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    Look younger with high volume hair styles like Cindy Crawford and Denise Richards

    Sexy High Volume Celebrity Hair

    Pump up the volume on your hair with these free styling tips that help you look decades younger.

    Anti-Aging High Volume Hair

    Sexy high volume hair is very anti-aging because it adds fullness to the face and counter balances imperfections such as wrinkles and age lines. I have picked two celebrity examples of high volume hair to show in this article. On the left is Cindy Crawford with the quintessential “beach hair”, and on the right is Denise Richards with the “blow dried” high volume look. Both hair styles look fabulous because they transform a face from essentially two dimensions into three dimensions. The big hair adds another dimension to the look. If you are overweight having high volume hair does wonders for your figure as it provides a counter balancing effect to a large body. When you see an overweight woman with very short flat hair her weight is accentuated, whereas with higher volume hair her weight is downplayed by providing a counter balance with the hair and drawing the eyes upward.

    Cindy Crawford’s Beach Hair

    Of course not all of us have the money to have our hair styled by a professional and we may not have a whole lot of time to invest into styling our own hair because of our busy lives. On top of that, we may not want to put goopy hair products in our hair because they adhere to the hair and have to be washed out with shampoo soon after use. If you have some length to your hair however, you can approximate Cindy’s hair using some very simple steps. Wash and Condition your hair then spray an inexpensive de-tangle spray in it. Don’t brush or comb it when wet, instead just let it air or towel dry and sleep on it when it is still slightly damp. In the morning, just fluff up with your finger tips.

    One word of warning about beach hair is that it can be a bit sloppy looking. You need to counter act the sloppy effect by carefully doing your makeup to go with the beach hair and choosing plain color sexy clothes that complement it. Everything about your look needs to be on the simpler and neat side with this type of hair because if you get sloppy with your clothes then you can inadvertently look disheveled or messy instead of tousled and sexy. Do your makeup neatly and wear solid colors so that the beach hair is the only wild aspect to your look in order to maximize your beauty with this hair style. If you have thick hair and find your Cindy Crawford beach hair looks too ratty on you, you can try this simple trick. Run a flat iron over the bottom layer of the hair only and make it smooth. Then leave the top part natural and untouched. This hybrid style can neaten up the overall look tremendously and works great for women whose hair looks too messy when left all natural.

    Denise Richard’s Blow Dried Look

    Denise Richard’s fluffy lioness hair look in this photograph at right is really amazing looking. To get this clean fresh fluffy look just wash condition and blow dry your hair with a large flat paddle brush (like those con air brushes that are large, flat and square). Separate your hair into a few sections blow drying the underneath while the top is tied up in a pony and then blow dry the top part last. Blow drying in sections helps eliminate frizz. It looks like Denise had some round brush styling or large curlers in her hair as well. If you lack the time for that, tie your freshly dried hair into a pony with a loop or twist tie and sleep on it that way. When you wake up let your hair down and fluff it up without brushing it out. This will create the body and volume at the top along with some slight waves. Denise’s look is actually a little bit more polished and neat than Cindy’s so it would be easier to match with an outfit and look put together. Blow dried hair tends to look neater than naturally curled hair.

    Four Aging Effects of Pin Straight Hair

    Above I’ve listed four aging effects of having pin straight hair if you are a mature woman. This is important because many women want their hair flat-ironed pin straight and flat to their heads but what they don’t realize is that this can actually have an aging effect on their face. Their hair might look neat but they may indeed be making themselves look older!

    First of all, flat hair leaves you looking two dimensional. The main thing that you see is your face and with flat hair against it you can actually look like you have a longer face than you do which is unattractive because it takes away from the youthful round bouncy face that you really want. In general, when you have full hair around your face it makes your face look younger and rounder.

    Second of all, pin flat hair is going to accentuate aging hair lines. Yes even women get their own version of receding hairlines. After you pass forty you usually get some female recession of hair right around the temples. This aging hairline tends to show more if you have very flat hair. With the fuller hair it is easily disguised and hidden. Likewise the third effect listed above is widow’s peak. A widow’s peak is a descending V shaped point formed by the hair at the top front of the hair line. As women age they tend to get a widow’s peak hairline and higher forehead. If you have a full hairstyle, a high forehead and widow’s peak are minimized and less noticeable.

    Finally, having very straight flat hair can make you look gaunt. As mature women our faces tend to lose volume around the cheek area and we look a little big gaunt because of that volume loss. With flat hair, the gauntness is showcased. With fuller hair, the gauntness is rounded out by having hair flowing out on both side of the face. Having some hair volume around the two sides of your face helps minimize the sallow look that many older women have due to their face losing it’s youthful plumpness.

    In the pictures above I demonstrated approximations of Cindy Crawford and Denise Richard’s sexy high volume hair styles using a few simple steps and very little time and effort. I’ve explained why hair with volume creates a three dimensional youthful look on a mature women and also hides female hair recession and age indicator’s around a ladies face. Try my tips at home and have fun!

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