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    Some say Hunter Tylo is awful Plastic but I think she is totally gorgeous and Fantastic!

    Hunter Tylo Mature Gorgeous Over Forty Celebrity

    Hunter Tylo is a gorgeous celebrity woman over 40 with great taste in makeup and clothing. Maybe she's done some plastic who cares she's gorgeous. Great body and superb style!

    Hunter Tylo is beautiful and over Forty

    Hunter Tylo is a mature beautiful woman. I love everything about her from her hair to her makeup to her sense of style. Hunter Tylo was born in 1962 (making her 47 as of this blog post). You might remember her best from the television soap opera All My Children. Prior to being a soap star she was a fashion model. You might also remember she won a law suit against Aaron Spelling when she was wrongfully fired from an acting role she had been offered on the show Melrose Place after she became pregnant. She is no stranger to tragedy as one of her children was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma as a child, and years later another (her teenage son) of her four children passed away in an accidental pool drowning.

    I have seen Hunter Tylo get criticized on some of the celebrity web sites for having had awful plastic surgery and looking like it. I have to disagree with those criticisms because I think she is one spectacular looking woman, especially given that she has had four children. I am her exact age and have four children too. It is no small task to maintain looks like this and trust me even though she is naturally gorgeous she also puts time and effort into herself to stay looking this fabulous. I’ve seen her looking quite thin in recent photos however I tried to pick a few pictures out of her looking like the incredible women she is. I love everything about her looks from her natural beauty to her makeup, hair and clothing style. She really is pretty.

    Hunter Tylo is stylish and gorgeous

    The two photos on the left show her looking amazing and are when she was younger. I love everything about her look. The makeup looks incredible. I like her plain simple but sexy clothes with the cool detailing. I like the bows on the pink top spaghetti straps, and the cross over V on the white top with the textured fabric. If you learn anything from this post, it is that plain color clothes with some sex appeal and suble detailing look incredibly flattering and anti-aging on mature women. I love her hair in all of these photos. In the center picture is where she is more mature. I picked this photograph because her makeup is perfect and her clothes look great. The plain white top with the deep cleavage and the plain jeans look incredible. The clothes she has on in this photograph will never go out of style. They are simple, sexy and classy. It is the perfect example how you can look gorgeous as a mature woman in a simple top, pair of jeans and earrings. I absolutely love her earth toned but strong makeup. This should be your makeup goal is to look like this. It’s not about the makeup brand. It’s about getting the colors right – natural but strong. Her simple below the shoulder hair cut is something you can get done inexpensively at any hair salon and it looks spectacular. Her hair looks healthy and natural with enough length to be feminine. She looks amazing.

    Plastic surgery or not, Hunter Tylo still looks incredible

    At right is a more recent photograph of her and one that I have seen criticized as “awful plastic surgery”. I will say that once you are up in your upper forties and looking like this, one has to assume you have had some work done on you. Her cheeks are pretty prominent so it’s possible I presume that she’s had cheek implants and her skin is so perfect you have to assume maybe she has had some plastic surgery on her eyes, face or neck. I will say that Hunter Tylo had full lips to begin with but the thing about her lips is they are so voluminous that you wonder if she had them filled. Her upper lip lacks that “cupid bow”, which is the point at which upper lip usually comes down at the top center like a heart. Her upper lip goes straight across more like a sausage instead. It looks like that’s the way her lips are naturally shaped but the lack of a cupid’s bow might be further accentuated if she has lip filler.

    In 2006 Hunter Tylo was a host for an infomercial called “Klear Action” tooth whitening system. This was one of those teeth whitening infomercials that claimed their product whitens your teeth up to ten shades (I personally doubt that). Anyways, Hunter has these perfect “chiclet” white teeth. From what I can see and deduce, her teeth aren’t whitened with teeth whitener, she actually looks like she has veneer teeth on most of the upper top teeth I am guessing. Big, perfect, bright white “toothy” teeth on an older woman like this, is normally a telltale sign of cosmetic dentistry. Combine the oversize teeth with the big lips and tight wrinkle free skin, and one could say that there is a slight plastic-ness to it but I say who cares because it looks pretty good to me! She’s stunning. There are plenty of celebrity women that look nothing, and I mean nothing, like they did originally when they were younger. Hunter Tylo on the other hand has been pretty much gorgeous from day one. Regardless of whether you’re born with it or not, virtually any woman looking this hot at her age has had to have worked at it from virtually all angles. No pain, no gain. In my opinion, Hunter Tylo is doing it right. Most women her age would give a right arm to look like her.

    I think Hunter Tylo looks amazing as a woman in her upper forties (as of this post) who has had four children and some real trials and tribulations in life. She’s a very beautiful woman! I love her style. She has plenty of women fans from her soap reign that really adore her, including me. She keeps her hair natural, wears classy, simple and sexy clothes, and does her makeup to absolute perfection. All I can say is Wow.

    Which lipstick look do you think looks best on Hunter Tylo?

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    15 Responses to “Some say Hunter Tylo is awful Plastic but I think she is totally gorgeous and Fantastic!”

    • juju says:

      she’s ugly very ugly!! lifting was a fiasco!!!!!!!
      a monster !!!!!!!!!!!

    • arob68 says:

      She’s beautiful love seening her on tv…..even with a lil work she still is gorgeous Keep Doin What ur Doin Tylo……..They hatinnnnnnnn on u!!!!!

    • Dr. Rhramad Dhah'd el Zehwuezrwi'i says:

      You’re a total idi*t, seriously. Hunter Tylo looks like total sh*t – like a fish head stretched over a balloon. She has destroyed her natural beauty with plastic surgery that looks like some hack in Me**** performed it. She doesn’t even look human – she’s unrecognizable. I don’t understand why these morons in Hollywood don’t “get” that ALL plastic surgery looks fake. All of it. There is no such thing as a “good looking” plastic procedure, especially now that the public is on to all the various tricks they use – we can spot them a mile away.

      Such a shame about Hunter Tylo- she had the natural structure in her face to age gracefully – she was looking great before any of this butchery was done to her. Now it’s too late and as she ages she will look more and more grotesque. Simple as that. Pity.

    • Lori says:

      Who paid you to say this? Somebody must have. She looks great??? Shure………. 1)lips – fish mouth 2)eyes – painfully stretched 3) pock marks on cheeks (from adult chickenpox, not her fault but still why not spend the money that it took to get that hideous trout mouth and overstretched eyes to smooth out the scars?) 4)hair…blonded and chopped like all Hollywood clones. I guess long, thick dark healthy hair was just not good enough for her. Dear God, she was the most beautiful thing…pitiful.

    • admin says:

      Wow people are really opinionated about this Hunter Tylo! Maybe it’s because she was so, so, so naturally gorgeous when she was younger it makes fans all the more upset she had work done that makes her look somewhat plastic. I still think she is pretty though!

    • Lue says:

      I’m watching BB now and I haven’t seen Hunter in a long time and she looks like she’s hurting in the face. Ouch! She was so pretty. The only “good” plastic surgery I’ve seen in Hollywood was Ashley Simpson and her nose.

    • Cindy says:

      I agree that Hunter Tylo is naturally gorgeous looking! but I’m saddened by her continual quest to stay looking 25. Plus if you watch her on B&B you will see what others are talking about because she can hardly talk now due to all the excessive botox and lip fillers. I think she would still be an exceptionally attractive woman if she just left herself alone! Please Hunter, if you read this, leave your beautiful looks alone!

    • j crawford says:

      BUBBLE LIPS is a good way to describe how Hunter/Taylor looks…looks like you could stick a pin in them & they would pop

    • admin says:

      Haha yeah they are bubbly. I still think Tylo is gorgeous. Man, people get all in a knot over her though. The bubble lips are more obvious on an older woman. Look at the younger models, like Rosie Huntington Whiteley that sports illustrated/victoria’s secret model. She has huge lips, as does angeline jolie. It always looks more natural when it really is natural, and also on younger woman. Older woman can definitely over do it to the point of bubble lips and as you age the big lips look more obvious because everyone knows you had them filled too. Thanks for writing!

    • admin says:

      Yeah she is naturally gorgeous. Alot of celebs don’t seem to want to leave their looks alone. When you read about kris jenner (Kim Kardashians mom) getting a facelift at 55 for Kim’s wedding, you know that times have changed. Some women are just into it, some no. I guess its everyones perogative as to how far they would go. Its easy to cut celebs down but given the choice to look like them, haha I bet alot of woman would. xoxo thanks for writing.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, ashley simpson did have a pretty natural result. Remember though, that she is pretty young. On a younger woman a platic change is much easier to blend in. I agree tho, her result was pretty nice.

    • maybaby says:

      Girl ur crzy………….. if u thnk she still looks good…. ive been watching bold and the beautiful for 11 yrs…. and ive seen her go from pretty to hideous………. plastic surgery ruined her… i thnk its time for the old bags of the world to stop competing with us, youngsters!!!!!! they jst look sad……….. they dnt look young, they jst kidding themselves……… they look stupid for even tyring to get in the race………….

    • admin says:

      lol! thanks for the comment baby xoxo Patty

    • Guest says:

      Googled her to find out what happened to her face. She was never gorgeous enough to have become a supermodel, but she was very pretty and like most women who can’t make it as supermodels, become actresses. But now she looks grotesque. Plastic surgery disaster. What a shame. And to the author of this article, I’d keep your opinion about Hunter Tylo’s looks to yourself. By shouting that she looks fantastic when it’s obvious to everyone that she is ruined, you’re letting everyone know that you cannot look much better. Sad and pitiful what she did to herself.

    • admin says:

      She was beautiful when younger and with many fans too. I guess what I am saying is I think she’s sexy, and still attractive regardless! Most people have strong opinion about her for some reason and they write me messages like yours alot. They don’t like it, so you are not alone in your opinion – btw thanks for comment! Also, I wish we could meetup with her in person then we would really know huh. Sometimes a couple bad press photos create an impression and other times the press photos look way better than in real life. On tv they just have a ton of makeup in general. xoxo Patty

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