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    Shampoo shop! shampoo & conditioner helps damage more than anti frizz hair serums

    Damaged hair repair. Do silicon hair products and hair oils really help? Why anti frizz and silicone hair serum is bad for your hair

    Damaged Hair

    Any woman who has died her hair with harsh chemicals, got a perm or a straightening chemical treatment, worn hair extensions, or has naturally dry and coarse hair, knows about hair damage. You can only fathom how bad damaged hair can be. I’ll be writing articles on how to repair breakage, damaged hair and re-grow hair step by step. But in this article let us look at one supposed cure for damage, silicon serums, and whether or not silicones can help or hurt your damaged hair.

    Fuzzy Fried Hair

    Hair that is damaged is rough, dry, unmanageable and fuzzy in texture. The damage can be caused by changes in your hairs structure as you age, hereditary tendencies towards female balding and hair loss running in your family, chemicals which cause breakage and fragility, and loss of the scalp’s natural oil that coats the hair which is often caused by a diet lacking in vitamins and nutrients.

    Use of hair extensions can also create hair damage. In some cases, women who have fine hair and are unable to grow it out, get the extensions to add length or volume. The extensions are extremely hard on your hair and wearing extensions can causes more damage, ergo a never ending cycle of hair damage ensues. Women who continually bleach their hair blonde and wear extensions or hair pieces can experience hair loss from hair literally breaking off at the roots.

    To smooth and conceal damage, women start with the hot oil treatments and silicone smoothing serums. But do these anti frizz products help or hurt the cause? My opinion is that silicone hair serums conceal damage yet do little to really repair it.

    Silicones & Anti Frizz Serums

    The anti frizz serums are basically silicone oils. What they do for you is that they mask hair damage by coating the hair with the oil, making it appear much shinier and healthier. What is good about that is that the damage is masked. What is bad about that is that the silicone coating can suffocate the hair. Moisture can’t get to the hair and it will actually dry out your hair over time of you continually use the silicones. Not only that but the silicones can build up on your hair and become hard to get off, leading to brittle hair and even more breakage.

    Silicon and oil buildup is really bad and leads to a clarifying shampoo cycle

    Hair products that have silicones in them, including antifrizz serums, hair shine drops, and hair gloss sprays build up residue on the hair. Ultimately to restore clean fresh hair the silicone residue has to be removed using clarifying shampoos. Clarify shampoos literally strip the moisture out of your hair in order to get the silicone stickiness off of your hair. Putting silicone product in your hair and then getting it off of your hair leads to a damaging silicone, harsh clarifying, silicone hair care cycle which can result in even more hair damage!

    I really suggest that you should avoid having to use oils and silicones. If you have to resort to frequent use of silicones to smooth your hair, perhaps you are doing too much damage via drastic hair coloring, chemical treatments or hair extensions. Using silicones are only masking an underlying problem with your hair. Plus, silicones or oils can really build up in the hair and give it a gummy sticky feeling. If you get too much oil anywhere near the roots of your hair, you are going to look greasy and slimy too.

    Once you get even the mildest silicone or oil buildup going, you’ll have to resort to stripping and clarifying shampoos to get rid of the buildup. Clarifying shampoos are by definition hard on your hair because they are formulated to remove the hair product residue and they have to be harsh to get the job done. You might want to avoid the silicone, hot oil, clarifying cycle by reexamining the processing you are doing on your hair. Sometimes halting a color treatment or chemical treatment can cure the problem more effectively then applying products to hair as bandaid.

    One last thing I noticed from shine oils and silicones is that while it might look good the first day, these products can really mess up hair texture the day after. Your hair looks temporarily good, but will be changed by next day, requiring too frequent washing and repeating the damage cycle. Clean, fresh, and healthy hair with no product in it tends to last longer before needing a rewashing. Even daily washing can be hard on your hair, and with serum products you tend to have to wash more often.

    How to avoid hair products with silicones in them

    If you want to stop using hair smoothing serums then make sure to check labels on your hair products. Avoid products containing the ingredients dimethicone, cyclomethicone, and other ingredients ending in the cone suffix.

    I am not a fan of silicones and hair oils serums. I don’t think that the silicone products do your hair any good at all over time and because they lead to buildup, they could even damage your hair from having to strip then re-soften all the time. Try to limit use to special occasions when your hair styling warrants it. The best hair daily is clean, fresh and healthy. A diet rich in vitamins and nutrients and the essential fatty acids as well as proteins will soften your hair, skin and nails from within over time.

    Here are six simple hair care tips and tricks for concealing hair damage that do not require the use of silicon serums!

    How to conceal damaged hair (without using silicone hair serums). Silicone free hair care tip #1: New shampoo and conditioner

    Women tend to go for the silicone and leave in products that go onto wet hair. I hate these as they cost money, and leave residue. Often it’s simply case that you aren’t using the right shampoo and conditioner. If you are resorting to silicones you should seriously reconsider your shampoo and conditioner and try other ones and keep trying. Finding the right shampoo and conditioner is the key to not needing the silicon frizz serums any more!

    It’s amazing how different the shampoos and conditioners can really be. You really have to try the drugstore brands and the more expensive salon and beauty supply store brands as well. It’s incredible, the range. Some are going to leave your hair feeling like straw, others weighed too heavily with gooey conditioner. You may have to mix brands. It takes some trial and error for a good combination.

    If your hair doesn’t feel clean, soft, manageable and residue free, keep trying different shampoo and conditioner combinations. If you are trying to combat dryness and roughness, you can look for shampoo and conditioner with nourishing natural oils that mimic natural sebum. Jojoba, macadamia and avocado are good ones, for example. A lot of times though, it is just a matter of trying different brands. Don’t be afraid to cross over into different hair type formulations either. If you always buy shampoo/conditioner for dry damaged hair you may be shocked to ultimately find out that the ones formulated for texture enhancing work better for you!

    My theory is that if you have the right conditioner, you shouldn’t need the leave in silicones or oils on a regular basis. I always use a 2in1 shampoo that includes conditioner in it, followed by a good dose of conditioner. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. I use Suave 2in1 shampoo and conditioner as a shampoo, and Finesse texture enhancing conditioner. I glop the conditioner on and don’t conserve it. The more, the better worked for me. You may have to try dozens of combinations of shampoo and conditioner types and brands before finding the combination that works perfectly for you.

    Silicone free hair care tip #2: Hair wash frequency & nighttime hair care

    Another tip is to look at your hair washing routine. Sometimes the frequency with which you are washing hair can affect it, as can if you wash it in the morning or in the evening. Washing hair in the evening and sleeping with it in a twist bun can greatly reduce frizz, as can less frequent washing. Pull it up at night and wait days between shampoos if you can. Frequent brushing can also cause breakage and add to the problem of frizz. Get the right brush, such as a soft paddle brush, for your hair and minimize or try changing your hair brushing frequency.

    Silicone free hair care tip #3: Stop over processing your hair

    If you are chemically treating your hair you might want to reconsider harsh treatments and give your hair a break. Coloring your hair really shouldn’t damage it that severely. It’s when you over bleach and color it that the harm is caused. If you lighten your hair too much and then re-apply bleach to already bleached hair it can break it down and in comes the breakage. Reconsider heavy bleaching or make sure there is no overlapping of chemicals when touching up roots.

    Most women have some vice with their hair. They have to flat iron it all the time, or they have to wear extensions, or they have to relax it. Honestly, you’re probably going to want to do something with your hair if you’re human after all. The trick is to try to limit it down to maybe one damaging process. For example, if you are going to wear extensions you might want not want to be bleaching hair blonde at the same time. If you’re relaxing hair, don’t die it up lighter too much. Multiple processes just add to the cumulative damage. Try to limit yourself down to one processing vice, if any at all.

    Silicone free hair care tip #4: Use of a flat iron or hot rollers

    Naturally textured hair is always recommended yet some women just detest their natural texture curly hair and want desperately to make their hair smooth and straight. For extremely course hair, a good ceramic flat iron can be more helpful than silicones. Coarse hair is hard to brush out, keep tangle free, and manage. It can matt up and knot. If your hair sounds like this, you can let it dry naturally or gently blow dry it. Then, flat iron even if it is just the underneath to encourage smoothness and tangle free control.

    Also, don’t wash or heat dry hair as often. Ceramic hot rollers similarly can smooth the hair shaft and make kinky hair manageable. Again, wear hair up at night and go as long as you can between ironing. Even though irons can heat damage your hair, it’s better than hair product gunk. A ceramic flat iron can hide damage better than a blow dryer because it really flattens the cuticle and smooths kink and fuzzy hair. Use the ceramic plated iron or soft curlers that don’t pull your hair. Without the sticky product messing your hair up, your blow out, curl or flattening job should last you for days. Reducing tangles and matting by flat ironing hair occasionally can actually be good for minimizing damage to hair that is out of control.

    Silicone free hair care tip #5: Temporary hair color in a lower tone

    Damage shows up the most on bleach blonde hair. If your hair is seriously damaged, toning it down a few shades can minimize the obviousness of the damage. Keeping your hair a darker color can also help repair it since dyeing with bleach (e.g. highlights, weaves and platinum blonde hair) can cause the worst breakage. Each bleaching damages the hair and if you overlap the bleach on a following touchup, you can weaken hair at the overlap point so much that it literally breaks off. Usually it breaks off at the back where bald spots start since that tends to be where hair gets weakest first as you age.

    By toning your hair down to a more natural and less harsh color, you’ll be able to avoid the silicones. Rich medium toned shades such as light browns and golden browns are the best for hiding damage. White blonde and dark black will show damage more. Temporary color washes are great for damaged hair. They tone it down, make it look more lustrous, and cause almost no damage to your hair.

    Silicone free hair care tip #6: Trim ends

    If you have damaged hair you may want to be re-growing your hair out as fast as you can. So you wouldn’t necessarily want to chop it off (though a stylist will see damaged hair and want you to chop it LOL). Cutting your hair off is a little bit too drastic and can be a real shock to some women. Better to get modest trims as you go through the repair and grow out phase. Cleaning up the ends and bangs if you wear them can neaten the overall look and make damage and splits running through your hair less obvious. It adds a little bit of polish to have neatly trimmed ends which helps detract from the frayed hairs.

    If you have damage running along all your hair and not just the ends, you can do the following. Buy a good beauty supply quality hair cutting scissors. Section your hair (as though you were braiding or blow-drying section by section from the underneath upwards). Pull each section forward and neatly trim the ends just a miniscule amount if you see splits. A conservative and methodical section by section home hair trim can do wonders and make your hair look so much healthier. Just a teensy end trim of each section of hair will help polish up your split ends occurring at random hair lengths and prevents them from splitting further. You’ll be helping your hair out, without having to chop off all its length.

    Natural textured, beautiful hair makes you look youngest! Daily or frequent use of silicones and hot oils is not recommended as it leads to residue buildup and dry hair

    A hot oil treatment every once in a while, for example after you color your hair to counteract the drying effect of hair dye, can soften your hair nicely and help keep it in good condition. If you salon style your hair for a major event or photo shoot and use silicone products for special occasions, it’s not going to hurt anything. But, if you need to use oils and silicone products to get your hair soft on a regular basis, it’s time to reexamine your diet, switch your shampoo/conditioner, and lay off the harsh hair coloring and hair extension or chemical treatments.

    Clean fresh hair with no residue or product build up is always the optimal natural beauty choice. If the natural texture of your hair is downright untenable, a ceramic flat iron or hot curlers can smooth kinky hair out and change the texture and feel of it sans silicone. If the ceramic flat iron is not abused or used too often, it’s a better choice than having silicone product buildup, at least in my opinion. Go as long as you can between washings, wear hair up at night to preserve volume and style, and find yourself a good shampoo and conditioner for your particular hair type. Your hair will be naturally beautiful again in no time.

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