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    Slim Waist: Dress to slim your waistline with a sexy Newport News Tunic Top or Tee

    Tunics are body shapers that slim, contour and body shape your waist. Fashion tips, accentuate natural body shape n curves

    Tunics can accentuate a woman’s hourglass figure and conceal a variety of figure flaws

    Solid color long tunic tops like the ones I’ve selected above from the Newport News women’s Clothing Catalog are way fabulous for slimming your waistline! 


    A slim waistline is the most important body shape feature that a woman can have.  Your waistline contributes to your beauty and sex appeal more than any other body part.  In doing this web site I’ve been taking a cold hard look at some mature famous women and celebrities and I didn’t know this before but now I fully understand how the waistline contributes big time to your femininity.  Mature women tend to thicken in the waist and it gives them an utterly unwomanly look.  Even if you take a woman with a pretty face, nice hair and desirable weight, if there is no waistline showcased on her she is going to have a manly matronly look about her.


    Yes I realize people know a slim waist is good however, I never realized how important it was until I started spending hours and hours and hours looking at pictures of older women!  Trust me I know what I am talking about on this.   I feel like I am just waking up to something that literally all men already know all about.  Duh! You do remember those Playboy Magazine figure measurements don’t you? Does this notation 36-24-36 ring a bell?  Yeah well, I never realized how important that middle number is until I looked at pictures of mature women nonstop.   When there is not a smaller middle number you start to notice.  Let me tell you that it is not just important on Playboy models, it’s important (actually more important) for mature women too.   Let’s look at some optical tricks you can do with clothes to flatter and create your waistline.

    Pick clothes that form to your curves. A long solid body shape forming, color tunic can give you a flatter tummy and slim waistline

    You can get a slimmed waist overnight just by choosing clothing and outfits that accentuate whatever waistline you do have, as well as give the illusion that your waist line is slimmer than it really is.  This is the fake it until you make it approach and it does work.  Stretch fabric can help show your curves without you having to wear too tight clothes.  Anything that creates an hourglass effect over your waist, hips and bottom is going to have an accentuating effect on the waist. 


    The T-shirt above is no fashion statement however it hugs the body all the way down and the slim womanly waist shows.  This effect is what you want to achieve.  Depending on your body type you can try a thick waistline belt, a body hugging tunic, a bottom hugging skirt, and tops that form to you and show your body shape rather than turning you into a box.  I actually think a long tunic in stretchy fabric and a solid color is great over jeans and an instant and inexpensive waistline slimmer.


    Christie Brinkley is well into her fifties right now and she is one woman who has a waistline and knows how to work it.  I looked at photos of her during her divorce trial (her husband had an affair with a store clerk and they ended up divorcing) and she was still working her waistline at the lowest point, I would think, in her life.   She was often wearing a figure forming skirt that showed her waist to hip curvature.  I looked at plenty of photographs of her and let me say she is always wearing body forming clothes.   Some would argue that she already has the body, therefore she can wear the clothes that hug it.  But I beg to differ, as I notice she actually chooses styles that come in at the waist, hug the waist and accentuate the waist.  She actually works the clothes to her advantage and so can you.

    Accentuate an hourglass shape. Older women show their age when they have a thick waistline. Try to wear clothes that go in at the waist line and out above and below it

    Remember when big shoulder pads were in fashion?  Well, I despise shoulder pads and think they are hideous.  But one of the ideas behind them was to balance out a large bottom and create a compensation for that big butt by adding volume up top.  Well, I don’t like the shoulder pads, but I do understand the idea of creating a proportional type of balance.  You can slim one area indirectly by showcasing another.  I wouldn’t try shoulder pads but you can try something with the hair, neck and breasts to create a bit of volume up top thereby accentuating a smaller in comparison waist below.  Try a V-neck or breast enhancing top.  Likewise, you can try something that goes in at the waist and then flares out below the waist to showcase the waistline being smaller – like a jacket that goes in at the waist slightly then flairs out is better than a straight line boxy one.  Don’t be so concerned hiding other conceived body flaws that you forget to accentuate your waistline!

    Check the mirror and make sure your waist shows. When it comes to a skinny (straight up and down) figure verses curvy figure, I definitely like women who are curvy.

    The one thing you should do is check the mirror and visually see if your waist shows as being smaller than your hips and breasts.  You can accentuate your shirts neckline and your breasts and accentuate your hip curves with form fitted clothes.  If you are heavy, don’t wear pants that are super cigarette slim legs (skinny jeans) as those will create slimming effects towards the bottom of your legs and not at your waist.  If you have no waist at all, try a belt to create one.  If you have something of a waist, try a form fitting tunic to accentuate it.  Try stretchy fabric because stiff bulky fabrics will end up looking too boxy.  Heels may help significantly as well.  Note that fitted clothes don’t have to be too tight but they just need to show your curvy form.  Try solid color clothing as they always look best if you are trying to hide flaws.  Darker colors are also slimming.


    My best advice for accentuating the waistline is to wear a stretchy waist hugging longer tunic in a darker solid color.  This works for women of any weight.  There is no better way in my opinion to show case and accentuate a curvy silhouette.  Some women who have a chubby belly are really conscientious of their waist and refuse to wear anything that hugs it.  If this is you then your variation on the hugging tunic is to wear one again a longer top but it can be loose at the waist.  This looks great too as the longer length top in a solid darker color will still have the desired figure slimming effect.  Its sort of like a peasant top.  It has some features at the top and then goes long.  The solid coloring and length is slimming for the waist conscious.


    Pair your outfit with a sexy neckline and high heels, wear it over jeans with some stretch to them, and I guarantee you will look super sexy!  The neckline, breasts, and heels can counterbalance the waist.  You can also try a belt to accentuate the waistline, or a wrap around top with the tie at the waist might work well too.  Stick to solid colors, and if you are trying to hide bulges go for the darker shades.  You can also try a long lace camisole in stretchy material under a top or blazer.  A camisole can peek some pretty lace out at the breasts and be sexy while hugging your curves and acting as a girdle of sorts if it is long enough.


    I spent a few hours online looking for ideas for this post.  I know I like form fitted tunics and I had to go find some examples.    Some of the sites I surfed included Urban Outfitters, The Gap, Betsey Johnson.  I finally settled on Newport News not only because they cater somewhat to mature women.  I’ve actually gotten clothes from them before, and I really and truly like their styles.  I was amazed to have my theory somewhat proven as I checked out that catalog!  Out of their tops and t-shirts section, Newport News had so many tunics in their selection.  I understand why they have that because I’ve looked at enough photos of mature women to realize that this type of top is flattering.  I am picky about online shopping but I have to say that when I was pregnant I bought four or five of their tunics from their catalog.  Even though they aren’t maternity clothes I just bought them in extra large and I literally wore them all through my pregnancies.   I picked out some examples of tunics from Newport News catalog to help illustrate what I have suggested in this post.

    newport news clothes catalog

    A solid color tunic can give you a slim hour glass waistline illusion. Tunics hide your figure flaws, yet hug your body to show off feminine curves. Solid colors are most slenderizing.

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