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    Secret diet tip for women: Key is not staying on diet, it’s recovering from diet slip-ups!

    Secret Diet Tip for women: Lose weight fast and easy with this simple dieting secret. Shrug off diet faux pas and stay on track!

    Secret #1 diet tip for women

    I have a secret diet tip that is not on any ones best diet tip list. We’ve all heard the common diet tips over and over again. Drink water, eat healthy, only eat when you are hungry, be choosy, enjoying occasional treats, try seasoning your food, stock your kitchen with nutritious choices and get physical. These tips are no surprise to women though don’t we all know how hard they can be to adhere to in real life.

    Breaking your Diet

    I think I know something that happens to women when they are trying to diet. It is the mental thing that happens when they find themselves going off of their diet plan and breaking it. Breaking your diet typically happens when you eat something really fattening and naughty. If you are on a specific diet meal plan, breaking your diet can happen when you deviate off of the meal plan. Believe it or not, how you handle diet breaks is a big key to whether dieting will be successful for you. It could mean the difference between being slender and being overweight.

    The food Triggers that cause breaking your diet

    Getting off track can happen fairly easily and there are plenty of temptations, or diet triggers, that will set it off these diet breaks. The biggest risk can happen when you are at parties where there is a lot of yummy food. Second to that are luscious temptations you encounter when near places like food courts at the mall, bakeries, or at good restaurants. Third to that is when something emotional happens that sets off a trigger that then causes you to eat way too much comforting food while cozy at home, like a bag of chips, pint of ice cream etc.

    The most important thing to understand is that all women have these triggers because they are everywhere. And no matter how much self control you have, these triggers are occasionally going to get set off. In fact, the more restrictive or kook-y the diet you are trying to follow is, the more likely you are to get triggered off the diet! That is the reason that diets don’t really work well, because you are denying yourself and that leads to serious temptation. Diets can kick start a lifestyle change but in the long term overall healthy eating without serious restrictions works best for women.

    Now we all know that we face these triggers. Let me say that it is the way in which you handle yourself AFTER you’ve been triggered and eaten something way off your diet that differentiates the naturally slender women versus the women who are overweight and yo-yo dieters.

    Having self-control immediately after a Diet Break

    Most of the time, when women break their diet, even if they break it really badly, it’s not the end of the world. Let’s say you order Chinese and eat way too much orange chicken and rice. Or you have a giant burger meal and fries. Or you eat too many cookies or junk food. Maybe you sample way too many items at the pot luck get together. Most of the time, such a diet break might set you back a little bit, maybe a pound or two if you eat something really salty. But think about it, if you go easy the next day, it’s really just a ripple on the radar of your diet.

    The ripple becomes the wave when you mentally get discouraged after going off track. So many women just let one innocent diet slip up snowball into many more diet breaks. Oh I broke my diet and then suddenly they are breaking it again and again, and that one indiscretion at a meal turns into gaining all of the weight you lost right back. It’s a bit of a cycle that women get trapped into. The cycle is emotional in the sense that once they break they tend to want to keep breaking. Some of it may even be physically based. If you eat a bunch of sugar sometimes your body craves more … sugar!

    One simple yet critical difference between slender women and ones with weight problems is that the slender ones are able to shrug off a diet break where the overweight women can’t. Maybe it’s because the slender ones have less to lose, they are already slender and not hung up on weight loss. But I attribute a lot of it to their attitude.

    I maintain a pretty healthy weight and am on the slender side. Sure if I break my healthy diet I get a little upset, but I’ve learned to just get over it. I’ve learned that sometimes I feel like having a burger (or sweets) and so I have it sometimes! After years of maintaining a healthy weight and eating a lot of vegetarian based food, I realize that a diet break is just an indulgence and that it makes little difference since overall, I eat very healthy. If you can foster that ability to just get over diet slip ups and get back on track without getting ruffled, you’ll find that it is way easier to maintain weight and even lose weight.

    Fake it till you make it: How to feign self control

    If you can’t seem to shrug off your diet breaks, my suggestion is that you try to fake it until you make it. Try to set up some remedial responses to your diet slip ups. For example, you can help avert one diet slip up from escalating by inserting some exercise. Take a walk the next day and skip the weight scale. If you can get back on track after one big diet slip, if you can do this just one time, make a mental note of it. The next time you mess up, try the technique again. Just once, shrug off your diet slip up and go back to your healthy eating. Then make a mental note of it. You did it! If you can do this ONE time, you can do it again.

    Success is not about being able to adhere to some dietetic meal plan like a robot. The key to success is to train your self to get back on track to healthy eating after a dieting slip up. Once you have this skill mastered, I promise you that your weight loss or weight maintenance goals will be achievable! This one little secret diet tip can potentially help you more than any fancy fad diet can! I hope you enjoyed my secret diet tip. Give it a try because it really works!

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