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    Mature and Natural Beauty – Would you get plastic surgery just to look more natural?

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    Are you a mature beautiful woman, or naturally beautiful woman? A look at what mature beauty and natural beauty mean to different people. Do you plan to wrinkle naturally or fight it?

    Mature Beauty and Natural Beauty were both potential names for this beauty website.  Obviously I chose Mature Beauty as the best web site name!  That decision did not go without much debate amongst my friends and me however.  For your beauty entertainment, here are three definitions of natural beauty.   I think you will find these opinions and musings on what natural verses mature beauty means to be quite interesting.

    A plastic surgeon’s definition of Natural Beauty (Plastic surgeons are usually pretty smart/intelligent when it comes to beauty politics)

    A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon thought that the name for my beauty web site should be natural beauty and not mature beauty.  Funny that, of all people, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon should think this!  I said to him, well, how in the world do you expect me to have a web site called natural beauty when I am sitting there discussing some of the most unnatural of beauty methods from going under the knife to having animal byproducts injected into oneself?  Well, the simple answer is that, so he says, you are doing cosmetic procedures so that you look naturally beautiful – looking like a naturally beautiful woman is the end goal (even if the means to the end is not in fact natural at all).  So he stood his ground and thought the web site should be called natural beauty. 


    This famous plastic surgeon, liked mature beauty too (just not as much).  He thought that mature implied, old, and that women wanted the fantasy and advice on how to never get old, so why use a word like mature that connotes old.   Well the joke is probably on me because this surgeon sells youth (aka plastic surgery) on a daily basis and is quite rich from it.  He knows how to put the spin on something and he knows how to sell the dream.  He also has the real skills to also achieve the dream with his expert plastic surgeon’s hands.   I can also speculate that a plastic surgeon would take pride in being able to achieve natural looking results for their patients (ergo, natural looking is the end goal).


    But I chose to stick with the name mature beauty.  By the way, the women in his office sided with me and liked mature beauty.  I am not selling the dream.  I’m just a woman that blogs about it.  I am essentially the consumer of the dream giving advice to other women, and I see it from a different point of view as him.  And the fact is, I am mature.  There is no getting around it.  I am a mature woman, and no matter how fantastic I look or how much I know, or how natural or unnatural I look for that matter, I know I am mature.  I figure, it is what it is.  Besides, the name natural beauty was already taken by somebody else.

    A smoker’s definition of Natural Beauty (smokers are highly opinionated)

    Another of my friends believes that natural beauty would have been an awful choice as according to her it implies: homely girls with hairy calves and hairy arm pits, no make-up, no plastic surgery, green-peace, feminists and hippies, Carly Simon, the sixties and seventies, Bob Dylan, yogurt and protein bars, unsalted unflavored food, weird health food stores, weird vitamin stores, patients like Farrah Fawcett and Suzanne Sommers trying to get healed holistically, birds and bees, beach sand up your bottom, and communists.  She says Bob Dylan’s entire neighborhood in Malibu has to sniff the smell of bathroom because he has an out house for his guard station where they can go to the bathroom naturally without flushing it down the toilet. She claims he is getting sued because natural s h i t does not smell good to his neighbors.  


    What Bob Dylan’s Malibu out house has to do with natural beauty I am not quite sure.  I guess the point is that Bob Dylan thinks what he is doing with his natural outhouse in Malibu is beautiful and other people don’t think it is beautiful it all.  They think it smells really bad.  So according to her natural beauty and how one goes about achieving it is just a matter of opinion. P.S. bs is totally natural.


    My cynical friend also says maturing does not connote rotting, but that aging connotes rotting.  LOL! I guess it is a good thing that I didn’t name this web site Aging Beauty.  Fine wines mature with age.  Wow!  She sure has a cynical opinion doesn’t she?  By the way, I happen to like Farrah Fawcett and Suzanne Somers, weird health food stores and Bob Dylan music!  I don’t agree with all that she says!

    A Wikipedia definition of Natural Beauty (wiki is not always right)

    An internet definition of natural beauty (Wikipedia style) is that natural beauty implies clearing up your skin and evening up your skin tone, getting pretty healthy hair and embracing the natural look and texture of your hair, keeping good hygiene, brushing your teeth twice a day for a beautiful smile, good breath, and not wearing any obvious makeup. 


    Some of the wiki tips and beauty advice I found online for being naturally beautiful include: drinking water, doing pilates, not touching your face with your fingers, not slouching, eating more fruits, wearing your hair natural, and rinsing your hair with cold water.  One tip I found online was to avoid leaning your face on your hands because it causes premature wrinkles (an older woman has a whole lot more to worry about than just putting her face in her hands LOL)! I have heard of a theory that you have more wrinkles on the side of your face that you sleep on, and there is probably a smidgen of truth to that tale!


    Given the above wide ranging and highly opinionated definitions of natural beauty, I am actually glad that I called this web site maturebeauty.  I am focusing on how best to look, feel and stay beautiful as a mature woman.  The advice I give is geared towards making yourself look and feel much younger than you actually are chronologically.  All of my tips tricks and beauty secrets should help a mature woman look better and my job is to do just that. I believe there is a universal goal of older woman – they want to stay looking sexy and beautiful.  Some of the methods to achieve the goal are natural and some aren’t.    I just want to provide information and tips that can help make you stay sexy and beautiful and women can take, leave or even reject whatever tidbits they want from that.  It’s mature beauty.  That’s my story, and I am sticking with it!

    Mature Beauty Natural Beauty

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