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    Homemade natural beauty tips using real fruit and eating fruit to become gorgeous

    The beauty of fruit! Natural Beauty at home includes eating fresh fruit for beautiful skin hair and gorgeous body benefits

    Organic, all natural and homemade beauty recipes are popular again with women! While I love the ideas, I don’t find myself with the actual time or money to spend making home skin care fruit, herbal and vegetable remedies, face packs and body scrubs. I guess the idea behind making your own homemade organic beauty products is that you save money because to buy specialty organic beauty products costs a lot of money. Rather than make home made natural fruit concoctions like facial masks and skin pastes to slather on your body, or pay alot of money for special organic beauty products, just eat the friggin fruit instead I say. Trust me that you will reap the maximal fruit benefits by simply consuming it! My advice is to leave the all natural fruit lotions and secret fountain of youth potion making to the cosmetic companies.

    The beauty section in the whole foods market has tons of this all natural beauty stuff if someone is interested in buying expensive organic beauty products. There is a happy medium between being rich and buying products in the whole foods beauty aisle and being poor and trying to make them yourself in your kitchen. You can benefit from fruit on the skin by trying out cosmetic products with fruit fragrance & ingredients when the price is right (like when you find them in the local 99 cent store). I’ve read many things on the web touting home-made beauty treatments with fruits and things like mayo and avocado yet I highly doubt they have any earth shaking substantive beauty benefits. My advice is don’t bother to make home made fruit based beauty products as I doubt you will discover a miracle beauty secret that the cosmetics companies missed. In the meantime, eat fruit every day because we do know for a fact that you will be anti-aging yourself if you eat the fruit as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

    Beauty Fruits for Beautiful Skin – They say to apply them to your skin, I say you should eat the fruit instead

    I just read an article that fresh fruits can give your skin a boost. They encourage you to squeeze apple juice on your hair to help with dandruff, use lemon juice to bleach and tone your skin, make a mashed banana and honey facial mask, mash papaya and aloe vera gel together and massage your body with it, and put peach paste on. I’ve also read about a date fruit face pack, coconut milk cream and carrot paste pack and a guava facial at home. Would I do any of these natural homemade remedies to give my skin a boost? Nope (but never say never) so probably not. Actually homemade natural beauty remedies, natural homemade creams and natural homemade lotions sound pretty cool, sort of gross, and overall too time consuming for me personally. Some of the ingredients including fruits and oils needed for homemade cosmetics are expensive and you could probably save money finding deals on beauty products for these purposes rather than making them yourself from somewhat expensive ingredients.

    If I had the time and inclination, I might try to go natural, homemade and “herbalistic” but I am too busy lol! Home made cosmetics and natural beauty tips and recipes are actually pretty popular with women who are into natural beauty. I’m not knocking fruit as ingredients for cosmetics products however I’d rather buy inexpensive products that are proven and tested that may incorporate these beneficial fruit ingredients than try to un scientifically create homemade beauty fruit concoctions to put on myself. One thing is for certain I do love lotions and bath products that smell fruity. Though Whole Foods market is too pricey for me, I don’t mind browsing the Whole Foods market beauty section as they have a wide selection of all natural beauty and herbal products displayed.

    Beauty Fruits – the 10 best antioxidant-rich fruits for your gorgeous and healthy body

    Anti oxidants provide you with around the clock defenses against that pesky free-radical damage to your arteries and health. I actually read in a Reader’s Digest article that top 10 performers for disease prevention include prunes, raisons, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, plums, oranges, red grapes, and cherries. By now we should all know that eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is a proven anti aging beauty secret. But knowing something is good for you and following through and eating those items regularly is the real challenge. Just because we know that fruits, vegetables and whole grains will help keep us gorgeous doesn’t mean we will heed the health advisors advice and do it. So in this beauty article I will give my tips and suggestions for getting those fruits into your beautiful body as painlessly as possible.

    Buy fruit on special, wash cut and put on a platter or in tupperware right away

    If you have been reading this beauty blog then you would know that I try to eat healthy but am by no means fanatical about it – I am practical. I do like fruit and I shop for it regularly. If there are good specials on items that I like such as blueberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, kiwis, cherries and bananas then I definitely take advantage of the specials (I shop at Ralphs). Since I have four children I notice what goes into and out of my house. I find that fruit can often get wasted when stored in the crisper. Sometime we never get to it, it goes bad, and I throw a lot of it out in the trash.

    One thing I’ve learned is that if you wash and prepare the fruit right when you get it, and put it into an easy access appetizing container, the fruit actually gets eaten and less is wasted. Wash items like strawberries, blueberries and cherries and put it in a bowl in the fridge right after you buy it. Likewise, cut up cantaloupe and watermelon right away so it does not go to waste. Store fruit in a clear covered dish or plastic container where you can see it and access it easily in your fridge. Don’t store fruit in plastic bags as it encourages it to spoils lets it get soggy. Try to get the fruit on sale, then clean and prepare it making it easy and friendly to get to in your refrigerator.

    Invest money on a more expensive mixed fruit platter about once a week

    Believe it or not, fresh fruit platters are a good investment of your money (I can’t believe I am saying this). You just have to know when to get them. The reason they are a good investment is that they encourage fruit eating (good for your health) and supplement your fruit stash when there really aren’t any good fruit specials going on at the market anyways. If a container of strawberries or blueberries is going to cost you $3.99 then there is no deal to be had and you can check out their platters.

    I buy either Evolution brand Fresh Cut Fruit Platters, or Ralphs Fresh Fare fruit tubs. The Evolution fruit platters include cataloupe chunks, fresh blue berries, raspberries and black berries, organic apple slices, pineapple and watermelon chunks, honeydew, sliced mangos, and kiwi. The Ralph’s fruit tubs also include a good mixture of fresh fruit. Only buy a fruit platter if the fruits look completely fresh and appetizing and they have a good mixture of the exotic more expensive fruits. I usually pick from either a Ralph’s fruit tub or the evolution brand as they supply to Ralph’s where I shop. Sometimes I get the package with just mango slices as my children like those and mango’s are messy to cut up at home.

    I do not like those fresh fruit salads that are in big open bowls and offered at the deli counter section of the market. They tend to have been sitting out all day and maybe for several days, and they are too heavy on the cantaloupe and melon and too light on the exotic fruits like mango and fresh berries. I like the packaged better (it’s usually in the fruit section not the deli), just check the dates carefully and make sure you are buying that day’s fruit. Cut up fruit lasts less than a week in your fridge so you need the freshest. If it sits too long it will have a metallic taste to it and it will taste bad like canned fruit. Buying a few fruit platters a month will encourage you to keep up on your fruit intake and believe it or not you will waste less food.

    Look for inexpensive beauty products with fruit and natural ingredients

    I personally do not believe that making beauty fruit potions and lotions using fruits and vegetables as ingredients for at home beauty treatments is going to make you become beautiful. I’d rather eat the fresh fruit for the obvious health benefits instead. I do love fruit ingredients in beauty products because of their fragrance, soothing and anti-oxidant qualities. But I am more inclined to buy these types of products than try to make them at home. Check for specials at the discount stores and places like Big Lots and TJ Max. You can get some great fruity lotions, sprays, shampoos, and bath and beauty products for pennies on the dollar to have fun with.

    I conclude that expensive all natural organic beauty products are too expensive, home made fruit masques and potions are not worth spending your time making, finding deals on products containing fruit ingredients at big lots is a good idea, and that eating fruit as part of a healthy diet is really really good for you.

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