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    Try eating real fruit instead of having candy and drinking sugar laden juice

    Organic natural health food juice drinks can have vitamins and antioxidents yet are often loaded with way too much sugar!

    My fridge broke recently and I found myself thrown into the fast food abyss while it was getting fixed.  Usually the juice drinks are so pricey that I don’t bother with them.  But I noticed they had them on special so I bought two just to try and get some fruit juice into me.  But when I drank the naked juice, I kept thinking to myself that it tasted just like something else I had recently consumed – Starburst candy.  I had bought the candy for goody gifts as it was my turn to supply my son’s football team with snacks. 

    Hidden Sugar in Nutritional Juice Drinks

    We all know candy in the house is tempting.  And I admit that I ate a few.  At least I got to chew something.  The drink on the other hand, listed some antioxidant vitamins it had, which of course the candy doesn’t.  But the sugar intake was comparable.  Eight pieces of starburst candy has 23 grams of sugar.  One half of that naked juice bottle has 32 grams of sugar.  I’m not a mathematician but the juice bottle has more sugar (64 grams) than sixteen starbursts (46 grams).  Now I know why they tell you not to overload your children on juice drinks!


    I don’t think people realize just how much sugar can be packed into these nutritional drinks.  Naked Juice does not have added sugar.  So the sugar that is in them is actually all based on the fruit and is the so called healthy sugar.  Nonetheless, one juice drink probably has more like triple the amount of fruit (and ergo triple the sugar) in it than you really need in a single day.  Thus, you are drinking way more sugar than you need to if you consume an entire little bottle of juice. 


    Some people really hate eating fruit and the only way they will get any fruit at all is to drink it.  If you are into the Naked Juice thing, I would recommend sticking to the recommended serving size and refridgerate the juice and drink it over two days.  That way, you aren’t injecting such a horrendous amount of fruit based sugar at once.   You should also know that plain old orange juice is plenty healthy in and of itself and a less expensive than the marketed mixtures of juice that you can swap into your juice drinking routine.

    Real Fruit verses Juiced Fruit

    Eating real fruit may be the solution.  Think of the real fruits as Starburst flavors and try to eat a variety of a them.  We need to live longer in order to be beautiful longer so we need to eat the healthy stuff.  I think that if you eat real fruit it is way more sensible and practical, and you know basically what a portion is.  You probably won’t eat more than a serving or two of real fruit so your sugar intake from the fruit won’t be off the roof.  Another added benefit to eating real fruit is that you satisfy some hunger cravings and by eating the fruit, you might be less likely to eat other unhealthy things.  It gives you something to eat at least.

    Juice added to Fresh Smoothies

    I know many people who are addicted to places like Jamba Juice and Juice it Up. What they don’t realize is that these drinks can be highly caloric and full of added things ranging from high calorie frozen juice mix to sorbet. You can actually gain weight from drinking these calorie bombs.  A large Jamba Juice can soar you over 800 calories!


    Many of the Jamba Juice flavors actually have Sorbet added into them!  OK well it’s non-fat sorbet as if that makes it OK.   People should know that non-fat foods are often loaded with sugar to compensate for the lack of fat.  That sorbet is full of sugar.  That and sugary juice is added to your drink.  Juice it up also adds Sorbet to their drinks.   People really don’t realize all that is added to these huge smoothies.  I only recommend that you be more conscious as to what is going into that huge so called health drink you might be drinking.


    Hmm.  I wonder if i could eat a hot fudge sundae, a multi-vitamin, and a glass of O.J. for less calories than a Jamba Juice.  Would it be as healthy?  Honestly, I have NO IDEA.  But what I do know is that I would rather eat a hot fudge sundae than a 24 ounce smoothie filled with Sorbet.   I would probably get more satisfaction. LOL.

    Skip the caffeine in so called Nutritional Energy Drinks

    Some energy drinks are also double marketed as fresh fruit or herb drinks.  These can be not only full of added sugar but full of caffeine as well.  I personally drink caffeine but only in coffee in the A.M.  That is the only time I drink it.  If I see drinks with caffeine added I always try to avoid it and get the no caffeine version.  I think a bit of caffeine is okay but it should definitely be consumed in moderation.  Energy drinks are way too loaded with sugar and caffiene.  The fact that they have a few herbs like ginsing added does not make them a healthy drink or mitigate the sugar and other bad ingredients in them.  Energy drinks like Sobe, Arizona Tea, Vitamin Water and Starbucks can really add excess sugar, calories and caffeine to your diet!  Use discretion drinking these type of drinks and it might be worth reading the label so you at least know what you are consuming.  You may not realize that your energy drink is stoked with caffeine that will make your heart race.

    Some Warnings about Energy Drinks

    I’m sure most people have way bigger dietary concerns going than fear of drinking an energy or health drink.  But for all you alarmists out there, I will go over some of the scary warnings out there about energy and sugar laden nutrition drinks.  It’s probably overkill, but what the heck.  If you have diabetes and don’t eat sugar, you may be interested in getting really alarmed.  Here goes.


    To recap, here a few things to remember about that energy or juice drink.   The boost they give can come not from nature, but from stimulants like caffeine.  Fruit Juice based energy drinks aren’t necesarrily any healther than a simple glass of orange juice, yet they cost way more than O.J.  Some energy drinks are spiked with added sugar.  Even the fizz in these sugar drinks can lead to tooth erosion.  Stimulants in these drinks could lead to your heart racing and disruption of your sleep patterns.


    I am not so into health food that I am juicing at home with the juicer out. But, I would say that if you get into juicing, doing it yourself is probably the best way to guarantee exactly what you are consuming! I also like the idea of the fresh vegetable juicing as a way to get not only your fruits in but your vegetables in as well. I like the idea of juicing at home but haven’t yet gotten a juicer, at least as of this post. I view the juicer as a gimmick product, sort of like the cuisinart phase. Everybody got a cuisinart when they came out and nobody ever used it and all the parts got lost. I figure the same demise would happen if I bought a juicer.


    But I will say that juicing at home would give you the most control.  Every once in a while I will get a fresh vegetable smoothie made at a store like Whole Foods.  I don’t get them often, because they are so expensive.  But if I’ve been sick or feel as though I am getting sick and want to boost my immunity with some fresh veggies and fruit, I might get one.  But the last time I was at whole foods I noticed something.  I thought I was getting pure fresh vegetable juice made from whole vegetables into my drink.  When I looked closer however at them making my drink behind the Whole Foods counter, I noticed some juice machines tucked off into the corner.  They were injecting premade fruit juice into my smoothie without me knowing it!  I saw them shoot it in.  I thought everything including whole oranges was being put into my smoothie for the eight dollars I was paying but I found out I was wrong.  Only some of the fruit and vegetables was actually whole/fresh, not all!  Buyer beware.

    naked juice, antioxident juice, healthfood, organic food, fresh fruit

    Be careful of healthfood organic juices as they can be loaded with sugar. Did I just eat Starburst candy or did I just drink a Naked Juice bottle? Health food is not always healthy food

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