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    Try out blonde hair and auburn hair and compare to see what hair color looks best

    Natural looking hair color, simply healthy and shiny looking is anti-aging. Test colors & find best haircolor for your skin tone

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    I am a big fan of temporary haircolor that you buy at the drugstore. Temporary hairdye is fun, inexpensive and harmless. Do blondes have more fun? Maybe not when they get this old!

    Hairdyes and deciding what hair color will be the most flattering with your complexion

    How many different hair colors have you tried on your hair in your life time? This one is tough. There is a three year age difference between the photograph on the left and the photograph on the right.  In the photograph on the left I am bleached blond.   On the right I have a temporary wash in color (I used L’Oreal ColorSpa Moisture Actif in the color called Warmer 34 Light Golden Brown).  Which one looks better to you?

    Do blondes have more fun? Turning heads with hair verses matching your complexion

    Having had my hair both brunette and blond (and auburn too), I suppose I could actually have some sort of opinion on this matter.  I can only speak from personal experience.  But I would say that being blond definitely caused more heads to turn in my direction, at least from a distance.  There is something about the blond that is flashy and eye catching.  Men see a blond woman and they have to look.  Never mind that once they looked they saw I was an older blond woman.  Nonetheless, the blond hair definitely sparked more head turning in my experience. That’s not to say that there isen’t an entire population of men that only love brunettes.


    The brunette, on the other hand, sparked more complimentary comments from women. I didn’t have any men tell me how great I looked as a brunette, but I did have women tell me that all the time.   The main comment I got from women was that they thought brown hair looked prettier on me because it matched my skin tone better.  Women notice these things.  If you look pale, or your eyebrows are mismatched to your eyes, or if you have roots showing, women tend to notice.  Men seem to be more oblivious to such details. 

    Should you cover your gray hair with dye – I say yes you should cover gray hair!

    Women generally complimented me on brunette hair and said it matched me better.  If you have pale skin and then blond hair it can make you look a bit washed out as there is no contrast between your face and your hair.  The same effect happens when you have gray hair.  And that is the exact reason why I think it is good to cover gray hair.  Not only does gray hair make you look obviously older because duh it’s gray, it can really wash your whole face out as it provides little contrast to your facial coloring.  The only women who look really really good as blondes are real blondes.


    I don’t like gray hair.  I have a hefty amount of myself.  My natural hair color is a reddish brown.  But now, there is a vast amount of gray in it.  I would never leave my gray hair showing as I think it makes you look years older and adds nothing youthful to your look whatsoever.  I found that if I lightened my whole hair up to blond, I don’t have to do anything else, my gray hair pretty much becomes hidden as it just blends and gets mixed in with all the blond. So going blond is one way to obscure the gray.


    The other alternative is to add some color in to your hair. I do this when I want to with temporary non permanent dye. It takes well to my hair and the color lasts a few months and only costs a few dollars as I do it myself at home. The advantage of adding a little bit of color is that you get a contrast frame for your face. When you add some color around your face with your hair, it can actually make your face stand out more and look more attractive. You don’t want to go too harsh as too much contrast is too severe. I like golden brown hair color with some sun streaks. The blond highlights are flashy but the gold tone adds some color dimension and contrast to the face. It seems to look universally good on women. 

    Mature Beauty - blonde verses auburn hair color

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    • To think that all I have to do is eat my greens and my hair will simply grow back! It is the deficiency of B vitamins [especially B6, biotin, inositol and folic acid] in your diet that leads to hair loss.

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