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    Shine treatment hair repair products. How to repair, strengthen, condition shiny hair

    How to get shiny hair? Shine treatment, hair products, hair color, color safe shampoo, deep conditioners, diet and hair styling tools that boost natural shine and keep hair thick, healthy, smooth and shinier. Keep reading for the best shine enhancing tips, tricks and hair products for shiny healthier hair

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    Hair shine and shine products for smooth shiny hair. For sleek shiny hair be sure to deep condition, add vibrant color tone, trim split ends often keeping hair ends blunt, eat Omega-6 and B vitamin rich foods, and ease up on heat processing hair treatments. Your hair will be shinier in no time!

    Home grown remedies for shiny hair

    Do you want shinier hair? I’ve read up on numerous home remedies for shiny hair. Most are pretty gross! OK, there is the lemon juice rinse, vinegar rinse, honey mixed with water rinse, tea rinse, henna, baking soda added to the shampoo, egg and olive oil concoctions, and natural henna. Some of these may or may not work but the bottom line is that they may leave hair more sticky, yucky and smelly than anything else. I tend to believe that with all of the shine enhancing shampoo and hair treatment products out there that you needn’t run to your pantry closet for the mayonnaise.

    Cold air for shiny hair

    Many women have heard of this cold air trick but rarely do it (I know I forget to). Rinsing hair with cold water supposedly closes the cuticle which supposedly leaves the hair smoother and shinier. A similar effect seems to work with the blow dryer. After your hair is dry give hair a once over blast on the cold air setting. It helps set the finish and the claim is that it helps shine.

    Silicon hair products

    Most women buy the silicon hair products for shiny hair. The silicones sit on top of the hair shaft and coat it. It also can protect hair from the heat of styling tools. John Frieda Frizz-Ease is the popular drugstore brand, with Kerastase brand at the high priced end of the spectrum. God I really hate the frizz serums because too much of it and you hair falls flat and looks greasy. Shine serums can also change the texture of the hair making it rip with brushing and you have to wash hair more often to get rid of the buildup. It goes on but then you have to get it off. If you are dead set on using the silicone shine serums, drops or sprays just do so in moderation. A tiny drop of the fluid is enough to do the job, or try a light shine misting spray.

    Fight frizz gain shine

    Frizzy hair in humid weather is the pits. Fight the frizz by washing hair the night before since sleeping on it smoothes down the texture. Similarly, brush kinky hair at night and just finger separate the curls in the morning to stop hair brush related frizz. If your hair is thick and fuzzy after a blow dry, try using a flat iron. A good ceramic flat iron can do a 360 on frizzy hair and smooth it making it appear shinier. Flat ironing part of the hair while leaving some pieces au naturale can also add shine and a modicum of control over naturally crazy kinky hair as well.

    Hot oil treatment for shinnier hair

    A conditioning heat treatment can open up the cuticle and let a hair oil penetrate down into the cuticle, making hair shinier. You can get a deep conditioner at the salon and sit under the dryer, or try a simple home hot oil treatment using a warm towel. If hot oil is too greasy, you can slather on conditioner and sit in a steamy bath with hair in a towel for twenty minutes. Deep condition your hair once a month.

    Ionic hair care tools

    If you are a blow drying, curler or iron junkie and you have dry hair or delicate hair for example if you have extensions, try ionic hair tools which keep the temperature constant and lower than regular styling tools. A diffuser (the fanned end nozzle you can attach to the dryer) is also easier on the hair than direct high heat.

    If your hair is out of control kinky sometimes blow drying it or flat ironing it can help regain control and shine. Thicker hair with body adds shine. To retain fullness, texture and shine you may even be able to dry or iron the bottom layers of hair leaving some natural pieces on top. A little bit of natural body can help to hide frayed or dry ends. If you are hooked on blow dry or ironing, try to space out the heat styling treatments as far as you can. Sleep with hair up in a loose bun and you can try a satin pillowcase to preserve salon styles for as many days as possible.

    Best selling shine shampoos and conditioners

    Try Origins, Nexus, Matrix, Kerastase Paris, or Phytolisse brands at the beauty supply store. Try Finesse, Aussie miracle, and L’Oreal brands at the drugstore. Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner should keep your hair soft and shiny. Proteins are good and come in ingredients such as soy, silk and wheat. Use only a nominal amount of shine drops or spray, or avoid them altogether. Try Frizz Ease or Citre-Shine at the drugstore or Tigi Dream Drops Shine on at the beauty supply.

    Curly hair

    If you have straight corn silk hair your job is going to be far easier than if you have curly hair. For curly hair, brush carefully and try to finger separate the pieces. Washing the night before can help curly hair stay softer minimizing frizz and fly-away. Try to embrace the natural curl of your hair and not over process it with multiple treatments. Pick one evil. Don’t combine weaves, extensions, coloring or bleaching and salon straightening as it will be too hard on your hair. Try to keep the number of damaging processes down to a minimum. Damaged hair is more porous and light reflecting so it won’t be shiny if it is thinned out and brittle from over processing. Bigger curls sometimes look shinier than ringlets so you can try setting hair with Velcro rollers for special occasions.


    Don’t brush or comb hair when sopping wet unless it is soaked in a ton of conditioner. Hair will stretch and potentially snap and break if you brush it when wet. For curly hair you should wait until the hair is almost completely dry. Just minutes before your hair is totally dry is the time to brush your curly hair because brushing when too wet breaks it and brushing when 100% dry frizzes it. Just shy of dry, gently finger separate it into sections and brush each section one at a time. Start from the bottom and gently detangle working your way up from the bottom. Combs, round brushes and hard bristle brushes can knot up on curly hair that has tangles in it. Use a softer paddle brush instead, try Con Air.

    Hair products with alcohol in them can dry out your hair, however if your hair is really tangled a gentle detangling spray can help you from ripping it out. Try Suave no tear hair detangle spray for children. It works on matted hair and smells great.

    Hair trims

    Trim hair every 6 to 8 weeks. This can be done at a salon or at home. For at home trimming, buy a quality pair of hair cutting scissors. Part hair down the back and bring the two sides forward, snip a tad off the ends. If you have layers or shorter pieces you have to go through your hair one section at a time using a pony or hair clips. For each section of your hair, trim the very most ends to nip split ends in the bud with a sharp set of hair cutting scissors. Repeat every few months. If you clean up the ends regularly you won’t have to take much off at all to keep your ends solid. It won’t affect your salon hair cut as you will be merely cleaning up the very end points. Hair that thins out on the ends gets too much light through it and loses shine. The thicker your hair is all the way down to the bottom, the shinier it will look. It’s not a problem to grow your hair long after forty however when the ends start to look straggly is when its time to cut it to avoid loss of shine.

    Keep thick blunter ends

    Having straggly, frayed, or razor shagged ends can take away from the apparent shine and health of your hair. If your hair is letting more light in at the ends with the straggle ends the shine is going to get lost. Keep hair ends blunt enough so that the hair is thick from top to bottom. This means getting a cut if you have to. Hair with blunter ends and zero straggle looks way thicker, shinier and healthier.

    Faded hair color: prevent fading color for shinnier hair

    Faded hair color (or growing out old hair color) is the number one culprit for loss of shine in your hair believe it or not. What always fades first is the ends since it’s older hair, a bit thinner than what is coming new, and usually a bit lighter from the sun. Once color fades it really starts to look brassy and flat instead of shiny. If the ends are fading you get the two toned look on top of the fading, not good. You must keep up on the hair coloring treatments if you get them. Waiting too long can cause you to lose the shine. Just dyed hair always looks shinier because the color tone is deeper and more vibrant before you’ve gone through a bunch of shampoos. Keep up with the hair coloring appointments if you want to keep hair color shiny and new. If your shampoo is too harsh you can strip the color faster than need be. You can try color preserving gentler hair shampoo.

    If you can’t afford the salon, home hair dyeing is even better because you can make sure to tone your hair regularly before the shine of the color fades (and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg). I re-apply the auburn hair color I use every other week to my hair and I mix it with silk and soy conditioner. The restored color combined with a deep condition makes it super shiny. If you are adding color (as opposed to bleaching lighter) it is far less damaging to the hair and you can color it more often to add shine without major damage at all.

    They have home hair color that you can get at the beauty supply shop that is colorless. While there is no color, there is still a peroxide developer involved. Colorless hair dye that is just for shine can definitely shine up your hair however be careful because generally they are mixed with a low level developer and so it is not damage free to dye hair with a color less color. Excessive hair high peroxide hair coloring can dry your hair out.

    Another shine enhancing treatment is the cellophane. You can buy Sebastian cellophane at the beauty supply store for example. It’s ready to go right on with no mixing required. You can get the clear one or they have color shaded ones too. The big tube of Sebastian cellophane costs around $32.00. Some women like the cellophanes however I think temporary hair dye missed with conditioner works just as well (if not better) without drying your hair out. For example if you have your hair dyed at the salon, you can wash in a temporary dye like Nice N Easy or Color Spa in a close shade in between salon appointments. This will deposit a little color on there, add shine and quit the fading.

    Go golden or darker

    The dullest hair of all belongs to the ladies that do all the bleaching and the weaving. If you are processing way light, the hair can really become dry, brittle, and thinned out and it will lose all it’s shine. This is especially true for women who go many shades lighter than their natural hair color. If you love the blond hair but it is getting too dull from being bleached or weaved, consider getting low lights in a more caramel color. The deeper richer colors and a rich contrast always looks shinier. Try to keep a dirty blonde base to the hair (think Christie Brinkley or Heidi Klum or better yet Jen Aniston) then have blonde highlights. Avoid all white bleached blonde (think Gwen Steffani, Christina Aguilara, Madonna, Hef’s Holly) because too much uniform platinum blonde causes total shine loss.

    Lighter blondes and strawberry blondes can lose their shine. Dyeing hair a slight shade deeper in color can do wonders for restoring shine. Go for vibrant hues that look natural. A deeper color tone added to hair is the number one way to add shine and hide damage. Try a temporary (non permanent) color when your hair starts to fade and look brassy and dull, and you will see what I mean. The best way to hide damage and add shine to a dull head of hair is to deepen the color. Keep ends trimmed and condition regularly.

    Thinning brittle hair and diet

    If your hair is thinning it is most likely hereditary, dye or processing damage, or your diet at the root of the hair problem. Genetics we can’t do much about, though they are coming out with treatments to thicken thinning hair. The next big thing will be laser thickening treatments that stimulate hair growth no doubt. In the meantime, don’t over dye or multiply perm, straighten, weave or extension your hair because that will damage it and make it lose its lustrous shine.

    Another thing to watch out for is your diet. If you have any combination of symptoms like brittle hair, brittle nails and dry skin, then your diet may be causing the problem. The essential oils don’t belong just on the hair they belong inside of you. Proteins, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and of course, water are essential for shiny healthy hair. The one person I know in the world with the shiniest hair I have ever seen in my life is a sunflower seed addict. I am not surprised this person has beautiful hair from eating sunflower seeds!

    I think the omega fats play a really important role in stimulating skin and strong hair growth. Wheat germ oil and flax oil causes shiny hair! Eat foods that are rich in natural healthy oils or consider taking hair vitamin supplements temporarily to get help transform hair into better condition. Safflower oil, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, and pumpkin seeds are all heavy sources of Omega-6 fats which are great for shiny hair. My friend might be onto something with the sunflower seed habit. Not only do the seeds have the omega 6 fats and they also have vitamin B5 and B7, the pantothenic acid and biotin sources commonly known as hair growth vitamins.

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    • admin says:

      -> Question

      Hi. My name is Pat and i’ve just found your site. I have a question about kinky hair as am black. Can I just shampoo and condition only without adding additional leave in conditioners and oils? Will my hair dry out and break off? I really don’t like oils as it makes my hair hard.
      P.s My hair is colored on the ends as I’m growing it out and the roots are so soft.
      Hope you can help and Thanks in advance.

      -> Answer (Suggestion)

      Hi pat my hair is like your hair kinky too. I hate the shine serums and leave in sprays etc it can make the hair hard and then leads to the cycle of having to wash it out etc. The best thing is to try around different shampoo and conditioners. For shampoo I use a 2in1 shampoo/conditioner since thats softening, then for conditioner I use alot of it I like Finesse. Deep condition once a week and if possible put a temp color in to cover the growing out part. It should healthen up. I try not to wash mine as much and wait only every few days. Keep trying the conditioners at the drug store until you find one that lets it be soft enough without having to use the goop is my suggestion. I mix a ton of conditioner in with temporoary nonpermanent color so it doesnt dry my hair. If your hair doesn’t get better you’ll have to try something different of course! but its worth a test at least. I like Suave 2in1 kids shampoo/conditioner then Finesse silk soy or the texture enhancing one believe it or not is good. If the roots are soft maybe the color hurt your hair a bit, go easy on it and keep it trimmed let me know how it goes. By the way my word is not gospel just some ideas for you to try … oh yeah if you want to write me leave it as a comment at the bottom of the article in future its anonymous thanks! Patty

    • admin says:

      Oh yeah also, I should say always do a test streak first even with a temporary color to make sure you like it. Sometimes they come with a conditioner pack I use that plus like a whole cup of Finesse since my hair is thick and long. If nothing works go to a specialist for sure and take care of that hair since you are going through all the trouble to grow it out healthy. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a question.

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