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    Beauty secrets, makeup tips & tutorials, cosmetics reviews, plastic surgery, fashion and top anti aging Beauty Tips. Free beauty tips for a beautiful face, bikini body shape, diet and fitness plans, salon hair, and the best skin care products. How to apply makeup, natural beauty secrets, Botox, Restylane, lasers, peels, facial fillers, FAQ and cosmetic surgery prices. How to dress sexy. Look ten years younger and feel fabulous like a celebrity in your forties, fifties, sixties, at any age!

    Skin Treatment for women. Celebrity beauty secrets radiant glowy skin complexion

    Meaningful skin treatment to ensure long term anti aging results with these celebrity skin care tips. Get Hollywood skin now!

    Some of the hottest female celebrities are newly forty or older. Do you wonder how they make their skin look so radiant and amazing? One of the biggest secrets of these famous women is that they started their beauty routines when they were younger and continue to spend money maintaining their skin care regimen. I am going to give you five simple yet meaningful tips on how to have glowing flawless skin like a celebrity superstar.


    Celebrities that are obsessive about sunscreen have beautiful skin later in life. They wear sun screen every day and they don’t lie in the sun for hours. You can wear any sunscreen that says broad spectrum SPF 15 or higher, but for me personally I always go with SPF 30. Put sunscreen on your face, neck, arm, and décolleté before leaving the house if the sun is going to be out no matter if its summer or winter. If you are going to get direct exposure to the sun, reapply the sunscreen every one to two hours are needed.

    I happen to have pretty significant crows feet. This could be genetics but I also confess to the fact that I deplore sun glasses. While I for the most part avoid going into the sun in the heat of the day, there are times when I am in sunny weather without sun glasses on. This causes squinting which can cause crow’s feet. To avoid this problem, it is good to wear large sunglasses that eliminate the need to squint and if they have UVA/UVB filters even better as that can help ward off sun damage as well.


    Retinoids are the super star ingredients in skin creams that prevent anti-aging. Stars discover this early on especially since they have access to dermatologists who know what is what. Retin-A was first on the market as an acne treatment but it really does have antiaging benefits. You can get over the counter retinoid creams now that have vitamin A derivatives that can help speed up the turnover of cells. But in my opinion they don’t have enough of the ingredient to make them very effective. Most stars can get their hands on Retin-A.

    If you have sensitive skin then Renova is a more moisturizing version which can work well for women sensitive to Retin-A. A dermatologists prescription to Retin-A or Renova, and careful use of such prescription retinoids so as to avoid skin irritation, can put you on equal ground as those celebrities.


    Exfoliating skin helps to get rid of old dull cells and you can exfoliate through a variety of means including scrubs, peels and dermabrasion. If your skin is fresh and clean, products can adhere to it better, blood flow is better, and collagen production should be maximized. Exfoliating peels can help to unclog pores, prevent acne, get rid of uneven skin spots and pigmentation, and remove sun damaged skin too. The idea is to get a glow.

    An easy way to exfoliate at home for less money is to use acne treatment products that contain enzymes and salicylic acid. There are inexpensive medicated facial scrubs with salicylic acid, as well as medicated acne pads with salicylic. These medicated products can help exfoliate skin at home and you’ll save money on facials. If you are lucky enough to have the funds, then perioding lunch-time peels can help with exfoliation and rejuvenate skin too. Always counteract the drying effect of exfoliation by using a cream that agrees with your skin and keeps it soft and supple.


    The celebrities spend money on injectables, there are no ifs ands or buts about it. Celebrities who claim they tried Botox or fillers and hated it are the exception not the rule. Women with money get these treatments, trust me they do. To get star quality skin, plan to save your money for these beauty treatments. Search and shop for reputable doctors with competitive prices. Choose which procedure is most important if any. For example, some women need the Botox to freeze wrinkles a bit, some women need the fillers to plump up their skin, some women need neither and some women need both.

    The Botox helps to prevent wrinkles by freezing up the face muscles thereby not allowing skin to crease as much. The creasing causes wrinkles. The fillers like Juvederm plump up the face and fill in wrinkles around the nose and lips, as well as the lips. Juvederm prices are through the roof. One syringe can cost you up to 500 dollars. I don’t personally use the temporary fillers because they are beyond budget. I do like Botox but have only gotten it periodically because my budget is constrained.

    If you are open to the injectables, then plan carefully and save money for them by foregoing other superfluous beauty expenses. Shopping the price is absolutely necessary. You simply would not believe how doctors can skim you on these products. Follow your medical chart and know exactly what you are getting and when. Finding the minimal amount of product you need, properly spaced out treatments, and shopping price are the three essentials. To compete with stars who can get these treatments with regularity, you have to find the perfect balance of getting a positive outcome for the least amount of money. If you aren’t into having alien material injected into yourself, consider yourself lucky that you don’t have to incur the expense. It is expensive.

    Avoid skin Irritants

    Inflammation can be bad for your skin. Inflammation can come from getting sunburned, having bad skin acne, habits of picking at your skin, smoking, lack of sleep, and over using retinoids or other skin care ingredients that irritate your skin too much. If your skin is inflamed then skin damage is being done. Cease use of products and habits that lead to irritation, including smoking. If you are getting irritated skin just know that it can create scarring, broken blood vessels and other unwanted outcomes. Make sure to get in to a dermatologist if you are having skin problems and look for ways to treat them effectively if not prevent them altogether.

    Follow a really good skin care regimen. This includes finding a gentle face wash that cleanses your skin, exfoliating skin regularly, and moisturizing your skin. Wear sunscreen during the day and moisturize skin with body butters that contain high antioxidant ingredients like vitamin a and e and hyaluronic acid. The idea is to seal moisture into your skin. I like body butter for day and night. At night, consider use of the retonoids so long as they don’t cause irritation or sun sensitivity. Always remove makeup then apply face cream in the evening before going to bed.

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