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    Beauty secrets, makeup tips & tutorials, cosmetics reviews, plastic surgery, fashion and top anti aging Beauty Tips. Free beauty tips for a beautiful face, bikini body shape, diet and fitness plans, salon hair, and the best skin care products. How to apply makeup, natural beauty secrets, Botox, Restylane, lasers, peels, facial fillers, FAQ and cosmetic surgery prices. How to dress sexy. Look ten years younger and feel fabulous like a celebrity in your forties, fifties, sixties, at any age!

    Make-up tips, beauty tips, fashion tips available free from daytime television shows!

    Make-Up Tips, Beauty Tips, Fashion Tips

    Beauty Secret: Pick up free makeup tips, free fashion tips, and free beauty tips, just from being observant watching television. Be soap opera beautiful! Curl your eyelashes, wear jet black mascara, and clothes in primary colors – keep reading this now!

    Best beauty secret for women: Soap Operas reveal useful make-up and fashion tips! Watch One Life to Live and All My Children to become soap opera beautiful. Keep reading and you will learn why this secret to beauty works!

    Once you decide that you want to become more beautiful, you start to really pay attention to makeup, beauty and fashion. You can learn so much with this attitude. You can buy beauty and style books from the book store, surf the internet for free beauty tips, study pictures of women, and look at how the women are made up and what clothes they wear on television shows. Even people watching can give you beauty ideas that you can apply to your self. It’s fun!

    Fashion and Celebrity Gossip Magazines

    Fashion and celebrity gossip magazines are a great way to get makeup and clothing ideas. Sometimes however, the designer clothes in high fashion magazines are more about fashion statements than they are about how to look younger per se. Since it is usually fashion models wearing the clothes in magazines it can be hard to imagine those clothes a mature figure. You have to wonder if the designer clothing we see in fashion magazines will actually look attractive on an older body. Fashion magazines and makeup companies realize this, and are now showing actresses and Hollywood celebrities who are over forty in their advertisements to cater to us aging baby boomers. Anti-aging cosmetic products now constitute a massive chunk of the cosmetics industry and the products are more believable if we see models our age promoting them.

    Television shows and movies with beautiful actresses over forty

    As good as magazines and the internet are for getting free fashion and style advice, there is nothing compared to seeing something in real live motion. We watch popular TV shows like Desperate Housewives to check out what the over forty actresses are wearing. We watch the Academy Awards shows and then the fashion reviews afterwards. Movies are also a great resource. One of the biggest searches that bring women on my beauty web site has to do with women searching for fashion and jewelry ideas like for example, the pendant necklace and outfits Meryl Streep was wearing in the movie It’s Complicated. Wanting to copy the looks of the older Hollywood actresses is more common than you think and you are not the only one!

    See every day basic make-up and fashion up close and personal

    I’ve observed that it’s difficult to see things up close and in detail from most television shows. I will also say that clothes worn by celebrities at celebrity red carpet events are usually way too dressy to wear in every day life. It’s entertaining but hardly practical. I am going to tell you my secret that the best way to pick up free beauty, fashion and makeup tips is to watch the Soap Operas. That’s right folks. My best beauty secret for women: Learn to become more beautiful watching the pretty television actresses! Soaps are the best for beauty tips because the pace is slow, there are constant close ups, and you can really see the fashion, makeup and style details on the women. Soaps are an awesome free resource to learn how to become more gorgeous.

    Turn that soap net channel on late at night when they show the re-runs and watch the pictures with the volume down. Some of the most famous beautiful Hollywood women are former soap opera stars! Let me tell you that the makeup artists, fashion and wardrobe stylists on the soaps really know what they are doing. Of all television shows, magazines, etc I get the most ideas from watching the soap opera makeup and fashion. Try checking it out! Of course every one watches these shows, but if you watch and are looking for beauty tips you’ll find there is a bonanza of good beauty secrets right there for you to pick up on. Keep reading for the best beauty secrets that I’ve gleaned from watching the soaps.

    Actresses are shown in every day scenario clothing, accessories and apparel

    The great thing is that they are showing every day situations. You see what the actresses are wearing casually at home, for work, socially, on dates, when being romantic, and at parties. You definitely see them dressed in their sexy Victoria’s Secret lingerie! Not only is the soap opera fashion practical, the make-up is more realistic since it is not just for red carpet events. All of this makes the fashion and makeup directly applicable to the real world. Sure they dress up a little more than we do, but for the most part the fashion ideas and makeup are practical.

    Apparel is shown clearly in slow scenes and in close up detail. You can really see the makeup, jewelry and accessories

    I like the way they show close ups and the scenes move rather slowly. You can see the outfits, from earrings to jewelry, accessories and shoes in detail. One of the best fashion tips that I picked up is that the outfits are usually more on the solid color scale, with plenty of bright primary colors. It is not all black and white clothing. There aren’t a lot of noisy outfits on the women. You are far more likely to see a solid blue than a checkered print! The truth is that solid colors with some cool details looks the most flattering on women. Another thing I notice is that longer soft hair is prominent. I don’t see too many platinum bleached blonde girls or off the charts stiletto fashion.

    The clothes are pretty much classy and age appropriate while at the same time being slightly sexy. It never gets too sensational or outrageous. I see a theme of keeping it simple, primary colors, soft hair and natural colored makeup which is not too bright. The jewelry is never over done either. They coordinate interesting jewelry pieces to the simplest styles. Lastly, the women wear a lot of nylons, skirt, dresses and high heels. A friend of mine told me that men find this type of woman attractive girlfriend and marriage material! I believe it. Soap actresses always look really pretty but never over the top revealing. We idealize Harlequin romance book covers and marriage minded men idealize the most beautiful soap opera actresses.

    Hair styles

    All different ages are covered on the shows so if you want to look at ladies in their fifties who look incredible, here is the place. Softer, to the shoulder and natural looking hair styles and hair color are prevalent for the older women! There is not radically bleached hair or even strong high lights I’ve noticed. Hair color tends toward natural colors and hues, flowing, silky and natural looking. I don’t see a whole lot of short hair cuts not do I see gobs of hair spray, so take note. There are plenty of gorgeous female actresses including older ones in their forties and above. It’s a great place to check out hair styles and colors. The trend is towards natural looking nice hues and longish locks. I like wild tousled hair but on the soaps the hair tends more towards conservatively natural and blow dried or curled with hot curlers. It never gets that wild.

    Before they were stars, many actresses were soap stars!

    There are plenty of examples of Hollywood actresses who started acting on a Soap Opera. Some names are: the perky host Kelly Ripa from Live with Regis and Kelly, actress Marcia Cross from Desperate Housewives, and Demi Moore, among others. The daily soaps tend to have more practical fashion apparel ideas than the night time ones. Joan Collins dripping jeweled sequined clothes from Dynasty was great to ogle but absolutely impractical. Try All My Children, General Hospital, Days of our Lives, One Life to Live or the Bold and the Beautiful re-runs.

    Make-up Tips

    Timothy Alan’s Two-Faced: Confessions of a Soap Opera Make-Up Artist is a book about how to accentuate one’s beauty using the basics in make-up. He worked on those shows for years and wrote a book about it. The makeup professionals and stylists that work on these shows really know what they are doing. If you don’t read such books you can pick up beauty tips just by watching the shows carefully.

    Embrace beautiful natural looking lips

    One of the tips Tim Alan gives is that women need to embrace natural lip color. After looking at so many pictures I am convinced that unless you have incredibly gorgeous lips it is best to leave lips looking natural and toned down for anti-aging. That way, attention is drawn upward to the eyes. I have written many beauty articles on how natural lips are anti-aging so I concur with his beauty tip! I also love lip balm which adheres better and is more natural looking, longer lasting, and less shiny than lip gloss.

    Eyebrow and Eyelash Care

    So we know now that it is best to draw attention upward towards the eyes. Some of Alan’s beauty tips include everything from using a toothbrush on eyebrows before plucking, to the how-to’s of foundation without drowning your face in mud. As for using a toothbrush for eyebrows, it’s a great suggestion. If you have swirly eyebrow hair you can brush it upward. Keep a small precise eyebrow scissors on hand which you can then use to trim hairs that are long and go out of bounds. Brushing the brows also helps move hair into a path that makes neat tweezing easier.

    Alan also stresses that using an eyelash curler is important. One of the things that an eyelash curler does for you is it lifts the eyes upward and minimizes the obvious drooping eyelid aging problem. I love the use of an eyelash curler and mascara. Wiggle the mascara as you apply it to further enhance your upper eyelashes. An eyelash curler plus mascara applied to eyelashes works great for minimizing the signs of aging eyes. I agree with Alan 100% on his eye makeup advice! I like jet black mascara on the upper lashes and leave the lower ones alone.

    Natural looking Makeup

    The makeup is always on the more natural side, and done professionally. In Tim Alan’s book he recommends using a gel bronzer on cheeks and rubbing it in well. He also talks about foundation. While the makeup always looks natural in color, the foundation and blush for television tend to be over done for the purposes of the cameras. You’d have to be really careful with his bronzer and foundation tips so as not to look too caked on. I like a cream concealer, thick in consistency liquid foundation, pressed powder and bronzer powder applied with a sponge for an easy every day look. Each step should be done very lightly so as to not look overly made up. The colors I see on the shows are always fantastic, just don’t apply quite so much foundation and bronzer when you try to emulate the looks in real life. If you use bronzer gel, you must make sure it is subtle, muted and blended well.

    Stealing makeup and fashion ideas from a show you watch is free!

    Much of the makeup and fashion shown on these shows are wearable, practical, and making the women in them attractive. There is fashion, and then there is fashion that makes you look decades younger. I really believe that soap opera fashion in particular is great for anti-aging. They may not show the most fashion forward designers, but the clothing is practical and always anti-aging. The outfits are sexy yet never too ostentatious or over the top. Wouldn’t we all like to dress like that in real life! Try stealing some of the makeup and clothing looks you see on the women! Look carefully at the makeup which is strong but natural looking with subtle lips, more mascara and earth toned foundation and eye shadow. The clothing colors are never pure black, all white or loudly patterned. Solid primary colors with sexy details and plenty of dresses, skirts and high heels rule the fashion.

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