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    Side swept bangs! Look younger anti-aging forehead flattering mature lady hairdo tip

    Mature Beauty Tips. Side swept bangs on mature women can hide a high forehead and soften the look of a furrowed brow!

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    Side Swept Bangs - Before and after hair style photograph shows how side swept bangs can make you look younger and hide a high forehead and the aging hairline of a woman

    This mature beauty tip shows how side swept bangs can be used to hide a high forehead and soften the look of a furrowed forehead brow. Different types of bangs can make drastic changes to the way your hair style looks. For women over forty, hair style becomes an important beauty tool that can be used to purposely hide problems, camoflauge flaws, enhance natural beauty, or detract from certain obvious aging flaws that we have. In the case of mature women, certain flaws are unavoidable as you grow old.

    Mature women start to lose the hair on their heads too

    The main flaws that older women have are receding hair lines and thinning hair. Of course, gray hair can be colored with hair dye. Receding hair is common amongst women, though we are luckier than our counterparts because we often have something to work with and the receding hair line can be easily concealed. We also don’t tend to get the thinning problem that severely or at such a young age. One of the first places women’s hair thins is right at the top front temples. The hair recedes a little at the temples of the head and it looks like you have a tuft or widow’s peak left at the top. That is the beginning. As you age the widow’s peak narrows and recedes, and what you wind up with is a gradually higher and higher forehead.

    As time goes on, women get slight balding at the back crown of the head and even more thinning happens on top. That is why so many older women wear fluffed up hairdos. The hair growth becomes sparse and there is more space between each hair strand. We do have many options including extensions and female hair plugs even. For now, let’s talk about how to draw attention away from the beginnings of the aging widow’s peak, which is often the first hair problem women face as they slide into their late forties and fifties. We are going to talk about bangs and what bangs can do to help minimize the problem.

    Side Swept Bangs

    Many women, if they want a change, will just add bangs to their hair style. Regular bangs are rather harsh for an older hairdo as they cut sharply across the forehead just above the eyebrows. Side swept bangs are softer and more natural looking than classic short bangs and can actually be very flattering on older women. The difference between side swept bangs and regular bangs are that the side swept ones are slightly longer. They are usually worn swept over from a deeper side part. You can wear this style of bangs with either curly or straight hair. My hair is rather wavy so my bangs are fuller. But in this side swept bangs before and after hairstyle picture, I am adopting the same basic idea shown on Ashlee Simpson (She is singer Jessica Simpson’s younger sister and appears in the small round circle inset shown in the photograph). In the celebrity photo of her shown, she has her hair styled with side swept bangs on extremely straight hair.

    On the left side of the hairdo example, you can see me (Patty Pasadena) without bangs. Notice how my forehead looks rather high and I have the beginnings of a widow’s peak on top. While I have thick, healthy hair that is even envious to some women, I still show signs of aging. The forehead really does not flatter me in the best way. In many photos I look youthful and it is not entirely obvious, however this photo clearly shows the basic aging flaw of a heightening forehead. At left is the before photograph without bangs and at right is the after photograph with side swept bangs that I quietly cut myself with the nearest kitchen shears.

    I avoid the hair salon, and surely a professional cut would yield more perfect side swept bangs. Nonetheless, my unscientific kitchen bangs cut does the job for me. At center you can see the procedure I follow. Some women like wispier razored bangs yet I prefer chunky step bangs of a few simple lengths. I take a chunk of hair right from the middle front of my head and snip bangs at around mid eye level. Then I part down slightly more hair and cut that section across to a length about an inch lower down along my nose. And then I snip again lower down. It’s a very crude cut but as long as I get a few different levels in it ends up looking choppy yet sexy. All in all, it’s 100% free and I get an anti-aging effect.

    Looking at the hairdo photograph on the right with the newly cut sideswept bangs you can see several anti aging benefits. For one thing, the high forehead is concealed. The widow’s peak no longer shows. The bangs themselves add a feature distraction to the face and you’d be less drawn to facial wrinkles. Many women develop a furrow line between their eyebrows that they loathe. If you can’t afford Botox to freeze such wrinkles or a forehead lift to get rid of them, side swept bangs can do a great approximation for you.

    So my mature beauty tip is to try long side swept bangs on yourself for an anti-aging effect and to conceal a high forehead, receding hair line, and forehead scowls. I want you not to cut bangs any shorter than the middle of your eyeball length. I cut the bangs when dry so I can immediately see the effect and keep going with the snips. You may want to purchase a sharp set of hair cutting scissors (you can get a cheapy one for about 20 bucks at the beauty supply or Walmart). Hair cut scissors are sharp and precise and minimize fraying although I use my household scissors just fine. Also know that if your hair is wet or you are pulling it taut that the bangs spring up shorter when done. So keep the snipping on the long side of things and check the dried results at each step.

    Cut your own bangs at home and save money

    With a little bit of practice you can cut your own bangs at home and reap the celebrity benefits of side swept bangs entirely for free. In fact, I trim my whole head of hair at home too thereby avoiding the hair salon altogether and saving a ton of cash. Obviously a salon cut is going to be the best option but I don’t have money for everything and for me personally it is a luxury that I forego because of budget constraints. Avoiding the hair salon is something to consider and learning how to cut your own bangs is the first step. I hope you enjoyed this mature beauty tip and please comment below if you are going to try some side swiped bangs. Long swept to the side bangs is an ageless look and if I can do it then you surely can too. Give it a try.

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    2 Responses to “Side swept bangs! Look younger anti-aging forehead flattering mature lady hairdo tip”

    • janice brumbaugh says:

      I have receding sides. Is it possible to cat bangs so that the sides dont show sorse when I pull my hair back ? Where do you live ? Thanks. ( thought maybe you could cut my bangs )

    • admin says:

      Yeah the side swiped bangs work really good for this. Most women get receding sides as they age. If you have enough hair in general, side swipe banks can help. Best thing to do is to pay a few times to have them cut and watch what the stylist does. Once you have a bang cut you love, you should very easily be able to copycat it on your own. Just buy a good pair of hair cutting scissors and be conservative. Remember that cutting hair wet can be deceptive as when it dries it always looks shorter. I trim my bangs when dry for this reason.

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