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    Fashion Tips for Women: White Jeans, Tunic Tops and Black Dress says Oprah and me

    Fashion Tips for Ladies: 3 clothes every woman should have in her wardrobe: white jeans, tunic tops and a multi-purpose black dress, and Oprah agrees with me! White jeans are sexy, tunic tops make you look thinner, and a classy black mini is hot!

    A simple body shaping fashion tip for women is to keep a sexy pair of white jeans, a few slinky tunic tops, and a black cocktail dress on hand in your closet. I was recently watching a CNBC special on the Oprah Winfrey show where they were discussing what they called the Oprah Effect. On this segment they talked about how apparel companies (clothing, bath and body, jewelry, etc) spend years trying to get their products featured on the Oprah Winfrey show because if they did, then overnight they could have million dollar sales because of the global and massive pull Oprah has from her show. Imagine that!

    On this Oprah special they even featured a woman who lived her life doing everything Oprah says to do! This woman called herself Living Oprah and spends her life reading every book and buying every product that Oprah recommends. Now I guess she’s famous for it. I would hardly follow Oprah as it would cost a fortune haha. And I guess I am one of the teensy fraction of the population that does not make it a point to even watch Oprah at all. Though I am not a rabid Oprah follower I do like her. At any rate, on this segment out of the corner of my ear I heard them mentioning ten things every woman should have in her wardrobe. Most of the items went in one ear and out the other, except three: white jeans, tunic tops, and a black dress.

    The three things Oprah says a woman must have in her wardrobe that I definitely agree with wholeheartedly, is a pair of white jeans, tunic tops, and a multi-purpose black dress. The reason that I agree is that white jeans look sexy, tunic tops make you look skinny if you buy them in solid colors, and a black dress looks hot on a women! All three, white jeans, tunic tops, and sexy black dress, are anti-agers for sure.

    Women’s Jeans in White with a slight bit of stretch to them look sexy and stylish

    We tend to avoid white jeans as they are generally not as figure flattering as darker blue jeans. But done right, white jeans with sexy shoes can make you look dazzling. Oprah was definitely right to suggest that every woman should have a pair of white jeans in their wardrobe. The trick to looking gorgeous in a pair of white jeans, is to shop until you find the perfect fitting white pair (then keep them clean LOL). It’s true that white jeans can make you look heavy if you are not careful. That’s why white jeans are tricky because it’s hard to find a flattering pair. But once you find the perfect pair for your figure, you are going to look hot, hot hot!

    A pair of fresh white jeans can look really sexy and fantastic in the summer with high heels. It’s a fresh anti aging look. Here are a few tips to finding the perfect pair of jeans. First of all, white jeans need just a little bit of stretch to them. I don’t recommend 100% stretch jeans but just a little stretch to the denim is good so that the jeans don’t look boxy and bulky. Try different jeans styles too because depending on if you are petite or plus size, certain styles are more flattering than others. If your legs are shorter then go for full length jeans with a slenderizing fit to lengthen your figure. If your legs are longer you can try Capri length too. Don’t get skinny jeans if you are heavy as a more balanced boot cut style will make you look more proportioned where as skinny jeans will make you look top (hip) heavy if you are over weight.

    A classic pair of jeans with a straight leg or boot cut that fits your figure well will make you look like a million bucks. Pair the jeans with sexy high heels or strappy sandals for an anti aging summer look. This is an outfit that would work great for either a casual party or date night look.

    Tunic Tops can look silky and feminine. Surprisingly, tunic tops are great body shapers!

    Tunic tops can look very flattering believe it or not. Especially for plus size women, tunics can body shape and slenderize your figure making you look pounds thinner. If you are overweight they can really slenderize you particularly if you get them in a solid color. What I like are the tunics that are solid colors with some sort of detailing at the top or with the fabric texture. The solid color and the fact that it lengthens the body are the two benefits of tunics. I am not talking about moo moo though! African or animal prints are not good and tent-like tunics with no shape to them are not what I am referring too. I am talking about soft sexy tunics that hug the figure.

    If you are trying to conceal your tummy, then choose a tunic that has a peasant shape to it where the bottom of the tunic is looser than the top. A tunic that draws attention to the halter, neckline and cleavage area is also going to divert attention away from your stomach. Look for a tunic with loose draping fabric. When I was pregnant I lived in tunic tops as they were the only thing that looks flattering! I still wear them all the time. I find that tunic tops are very easy to match into nice looking outfits. You just pair them with jeans (or leggings), purse and shoes to look put together and good to go!

    To make the most of a plus size figure, accentuate on the voluptuous aspect. The tunic material should be draping enough so that no bulges are popping out, but you do want it to hug and shape your voluptuous curves. Think of the tunic as a body shaper. To hide bulges go for a darker color with a solid stretch fabric that holds you in. Casual tunics can also look cute over leggings. If you are trying to look thinner, a slinky tunic in a solid color can make you look ten pounds thinner and looks great over jeans.

    What I like about tunics is that they are slenderizing when worn in solid colors. The fact that a tunic top is longer helps hide figure flaws such as a chubby belly. I also like the way a sexier body shaper tunic can accentuate a woman’s waistline and silhouette. If you look like an hour glass that is good! One last thing I like about them is that they are great for the fashion impaired. You don’t have to match a belt as the tunic basically just covers. It’s a simple and classic slenderizing look for women that I’ve always loved.

    A multi-purpose black dress ala Audrey Hepburn cocktail dress is a must

    I generally do not like or admire the all black look. To me, it looks severe, aging, boring and too matronly. It’s masculine looking to wear all black tops and pants. But the little black dress is the exception. I do like a sexy black top, or black jeans, or a little black dress. Some black can look very figure flattering. If it’s combined with some skin showing, wearing black can look pretty. Here are some tips for finding the perfect black evening dress or cocktail dress.

    A classy black dress with a low cut plunging neckline but that is otherwise conservative in style looks stunning!

    The Audrey Hepburn classic little black dress shown in the pictures, is the canonical example of the infamous black dress. If you are going to wear a black dress, try to find one that is not boring. You don’t want to look like you are going to a wake! At the top of the sample photos is a black dress that is conservative but for the low plunging neck line. I love that! It’s the ultimate in sexy because it looks sophisticated but it has the youthful low cut neck, and a silhouette waist line.

    A little black dress with interesting lace details looks alluring. A black dress that shows some legs is super hot!

    If your figure is less curvy then add pizzazz to your dress by choosing a black dress with some sexy lacing or feminine frill to it, such as the lacy black dress shown below Audrey Hepburn. If you have good legs over forty, you can show them off with a black dress that is mini length. In general, you don’t want the dress to be too sexy all over. For example, you don’t want it to be low cut, super short, and super tight all at once. If you go too overboard working all the angles, you are going to look way out of age bracket and downright sleezy. To avoid looking cheap, try to keep one element of the dress super sexy and the others within reason. So for example, if you go for a short mini black dress, look for a higher neckline to contrast it, not a plunging one.

    Focus on finding a dress that puts primarily one beauty asset on display be it the mini for legs, the halter for back, neckline or strapless for cleavage or lace for racy. Don’t try to be too racy all at once or you are going to look like you are trying too hard. Choose your best asset and let that be the one you flaunt!

    For mature women, you don’t want to wear a dress that is going to make you look like a party or night club girl or like you are trying too hard. That is why you should always get one sex appeal component going at a time. That’s the trick to looking better at your age. Show your cleavage, or show your frill, or show your legs, but only showcase one of the three. The idea is to play up a little sex appeal while still looking like a grown woman your age. Men really love a sexy mature woman, and that’s just what you can give them with the perfect little black dress!

    Fashion Tip: Classic clothes in soft fabrics and solid colors are universally flattering on women

    I hope you enjoyed my fashion tips. There are plenty of magazines that cover fashion and I don’t claim to be the fashion expert. As a full time beauty blogger, I look at pictures of women every day and I specialize and focus mainly on what makes them look more beautiful and younger than their actual age. It’s more of an anti-aging fashion point of view that I have. You don’t want to look like you are dressing trendy or out of your age bracket. You do want to play up your sex appeal as much as you can while staying age appropriate and classy. I definitely think that white jeans, tunic tops, and a black dress are sexy clothes that can look age appropriate yet insanely sexy and age defying on a woman. Remember that choosing the right clothes and staying to classic solid colors can greatly enhance your natural beauty and sex appeal regardless of your true age. Defy It!

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    3 clothes every woman should have in their wardrobe says Oprah and I concur! White jeans, Tunic tops, and a Multi-purpose black dress. Read up to find out why I love these tips!

    oprah fashion tips, white jeans, tunic tops, womens dresses

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