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    Robin McGraw’s What’s Age got to do with it?– I aged 10 years reading her book

    I read Robin McGraw’s anti-aging secrets book while browsing the Barnes & Nobles bookstore today.  Her last name was covered up by an on sale for $5.99 sticker, so I did not see the McGraw.  After reading the book for a good long while I actually flipped to the insert wondering, who was this lady anyways?  OH!  Hello.  McGraw, ringing a bell, Oh yeah, Dr Phil’s wife!  Robin McGraw calls her book “What’s Age got to do With it” when in fact age has everything to do with her book because it’s about aging.  Obviously aging has something to do with it if you have a whole section on menopause.  Obviously age has something to do with it if I have to put on a pair of reading glasses to read it with my aging eyes.  The ole it’s old, yet call it young switcheroo title that makes no sense at all, at least not to me anyways.  Aging has nothing to do with aging.  Okaaaay Robin whatever you say.

    Were she not Dr Phil’s wife, would anyone care about her book?

    I now never want to be a member of a book club, having read this book for an hour.  It was like totally boring.  The whole time I was thinking.  This is so boring.  Where are the pictures, she’s weird.  That’s what caused me to figure out she was Dr. Phil’s wife.  Then, I was horrified and jealous when I saw those shocking words.  The New York Times #1 Best Seller blazoned across the front.  I hate those words now.  Why? Because I keep forcing myself to digest these beauty books and then when I conclude that they aren’t the end all be all, I find out that they are number one best sellers. 


    Ugh!  Are you guys sure that in order to be a New York Times Best Seller, that someone actually buys the book.  Maybe there’s like book ballot stuffing or something.  The original price was $24.99.  I contend that the fact that the book was marked down to $5.99 is proof of my conclusion that it was kind of boring and that could be more telling than the New York Times best seller thing.  It’s a best seller because she is Dr Phil’s wife, but it’s on sale for $5.99 because it’s kindof boring.


    These public figures like Dr Phil start to become sort of phony, fake, surreal, and evangelistic like after a while.  Probably because they are so motivational.  Like, they sort of belong on an infomercial channel or something.  Maybe because they become so famous they start to seem fake or something.  I don’t mind Dr Phil.  His wife, upon reading this book, actually seems like a pretty sweet lady with good intentions.  And I think Dr Phil has some good intentions too (even though he is a money machine business now).  Oh yeah, and now we know what little procedures his wife spends his ka-jillions on.


    I am jealous in that she is a famous rich person with a number one best seller, and here I am, mince meat with a blog.   She’s rich, I’m poor.  Her bored-me weird beauty book is a number one best seller and I am not even on the map of existence.  LOL!   I like her, yet her book was not in the least bit entertaining.  The advice in it was rather fluffy and motivational in nature though.  Easy to read.  Can you imagine what it would be like having to be married to Dr Phil?

    Topics covered by her book – everything from eating healthy, to IPL laser treatments, to silly facial exercises

    The chapters went like: “What’s fitness got to do with it”. “What’s skincare to do with it”.  What’s hormones got to do with it”, etc.  And she went through each topic covering things like nutrition, hair care, makeup, fashion, menopause.  It was a decent coverage of concerns that women our age have, I do agree with her topics and some of her pep talk advice seemed upbeat and positive. 


    She got a little weird talking about facial exercises.  I personally doubt that weird face exercises can really slow or stop the aging process. She recommended weird exercises like putting your tongue to the roof of your mouth while sitting up in certain way, touching your face with your fingers in a certain way.  Evidently to work the face muscles.  Honestly, I can think of plenty of other productive ways that she can work her face muscles out with Dr Phil.

    Robin McGraw is an advocate of laser and intense light (IPL) treatments

    She also gets really into talking about how she’s 55 and never gone under the knife.  All that means to me is that she hasn’t gone under the knife YET.  Because she does admit that she would get a breast job and butt job if she ever were to go under.   The fact of the matter is, that this woman has so much Dr Phil money to dump into preventative aging treatments that its logical she’d able to avoid a facelift longer than the rest of the population.  At a certain point, you are spending so much money on preventative treatments, that it might actually be cheaper to just go get a facelift!  She admits to getting regular IPL (intense pulsed light; it’s a little milder than a laser and involves little to no recovery) facials once a month.  And, she talked about some other procedure called a medi-lift she gets regularly where they stick electrodes onto your face and pulse you some more. 


    She really likes laser treatments.  I have to admit I agree with her that getting a laser hair removal treatment to cut back on heavy hair is a worthwhile investment.  But I certainly can’t afford regular facial laser or intense pulsed light treatments!  IPL is not as strong as laser, and you would need ongoing treatments like what she gets for it to make a significant impact. I can’t tell you how many hundreds of dollars a month she’s dumping into these preventative treatments.  It’s a drop in the bucket for Karen McGraw but it’s a mortgage for me. 

    Cle De Peau Makeup – excellent makeup products if you are wealthy and can afford the exhorbitant price

    She seems to also really like this makeup called “Cle De Peau” makeup.  I figured it was expensive so I decided to look it up.  I entered my zip for shops that sell it and what do you know, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman and Barney’s Beverly Hills.  Give me a break.  And I thought Nordstrom’s was out of my league.  The closest I’ve come to Saks Fifth Avenue was when I read the article about Winona Ryder having to shoplift there.  If its so pricey a celebrity has to shoplift there then sorry but I can’t shop there. 


    I actually looked up some reviews on that Cle De Peau makeup and it does get excellent reviews for being a high end top quality makeup but pricey.  I saw a small quad of eyes shadow priced at over 50 dollars given a good review.  I really did learn something because I will check out the Cle De Peau colors and products. I’d be forced from a budget point of view, to try and pick similar colors of an inexpensive makeup brand at the Rite Aid.  So it goes to say that you can definitely learn things and find out about products you’ve never heard of before by reading about this beauty stuff.

    Is Robin McGraw that pretty at 55? Robin MacGraw looks great but her face is awfully plumped up if you ask me

    Robin McGraw is pictured on the cover of her book.  And I looked at her face on the cover of the book.  She really does look attractive and pretty awesome for 55.  But, she sortof does look to me to be overfilled with fillers.  Her face is overly plumped up or something.  Could be restyline or juvederm or whatever she’s using to delay an impending facelift.  Seems like she is using cosmetic fillers (another money pit).  If I had all the money in the world to delay a facelift, I’d delay one too.  I’d be happy to do what she is doing with Dr Phil’s money (actually not I can’t picture being married to Dr Phil).  She looks really good for 55 but at the same time I’m suspicious she’s overfilled to the brim with fillers and it gives her this chubby baby look to her face that is sort of … strange.   I’d like to pinch her 55 year old cheeks.  Maybe she just keeps some healthy weight on which helps her face too.


    Oh yeah, and one itsy bitsy meanie that I will say (because she has a bestselling beauty book and I don’t) is that her teeth look like they have some real robotic looking veneers on them.  With the exception of the robotic veneers, Karen McGraw actually looks pretty darn good.  She’s really pretty for being 55 years old.  I guess her and Dr Phil are kind of sweet … but then again, I would not be surprised in the least if they have the most hostile tell-all divorce ever.  Their life can’t be that perfect.  And the last chapter in the book talks about faith.  All well and good but my mind wanders back to those infomercials again (the ones that are pep talks make feel like I did reading her book).  I want to like the McGraw’s but something feels almost too perfect and fishy to me.


    I have more and more respect for this women because if you dare to be famous and write a beauty book then you have to withstand not only the positive reviews, but the negative reviews that pick you apart.  There are a lot worse than me out there.  I read one review of her book that concluded that she was superficial and that “She needs to get a life”.  That’s rude and off-base.  She has a life and several children and even a husband (as of this post).  She is an accomplished woman, a New York Times bestseller and a mother.  All she is trying to do is impart some of her beauty tips as to how she looks so great in her fifties.  And she certainly does look great.  She is okay in my blog.

    Dr Phil Robin McGraw 55 Whats age got to do with it

    Dr Phil's wife Robin McGraw's AntiAging Book - her anti-aging motivational book: some good advice, tad boring and wierd. WOW She looks amazing at 55! She's doing 50+ right

    2 Responses to “Robin McGraw’s What’s Age got to do with it?– I aged 10 years reading her book”

    • Chloe says:

      Hi Patty.
      Do you really believe that she hasn’t had any real plastic surgery done? You are too good;0).

      The pic of the cover of Inside My Heart she looks like she is going through a wind tunnel. Now she has gotten that classic monster-look you get after a lot of surgery.

      I’m disappointed in her for not telling the truth about the proceedings and lying through those hugemonges teeth that looks like something from Star wars! It makes the pressure for the rest of us even greater.

      Best Wishes

    • admin says:

      LOL. Dont you know that when you read this celebrity stuff you have to take it with a grain of salt? When they admit to Botox that means they probably had a facelift LOL. I think Robin McGraw looks very pretty in actuallity. I must have been in a bad mood when writing this article. She looks good. Her teeth do look like big veneers though, you are right. As for the cover well it may be a facelift but it is also surely a case of alot of photo retouching. They retouch a book cover for sure so that would make her skin look even more polished. Some of her ideas are pretty outlandish in the book. I sort of like her though, all in all.

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