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    Miracle mascara! Try this 3 step mascara trick for beautiful, younger looking eyes.

    Miracle mascara! Lift and curl your eye lashes to new heights with this simple at home trick with mascara. You’ll get the triple pow of having your lashes look voluminous, fully defined, and longer. Read on for my 100% free mascara secret!

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    False eyelashes can be beautiful for the stage or celebrity red carpet, yet not so practical for everyday wear. For beautiful celeb like lashes try my simple three step trick using volume mascara, followed be lengthen mascara, and finish with an eyelash curler. Your eyes will stand out and surrounding wrinkles will be diminished for a fabulous anti aging makeup look. Remember to also shape your brows and pencil in. Add shadow and eyeliner for evening to complete this makeup look.

    Are your eyes looking tired and old?  Time to learn the magic of mascara, a major anti ager!

    Older women just have no idea and I mean no idea, how much mascara can help them look younger.  One of the major aging signs is around the eyes.  Without mascara, your grooves, crow’s feet and wrinkles can overwhelm the eye area.  What you see is an old eye.  The beautiful color of your eyes gets washed out and you just see saggy skin more than the eye ball.  Having a nicely defined eyebrow along with good mascara and eye liner can turn this tired situation completely around. 


    What the mascara does is define the eye area.  The dark color draws an onlookers glance away from the wrinkles because they are diminished in comparison.  Instead, the mascara makes the focal point be drawn back onto the eye and eye color.  If also have a shaped eye brow that is penciled in nicely, and some precision eye liner on the water rim (along the bottom eye lid rim directly next to the eye), suddenly you are back looking young again.  What people will see are your eyes, not your wrinkles. It all comes down to a good mascara application that looks natural yet volumes and lengthens the eye lashes.


    If your lashes are naturally sparse then a volumizing mascara can make them appear thicker. Volumizing mascaras are usually pretty thick and they have special fibers that coat each lash so that the overall appearance of the eyelash is lusher. If your lashes are short then a lengthening formula helps. The lengthening mascaras have fibers that help stick to the very end of your lashes making them look noticably longer. For miracle mascara you’ll take advantage of both types of mascara as well as the wands that they come with. Volumizing mascara has a fatter application wand and lengthening mascara has a long thin wand.


    For this miracle mascara trick you are going to need three makeup products. You’ll need a voluminous mascara. You’ll need a lengthening mascara. And, you’ll need an eyelash curler. These are available in most brands from the local drug store on up to the top of the line makeup counters. Get what you can afford, because the thing with mascara is that it dries up fast which causes the clumps. The fresher the mascara the better. Mascara must be replaced fairly frequently so make sure you buy what is in your affordable price range. Brands like Shiseido, Ulta, and Lancome are great and their mascaras are really good. But you can find similar items at the CVS from the less expensive brand names like Revlon or L’Oreal.

    First step for mircale mascara is apply one coat voluminous mascara

    Your first step for my miracle mascara trick is to purchase a volumizing mascara. These mascaras usually come with a fatter tube and a fatter wand which is exactly what you want. For this trick it is going to require two different mascaras in your makeup box. The first mascara will be the volumizing one with a fatter application wand and the second mascara will be a eyelash lengthening one with a thinner application wand.


    First you are going to apply one coat of the volume enhancing mascara to your eye lashes. Now, let set for just a mere second or two. You don’t want to let the mascara dry on there because it will cause clumping for the next step. You also don’t want to over apply it. Just apply one coat and check the mirror to make sure you have an even application of the voluming mascara. One good tip for applying your mascara is to start at the base of the eyelashes and then do a back and forth little wiggle as you bring the wand up the lashes.

    Second step for miracle mascara is to apply one coat of eyelash lengthening mascara

    Now you will move on to the eyelash lengthening mascara.  Apply your second coat of mascara using the lengthening mascara. Lengthening mascaras always have a long thin, thin wand which is exactly what you want. It’s going to pull the lashes as long as they can go. The thin wand will also work to un-clump anything that was clumpy from the first voluming coat. Now your lashes should have a solid 2 application coat and look both thicker and longer. It’s a one-two coating so you shouldn’t be looking like a caterpillar with clumpy spots. Your eyelashes should look thicker, longer, and way more noticeable is all.

    Third step for miracle mascara is to curl your eyelashes

    Many women curl their eyelashes before they apply the mascara or after just the one coat of mascara. For this trick you are going to curl your eyelashes last for the final finishing touch. The lengthening mascara and the wand you used should have stretched your eyelashes out and also coated them with mascara all the way to the tip. Manufacturers of eyelash curlers include Shiseido and Shu Uemura. Since this is a tool that will last a good brand is worth it. You’ll want easy to grip handles and good rubber coating on the ends so it can’t break lashes off. You only need to curl the top lashes as the bottoms are too short and you don’t want to look like Tammy Faye.


    Now clamp the eyelash curler to the base of the lashes and get a really good curl twisting the curler up just slightly to get more curve. Remove the curler and voila! Your sexy eyelashes should be thicker and longer than ever before. Now step back and look at your face. Your focal point eyelashes should diminish any nearby wrinkles near your eyes. If your eyelashes are stubborn about holding the curl then you can try warming up the eyelash curler with a blast of blow dryer heat. Just make sure not to get it so hot that it can burn you. Warm is fine as for stubborn eyelashes it can make the curl stick.


    I love this three step trick, if I want to look glamorous this makes me go from washed out to amazing. I usually look for bargains on the mascara brands so I can’t say I am sold on any one brand. What I have in my makeup tray right now is Maybelline Intense Volume xxl for the first voluming step, and then L’oreal telescopic mascara for the lengthening. My eyelash curler is a decent one that I got from the beauty supply store. In terms of color black is going to be the most popular choice for stand out eyes. Black will show up the best but if you are a natural blond you can try a black that is not the blackest black or a brown color mascara.


    You might be wondering why this is any different than just applying two coats of the same mascara well it is quite different. The different manufacturers put special ingredients in the product to help volume such as beeswax, and they aren’t the same as the mascaras meant to lengthen. Moreever, the size of the wand is the total key. The fatter wand works great for volumizing and the long thin telescopic wand words great for lengthening and declumping. Its volume, then precision lengthening. Give it a try I know you are going to love this look younger with mascara trick.


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