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    Celebrity sex appeal. Who has the most sex appeal – Sarah Palin or Martha Stewart?

    Sex appeal of famous women who are in the public eye, such as Sarah Palin and Martha Stewart. Who is more attractive?

    Are famous women like Martha Stewart sexy? It is always fun to look at famous celebrity women and see how they play their looks, style and makeup on network television shows and in the news media.   Professional women have to be rather conservative so that makes it more challenging for them to exude sex appeal.  Their clothes can’t be too sexy or revealing.


    Sarah Palin’s image went from great initially, to a disaster, to a Middle America darling

    I had the fortune, or misfortune maybe, of stumbling past a cable news channel the other night where I paused on a segment where Martha Stewart was being interviewed and she was asked about Sarah Palin and Martha proceeded to happily diss Sarah Palin and call her boring and dangerous.  Well evidently Sarah has magically transformed herself from being what some parodies portrayed her as: controlled by her aides, and Saturday night live look-alike, to being a famous middle America media darling.  She’s probably the most famous lady in the U.S. right now with her big splash book tour and Oprah Winfrey show visit (that gave Oprah her best ratings in two years).  I quit watching Oprah a while back because her show got too intellectual for my vacuous entertainment seeking taste.  Well anyways, the news people sat around and pondered why Martha disliked Sarah Palin so much.


    What I am sitting around thinking about is not whether I like Martha or Sarah or not, but if I think either Martha or Sarah are sexy in the least.  If they are going to sit there and catfight, I’m going to take notice and flip flop them into my beauty web site and try to figure out if I even think these women are pretty and if not, why not.  I used a photo of an alaskan wildlife animal to symbolize Palin’s reign as governor in Alaska and a cooking apron to symbolize Martha’a reign as queen homemaker in the photo above.  This is actually interesting stuff. 

    Being rich and famous does not make you sexy

    There is something, just something intangible, about these famous women figures that makes them a tad unfeminine and unpretty to me.  It is really hard for me to put my finger on it.  Famous professional women (Martha is famous for her multi million dollar home-making business and infamous insider trading trial, Sarah for being governor of Alaska and McCains presidential running mate) tend to become unsexy.  Why is that?  Is it because they are older, or because they become more serious, or because they wear more conservative clothes and hair styles?  Both Martha and Sarah are polar opposites however they both are a tad unsexy as far as I am concerned.


    Is Martha Stewart sexy?

    Let’s take Martha first.  Being the sluth that I am, I did a web search on “is Martha Stewert attractive” and come up with literally nothing, other than her being called a “mean ugly bitch” on one web site.  I actually spent the better part of an hour inspecting hundreds of Martha Stewart photographs.  I don’t like to post unauthorized images of people on my web site, but you know what she looks like, and you can do an image search on either yahoo or google if you need a refresher.  I’m not just drawing random conclusions here – I actually studied her photographs and here are my conclusions.


    Martha actually looked pretty cute when she was a little bit younger.  I looked at alot of pictures via the internet and her main problem in my opinion right now is that her hair is a little bit too light and her eyes don’t stand out at all the way she wears her makeup.  Everything sort of blends together on her and she looks bland.  I liked her hair color when it was a little bit of a darker blond.  She looks ten times prettier with her hair darker blond with highlights than with the all over lighter blond hair.  Her eyes look a little bit hooded to me and she has very little eyelashes to speak of.  Her eyes don’t pop at all and it makes her look blasé.  She actually dresses quite fashionable but she only shows a little neckline.  She is always in a boxy suit, preppy crisp shirt or blazer and there is literally nothing showing in so far as a waistline. 


    Overall I liked Martha’s hair darker blond with highlights.  It’s a better contrast than the photos with her all blond.  Her eyes need to pop more with mascara. She would look really good if she got an upper eye job because she does have some serious hooding of her upper eyelids that obscures her eyes.  Hooded upper eye lids are really common in older women and men and plastic surgery can improve them.  In fact, it is one of the only surgery procudures that a PPO (if you’re lucky enough to have one) will cover because it obstructs your vision.  I bet Martha will get that fixed someday but at the present she doesn’t seem plastic surgery obsessed at all.  She comes off as confident and cool as a cucumber.


    Martha really needs to do some targeting to slenderize her waist line so that she can have more of an hour glass figure.  She’s completely missing the waist line curves.  I think the biggest detracting thing in terms of her overall sex appeal is that her waist is too thick looking.  It’s an unfeminine waist.  She dresses really pretty, stylish and classy.


    Is Sarah Palin sexy?

    OK now Sarah Palin. Sarah was born in 1964 making her 45 right now, and she also is the mother of five children.  I’m actually two years older than Sarah Palin and I have four children.  Considering Sarah Palin has had five children she does look really pretty good!  It looks like she stays out of the sun as her skin looks to be in truly great shape.  I also like that she has a good contrast going between her face and hair.  She has good skin tone and has a bouncy youthful look.  And, she even has a relatively good figure all things considered.  No doubt Sarah is an attractive lady.  But, but, but, there is something sort of wholesomely unsexy about her.  Maybe she is just a little too conservative and milk-toast for me, but I suppose that’s part and parcel to her image.  She is pretty and dresses nice, etc but she just does not emanate pure sex appeal with her professional persona.


    I stared at way too many pictures of Sarah Palin, so that I could pinpoint why she was so pretty yet somewhat unsexy at the same time.   I think it is actually some very simple things.  She’s always wearing glasses.  While glasses can look great on some women I don’t think they look good on Sarah Palin – I think the spectacles detract from her looks and make her look totally dowdy.  She’s almost always wearing the glasses and they don’t look attractive on her.  Another thing is that her hair is always neat and polished and put into hair style position.  If she let her hair down and got a little bit of tousled bed head going she would look much hotter.  I’m not wowed by Sarah Palin, but overall I think she is a rather attractive lady.  In some of her casual photos, aka visiting with the town folk, where Sarah Palin lets her hair get a little less coifed, and especially without the ugly glasses she really looks incredible!  I can see why her hubby had five children with her.


    Ugh.  I can’t believe I am having to say this, but I think Sarah Palin might actually have a bit more sex appeal than Martha Stewart.  Having just read alot of material on both of these women and looked at photos, I have to say I admire and respect both of these women better now than I did before!  I actually like both of them.


    Who has more sex appeal?

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    Martha Stewart Sarah Palin celebrity sex appeal.

    Martha Stewart bashed Sarah Palin in a news interview so I decided to pit them together and debate which woman has the most celebrity sex appeal.

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