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    Liposuction plastic surgery garments, tummy tuck compression garments, breast implant bras, ice packs … Which garments are to make you heal from plastic surgery?

    Post surgery recovery products. You won’t heal over night so let’s talk about some garments that are worn during the recovery stages of plastic surgery. There are liposuction plastic surgery garments, tummy tuck compression garments, breast implant support and compression bras, facial head bandages, silicon scar healing strips, ice packs to reduce swelling and …

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    Plastic surgery recovery garments are compression garments worn after body contour surgery e.g. neck, arm or thigh or stomach liposuction, tummy tucks and post face lift surgery!

    Plastic Surgery Recovery

    Compression garments, also known as post-surgical garments, are designed to help improve and increase blood circulation, reduce swelling and bruising, help rid your body of potentially harmful fluid build up, and decrease your post surgery recovery time. There are a wide variety of compression garments for specific plastic surgery procedures. If you are getting plastic surgery, then your plastic surgeon’s office typically orders any garments you might need in advance of the surgery (or they have what you need in stock). There are garments that are first stage, which are typically worn immediately after and in the days following the cosmetic surgery. And there are garments that may need to be worn second stage, during the 2-8 week post op period, depending on what plastic surgery you are getting. Generally the second stage garments are slightly lighter weight and more comfortable as you are gradually moving out of the healing process.

    I would surmise that any decent plastic surgery office would take care of purchasing any garments you might need for you as part of the plastic surgery cost. I would actually be concerned if some plastic surgeon told me to go order stuff on line that I would need for plastic surgery. I mean, what if you order the wrong stuff! But there are doctors that will have their patients order garments on line. I spoke to one woman who had a tummy tuck plastic surgery procedure to eliminate loose skin after having two children. She told me that she went to a reputable doctor and had to order some of the recovery compression garments on line prior to her abdominal surgery. Let’s go over some of the compression garments for plastic surgery recovery.

    Liposuction Plastic Surgery Garments

    Liposuction is a plastic surgery procedure that always requires that some sort of compression garment be worn post operatively. There are garments and girdles for all types of liposuction plastic surgery including arm liposuction, thigh liposuction, chin liposuction or neck liposuction, abdominal liposuction and hip liposuction. The compression garments are often needed to be worn under clothes for weeks after a liposuction surgery. Some liposuction surgeons place foam over the area and have you wear a girdle over foam padding. The idea is to keep the area tight and compressed while the healing process ensues. FYI, if you are getting liposuction you may be wearing a crotch-less body girdle for weeks on end after the surgery!

    Breast Implant or Lift Plastic Surgery Garments

    There are cosmetic garments that are custom made for specific breast operations. For example, there are vest bras for breast augmentation. The bras are sturdy and provide support for the breasts, way more so than a normal bra. These bras are used for quite a while after your implant operation. There are support and compression and separation bras made for mastectomy and lumpectomy recovery, breast augmentation surgery, breast reduction and breast implant separation. The bras stabilize the area and give support where needed depending on the type of operation. Normally when you have a breast surgery the plastic surgeon will order whatever garment you need. But if you were to want spares then I suppose you could order the special bras online. Spare garments so you can wash them less often, would likely not be included as part of the price or cost of the procedure.

    Tummy Tuck plastic Surgery Garments

    A tummy tuck operation is major surgery. And if you are familiar it involves a very big unsightly scar across the stomach. I find the tummy tuck scar to be rather hideous and tell tale and would personally never want one. Yet I was fortunate to be in great shape prior to having children and able to bounce back after each one. Some women aren’t as lucky. They might have a bigger weight gain, and an unwanted result that their skin remains stretched and mal-shaped long afterward. Given a choice between over hanging flesh rolls and a newly flat stomach with the surgery scar, some women opt for the scar. They want to be able to wear stomach contouring clothes again. So for the tummy tuck you are going to have to wear several abdominal panty girdle getups or binders post surgery. I believe there are more intense girdles and then lighter weight less restrictive ones that can be worn as the healing and recovery process continues. There are also silicon strips that can be worn to help reduce scarring. The silicon strips are expensive but they really do help the scar healing process.

    Face lift compression garments

    Face lift surgery is major surgery! After a face lift, or even part of a face lift such as a forehead lift, mid face lift, or a neck lift, your face gets incredibly swollen. Some plastic surgeons fashion their own home-made wrap bandages around the head and don’t use any purchased plastic surgery garments for it. Other plastic surgeon’s, use the garments to contain and hold their bandages in place. It really depends on the doctors preference. Essentially the bandages are customized ace bandages designed for specific plastic surgery procedures with Velcro closures. They are designed to help reduce swelling, keep under bandages in place, and protect scars, stitches or plastic surgery staples that are in place in the first week to ten days after surgery.

    Cheek implant compression garment

    Women who undergo cheek implant surgery or chin implant surgery may have to wear a compression garment for several days to keep the implant in place as it sets and to reduce swelling around the implant which could cause it to shift. The idea is to minimize the swelling during the healing process. For these type of operations there are chin strap support garments which are ace bandages meant to keep your chin or cheeks socked in and well supported through the initial healing stages.

    Ice packs to reduce swelling post plastic surgery and silicon healing strips

    A variety of other plastic surgery post operative products are available to women. While a good old bag of fresh frozen peas may be as effective as anything, some surgeons like the healing ice masks. If you have eye surgery such as an upper or lower blapheroplasty, canthoplexy to lift the eyes corners, or ophthalmic surgery to repair the eyelid muscles that lift your eyelids, then your eye area becomes very swollen as though you have black eyes. Ice packs especially in the first 24 hours after surgery can help reduce the swelling and speed recovery. Skin around the eyes is very delicate and prone to swelling. There are a variety of face mask ice packs that are available to help soothe and reduce swelling and bruising. There are the blue jell filled masks that are put in the freezer. There are also the cotton satchel masks that allow crushed ice to put into the eye compartments and then that mask can be strapped over the eye area post surgery.

    Hollywood plastic surgeons motto: No pain, no gain

    Never say never, but I would think twice about ordering my own compression garments for a plastic surgery operation LOL that just sounds sketchy. I think that considering the amount of money women spend on the plastic surgery, the doctor should ask or determine our size and pre-order the patient whatever she needs. With the economy the way it is, both women and their plastic surgeons are looking to cut costs and pricing on surgery and plastic surgery supplies. God only knows if having to buy your own compression garments is a good idea. Some of the recovery products look rather out of this world. To illustrate, I came up with the photograph shown. It’s good to have a sense of humor about what women are willing to go through to improve their appearance. If you have plastic surgery and aren’t single, your partner may view your post plastic surgery get-ups as a really guilty pleasure HA because the line between plastic surgery garments and bond age garments may be thinner than you thought!

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