she learn the art of looking younger, in addition to taking good care of herself. Looking gorgeous over forty involves not only looking good (your hair, makeup, clothes, body), but knowing how to make yourself look younger (by styling your hair, applying your makeup, choosing your clothes, and toning your body so that you appear younger than your real age). The general variables that you can manipulate to help turn back the clock are: hair, makeup, clothes, body.

    Tricks to look younger: your hair

    Use your hair to make yourself look younger. You can break this down into three components, your hair color, hair style and hair cut. To look younger you will choose a hair color that compliments your skin tone and complexion. The color should enhance your face and not wash it out. This often means forgoing the pure blonde hair for a darker golden color that warms up your face. It may also mean covering gray. It means having a good color on the hair so it does not look drab. In general, you need soft but toned color to create a picture frame for your face that adds an illusion of youth. Next is the hair cut. You want your hair to look healthy. Finally, there is your hairstyle. It is a fact that having some natural volume around your face and ears and chin will add dimension to your entire head. Look at your hair when it is sopping wet verses dry and you will see that your dry hair takes years off your age. Allowing some natural curl in your hair can look better than a mediocre blow dry that leaves damaged semi-frizzy hair more noticeable. Straightened hair only looks youthful if you are able to style it really smooth and silky.

    The reason why hair wigs, hair extensions, and wigs, falls, clip in hair pieces, etc are so incredibly popular these days is because they make you look younger. Maybe you do need to buy a Raquel Welch wig, Jaclyn Smith wig or Jessica Simpson hair piece or wig and maybe you don’t need a wig but you get the idea … Bigger sexy hair is in and people are paying for even the fake synthetic versions of it. Clearly the reason why wigs are popular is that thicker hair makes a woman look more youthful. As we age our hair recedes and thins. If you are lucky enough to have a good hair of head then be sure to use it to your advantage and know that there are many women who are jeolous of it so don’t complain LOL.

    Art of looking younger: your makeup

    Just having the proper application of your makeup can make you look years younger! To touch on a few tricks that the beauty experts know and you may not. Moisturize your skin prior to makeup to make it soft. Use a good concealer such as maccosmetics to cover flaws including age spots and splotchy skin. A light application of creamy liquid foundation will give you a softer more perfect look. Use a pressed or powdered bronzer just a tad darker to add life to your face. Then blend, blend, blend.

    Your eyes usually have to be showcased more than your lips to look younger. Keep lips on the more natural nude side. Then people looking at your face are drawn upward to your eyes. This gives you a lift. Don’t be eyebrow-less as your eyebrows are a major balancing factor to your face and they frame your eyes. If your brows are sparse pencil them in lightly. Finally, use mascara in black and wiggle the brush as you apply it to enhance your top eyelashes. Mascara on your top lashes has an incredible anti-aging effect and it gives a counter balance to the tired washed out look that we can get. Use a natural tone shadow on your eye lids to downplay drooping upper eye lids.

    Flattering Clothes

    Flattering clothes don’t necessarily need to be designer clothes or expensive clothes. Just like with makeup, it is more about the colors and materials. Women who are overweight tend to wear clothes that are too tent-like and baggy. I would say that you want the clothes to minimize the bulges you have, but at the same time be snug enough to accentuate feminine curves. When you hide yourself in crew neck t-shirts and baggy sweats it doesn’t help. Black can definitely minimize figure flaws but be careful not to do all black which is too spinster. You want a little bit of friendly color added in.

    One of the most female signs of youth is a waistline that goes in like an hour glass. Any clothing that makes your waistline curved is a big yes. Older women look years older when their clothes are boxy through-out the waist. Solid color clothes without busy patterns are another beauty trick. The solid color apparel will tend to look more simple and polished and it minimizes figure flaws. Tunics that hug the waist slightly are great. Believe it or not, a little bit of jiggle is good. Whether it be a lower cut v-neck top or black leggings that shape your bottom. Conservative classy clothes are great yet add in one very sexy component to every outfit. One little hint of sexiness takes the years off. Maybe it’s your cleavage, or a pair of high heels.

    We tend to dress very frumpy in our search for comfort. Utterly casual clothes coupled with thick strapped unattractive walking shoes just don’t do much for our appearance, love them though we do. My one tip is to always try to look classic and polished yet with one little “I’m still hot” effort thrown in the fray. If you look at women that pull off a beautiful appearance and they are older, I assure you she is making some kind of effort. If you aren’t into fashion then the easiest way is to keep things mostly solid colors, avoid clashing purse, belt, shoes, jacket, and avoid clothes with big patterns. Keep away from things like bright colored socks as they just add to the clash and detract from the model like simple style you want to have. Keep it simple and select clothes that hug to your form just enough to impart a little femininity. And add in one little detail, be it sexy hair, heels or a hint of cleavage. Dresses and skirts look great so don’t forget to jettison the every day jeans for a flowy skirt on occasion.

    Importance of body toning

    Older ladies tend to be either too heavy or too thin, both of which don’t help matters much. In the case of too slender, it can give you too much of a stick plank figure with no soft curves and shape to it. Men find soft curves attractive, so you never want to get too stick like. We are too mature to carry off the waif chic look and in fact if we even attempt it we are going to look burned out and half asleep. Looking scrawny and gaunt is not a good thing.

    Being over weight is another matter, because it stretches out your skin and makes you look bloated. Suddenly your body is a lot bigger and more dominant than your face proportionally. If you aren’t going on a limb and trying things like Lose Weight for Idiots, then you have your work cut out for you. All that I can say is that some basic exercise and body toning such as nautilus can do wonders for your body, it will help you get the fat rolls under control, and get back towards the right proportions. Lose weight slowly and methodically.

    Women who have lost weight can get loose skin which makes the look of cellulite come to the forefront. Lumpy legs I guess is what you would call it (or cottage cheese). Loose skin and cellulite lumps and jiggle are really hard to eradicate once your body has them. The best way to counteract this is to eat as healthy as you can and get regular exercise. Firming and toning up your body with nautilus or other resistance type exercise can really fill out loose lumpy skin. Having some muscle tone is what really helps diminish the appearance of cellulite. You want a round, athletic and toned healthy figure type. Being too slender or too heavy is something you want to work your way out of slowly and steadily.

    For women who need to lose weight just be encouraged by the fact that you don’t need to lose all that much. Some of the oldest looking women are the scrawny ones. Voluptuous (but not overly overweight) women on the other hand look really young because they have shape and their skin is more filled out. Therefore you needn’t worry about becoming unrealistically slender – just try to get into the shapely voluptuous zone.

    Use these beauty tricks to look younger

    Remember that your hair, makeup, clothes, and body shape can be major age defying weapons in your beauty arsenal. It’s not just about looking perfect. You need to find the looks and styles that enhance you and flatter you while at the same time making you look younger than you really are. I hope you enjoyed reading these mature beauty tips.

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