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    A classic celebrity makeup and cosmetics review from Cojo book Glamour Interrupted

    Brightening Makeup (an excerpt from Cojo’s Glamour Interrupted book describing Hollywood celebrity makeup at its best)

    “Just some sheer fluid foundation. Plus a little Stephane Marais concealer. A little bit of Dermalogica eye cream, Chanel mascacara in Noir, Nars blush in Orgasm. Some MAC hush luminizer painted on top of my cheekbones, with a touch of Clarins bronzer. On my eyes? Just a drop of color: Anastasia eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, and world famous eyebrow gel. Oh, and three different eyeshadows: a rainbow courtesy of Dior, Larac and Laura Mercier. A dusting of powder by Bobbi Brown. Face primer by Shesheido. Fake mink eyelashes by Shu Uemera. And finally, topping it all off: nostril shine diminisher by Pinkie Swear”

    An enzyme kelp glycolic oxygenating facial can’t cure everything

    I recently purchased a glamour beauty book at the dollar tree store (for a dollar) figuring I would read it for beauty tips and report on mature beauty about any beauty secrets for women I learned. The book was called Glamour Interrupted How I become the best-dressed patient in Hollywood by Steven Cojocaru. If you are familiar, Cojo is a flamboyant plastic surgery-ized Hollywood fashion reporter. I had no clue what this book was about, but soon discovered is was a biography about Cojo’s kidney disease. As an ostentatious fashion and celeb reporter, Cojo talks about how he has X-ray plastic surgery vision and could tell how many cc’s of Botox were in each actresses forehead, how much Restylane was in their nasolabial folds and who had a new nose job aka a deviated septum repair.

    It turns out that I learned very little about beauty or fashion, but much more than I expected about kidney disease. The book details exactly what he went through, from finding out he had the disease, to accepting a friend’s offer to donate her kidney to him for his first transplant (the one she donated him later failed and had to be removed), to life on dialysis, and finally another successful transplant from his mother. It was very detailed and informative. I was amazed that his friend Abby was willing to donate her own kidney to him when he could have requested one from his immediate family – ultimately he got his second kidney from his mother.

    Even when well, his life involved perpetual bloating from taking steroids, and his having to take up to 40 different kinds of pills a day to treat his condition. A cute tidbit was how he finally got to stay in the fabled multi-million dollar celebrity VIP suite at the Cedars Sinai Hospital (yes celebs get five star hospital suites and we don’t, he confirmed it for us). I would not recommend this book for beauty tips because that was not what the book was about. It was, however, a very informative read for anyone facing this ailment or for those with a family member going through serious kidney disease. I really learning something from it.

    My favorite passage in his book was his graphic description of makeup that he put on in an effort to distract himself from his illness. The book excerpt was his description of a touch of brightening makeup. It’s classic! The makeup description is above, followed by my comments on some of the makeup and cosmetics products he mentions in this great little glimpse of celebrity makeup application.

    Nars Blush – a makeup classic and best selling blush, it’s expensive and popular

    Ha, that makeup passage was classic. He clearly was no stranger to high end makeup! Of notable mention is Nars Blush in Orgasm which is a cult makeup classic. This blush costs a whopping $25.00 and is used by stars from Jennifer Lopez to Marcia Cross, to Victoria Beckham. The pinky-peach shade seems to be universally flattering for women who are blush centric. For me personally, it’s a little bit too pinky though. I prefer a basic bronzer and forego the blush. For a cheaper knock-off of the Nars, try the Body Shop’s Cheek Color in #04 Golden Pink which is $15.50 or Milani Blush in Luminous is another well known dupe for Nars and costs $5-$6, as is ElF blush/bronzer duo for $3.00. Sometimes it can be good to buy an expensive makeup one time just to get a good color. When it starts to go low, take the makeup to the drugstore with you and look for the closest match in a less expensive makeup brand like L’Oreal.

    The bare minerals look – I like the earth toned hues on older women I think it looks good

    I know that Nars Orgasm is popular however I am not the biggest fan of pinkish blush on older women. If the blush color shows on your skin at all, it will merely draw attention to your crow’s feet and smile wrinkles. I also don’t like anything shiny near wrinkles. I prefer pressed powder combined with bronzing powder for an anti-aging effect (something like the two examples that are shown in the picture). It’s more of that so called Bare Minerals look I like, with more natural earth tones and no pinks or corals. You don’t really have to buy something like Bare Minerals or mineral makeup to get that earth toned look – you can get it by simply choosing inexpensive pressed face powder and pressed bronzer powder too. I think the natural matte tone without the pink orange shine looks good. That’s just my personal opinion as Nars is a really big seller.

    Eye Cream – Cojo likes Dermalogica … I checked out the eye cream reviews on this one

    I checked the Dermalogica eye cream that Cojo used, called Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair. Dermalogica is a good product brand, however the reviews that I found on this eye cream were not very high. The cream is supposed to use natural ingredients like cucumber and green tea to fight free radicals and prevent the onset signs of aging, but some reviewers didn’t think it was strong enough to do much of anything. It might be good for a woman with sensitive skin as women with issues of irritation to their eyelids gave it the more positive reviews.

    Anastasia Brows – The queen of Hollywood eyebrow shapers, I bet you can barely book an appointment with her

    Note his mention of the anastasia eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, and world famous eyebrow gel. For years Anastasia shaped the brows of Hollywood’s elite celebrities in her Beverly Hills salon. She is sort of the founding father of eyebrow tweezing, waxing, shaping and eyebrow care. Her eyebrow gel looks just like mascara and is meant to tame unruly brows (it can also cover gray eye brow hairs). All of us should be so lucky to have Brooke Shields unruly brows at our age! The shaping, waxing, plucking, even dying and tattooing of older eyebrows is really important for looking youthful. Many women lose their brows, or their brows fade into their faces, or have sparse hairs. It’s really important for older women to get good eyebrows via: shaping that includes tweezing out of bound hairs, trimming long hairs, creating a nice arch and filling in sparse gaps with eyebrow pencil.

    The truth is that eyebrows frame the eyes that frame the face. You need a clean distance from your eyes to your eyebrows, and a clean shape to the brows. When choosing a brow pencil find one in a shade one lighter than your brow color (for brunettes) and one shade darker (if you are blonde). The thing to note about Anastasia products is the natural brown colors and different eyebrow shape styles she creates. I don’t know that you need to buy her eyebrow kit and products per se, but her color choices are definitely worth looking at for ideas. If you currently ignore your eyebrows, don’t! Fashion magazines are a great resource for eyebrows. If you try something new with your brows, take a before and after picture with your cell phone to see how you look before going out hehe.

    cojo, glamour interrupted, steven cojocaru, nars blush in orgasm, stephanie marais concealer, clarins bronzer, mac hush, dermologica

    A celebrity makeup peek into the makeup bag of Cojo includes Nars Blush in Orgasm, Stephanie Marais Concealer, Clarins Bronzer, Mac Hush Luminizer, Anastasia eyebrow gel

    Nars Blush in Orgasm, Anastasia Eyebrows, Celebrity Makeup, Hollywood Makeup

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