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    10 ways to slow the aging process and reverse the effect it has on your natural beauty

    Try these anti aging secrets in order to avoid getting an aging birthday joke humor card that you’re forced to laugh at but inside you’re really kind of upset and wanting to run to the nearest plastic surgeon (a true synonym for stress). This is supposed to be funny aging humor but you may not get it because I read on Web MD that older adults have a harder time getting jokes (they did a university study and proved it, yeh yeh)

    Having read so many anti-aging tips tricks and secrets articles as part of the job description of having the best beauty blog on the net LOL, I’m becoming delirious. This beauty post on aging humor and the accompanying photograph about Hallmark type getting older jokes and cards was brain stormed while not following proper beauty advice and staying up late into night. Frankly, if an older woman’s boyfriend or husband or significant other gave them an aging birthday card I tend to think that deep down they would not find it humorous. Women are more sensitive to age related issues than they care to admit. Women want to be respected as beautiful older women and do not appreciate being “my old lady”. We would rather get beautiful flowers or some expression of love and appreciation than an aging humor card or gift. On the other hand, I think we do find aging humor humorous, just not when it is directed toward us! If you are buying her a five carot diamond ring, don’t accompany it with an aging humor card as she may keep the diamond but not the card giver.

    You are an aging woman and it is your 40th birthday or 50th birthday. Would you like an aging card or would it hurt your feelings?

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    If you get an aging humor birthday card for your 40th birthday or 50th birthday would you think it was funny? If you visit a cosmetic surgeon in short order, it must have upset you.

    Stop Smoking because it wreaks havoc on your health

    When it comes to smoking, everyone likes a quitter. Quit smoking so that your body and breath doesn’t smell like a rental car and you also won’t have to worry about tasks like removing smoking odor from yourself. Your work identification badge and purse and sweaters won’t smell like smoke, oh yeah, and you won’t have to go outside and get cold to smoke. You won’t have to worry about whether you can smoke here or not. You’ll save money on cosmetic procedures to fix your skin as smoking contributes to making your skin thin, paper-like and gaunt. It steals your collagen. Your breath will be better and you will get less winded.

    Let’s not forget to mention that smoking contributes to cancer which obviously you want to avoid. Who wants to lose their hair to chemo if they can avoid that by kicking the habit. You can buy a lot of beauty products and procedures with the money you save by not having to buy cigs anymore. You also won’t have to listen to people telling you to quit ever again and then you can become one of those people that tells other people to quit instead.

    Protect your skin from Sun damage

    The twinkle in your eye is a reflection of the sun on your bifocals. Sagging, sun damage and wrinkles, oh my sun of a beach! We all know that drinking and smoking are beauty villains but sun damage from sun bathing (including tanning beds) is equally horrible. Sun damage promotes the formation of finer wrinkles, age spots, liver spots, broken veins and rough patches. Intrinsic aging occurs in spite of all your good effects since it’s the natural aging process. Extrinsic aging is all the bad things (like tanning) which we do our bodies to make matters worse.

    Excessive tanning and use of sun tanning beds is one of the worst extrinsic damages we inflict on ourselves. Sometime the ill effects don’t show up until years later. Not only do sunbeds increase the risk of developing melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer, but they also cause irreversable damage to your skin. They make your skin leathery. I see scary articles where they take tanaholics and photograph their faces with a UV camera that highlights the invisible damage. Gone is the perfect skin and all you see are patches of sun spots and wrinkles not yet visible to the eye. I’m not sure if the Xray uv photographs show anything psychic but why take any chances. Sunbeds are horrible so don’t be dying for that suntan cancer.

    Wear sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher on a regular basis and re-apply it after the specified time if you are in the sun for long periods. Make sure to use the sunscreen all over as certain body spots like hands, arms, and chest are often overlooked by women and years later they have brown spots there. If you have to be tan, try out the sunless options such as fake tanning airbrush salons or use inexpensive fake tanning creams and sprays instead. Maybe they should make sun beds may be illegal…

    Wear moisturizer to avoid being dry like a carcass

    Well maybe you remember seeing some photos of old ladies in bathrobes with white ponds cold cream smeared all over their faces and cucumbers on their eyes (curlers and slippers too). Women definitely will go to great measures to say good bye to aged skin and they are spending a fortune on fancy anti aging creams which proves they care. The different creams claim to have magical ingredients that reverse the aging wrinkles. I am not sure I believe in all of the claims and clinical research babbling that sellers of creams use to get you to buy their particular product. That is for each individual to decide for themselves. The key is to find something that agrees with your skin and keeps it soft and smooth for you without costing an arm and a leg. It’s not a crime to hunt creams at Wal-Mart if you can’t afford Lancome.

    The most important thing is that you do use a moisturizer regularly to keep your skin in a supple smooth condition. If you are getting dry or flaky skin it is time to take action. I like to use a moisturizer cream in the evening after I wash up for bed. I also use moisturizing cream on my skin after I wash up in the morning prior to putting any makeup on. The main thing you want to look for is a cream that does not cause you any kind of irritation or allergic reaction on your skin, especially if you are using it near your eyes. I don’t buy into all the vitamin, collagen and elastin producing ingredients in the creams and prefer to use something pretty simple and inexpensive such as Body Butter from The Body Shop or generic equivalents. I have dry skin and like the thicker creams that adhere well to the skin as they seem to stay in place on my skin longer and have more lasting moisturizing effects. If your skin is oily and prone to breaking out, you may need a lighter weight cream.

    What’s funny to me is those pictures where they show someone with tons of wrinkles in a before picture then they show the person looking twenty years younger in a side by side photograph as if to say, use this cream for ten days to turn back the clock two decades. Yep it certainly gets the point across. It’s absurd and I see adverts like that all the time. They should advertise photo altering software such as PhotoShop as a wrinkle cream because trust me, it’s the number one way celebrities are getting rid of their wrinkles. Plastic surgery and digital photo touchups and altering are bigger and more effective wrinkle fighters than expensive fountain of youth creams. You still need the skin cream though! Just saying.

    Stop being lazy and get up and exercise

    Ugh my body has gotten totally out of shape, so I went to the doctor to get permission to start an exercise program and joined a fitness club so I could start to exercise. The first thing I decided to do was take aerobics for seniors. I bent, twisted, gyrated, perspired and jumped up and down to squeeze into my leotard. But by the time I got it on, the class was over and everyone had left. Consider buying a visor, swimsuit with a hideous skirt and a water woggle pool noodle and try the water aerobics class next. Or, take a walk.

    Swallow a vitamin drink or annoying vitamin pill

    I am personally not a big fan of vitamin supplements however if you know that you are not getting the recommended levels of vital vitamins that you should be getting you might want to consider a multi-vitamin or another method (such as juicing) of making sure you are getting all the essential levels. Many people believe that anti-oxidants can help destroy the free radicals that do damage to your cells, so they spend money on anti-oxidant products. Obviously you can get all your nutrients by eating a healthy balanced diet however some people get into vitamin supplementation and spend money on vitamins such as multi-vitamins, C, B2, E, lutein and coenzyme Q10. If you get a yearly blood test and your doctor goes over the results this can help tell you if you are deficient in some areas and then you could talk to your doctor about whether you need to spend money on vitamins or not.

    Swallowing vitamin pills can be a real nuisance, you can only imagine what people with heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol levels go through every day as they often have to swallow certain pills and medications daily for the rest of their cotton pickin lives. Getting older is like that Valley of the Dolls book but instead of taking drugs for pleasure you are taking them because of your medical issues (that by the way you brought upon yourself to some extent due to your carelss lifestyle choices ugh). Will it make you feel better if I say that society brought it onto you by tempting you with the things like junk food? I am going to make you feel better by telling you this you this beauty secret: AGING IS NOT YOUR FAULT! The new dealer is the pharmacy and the drug cartel is your health insurance plan. Or is the doctor the dealer and the pharmacy the distributor? Not sure. Bottom line is you want to aim to keep healthy so you don’t become an unwitting addict. By addict I mean, addicted to the drugs you are forced to take to treat a health condition keep yourself alive. Please comment below if you think that taking a vitamin pill now will prevent you from getting sucked up into the tornado of having to take other medications for your health issues later.

    Drink water

    Think of yourself as a dying plant. If you aren’t consuming water your body is wrinkling and shriveling up. Make sure to drink lots of fluids and if you are lucky the water will help fill the wrinkles out and bring your body back to life. Everything needs to be watered to live and be beautiful, including women.

    Do something fun to avoid stress

    Pay bills, wash car, study checkbook, search for remote control, locate glasses, shuffle paper pile, find car keys. Having accomplished these things your stress will be greatly reduced and you will feel years younger. Now you can try to remember what you were doing to relax in the first place. Play sag you’re it, hide and go pee, then pin the toupee on the bald guy.

    Stop drinking or cut back significantly

    No brainer. An occasional beverage every now and then may be fine but anything beyond that can cause serious health problems. Please stop drinking so you don’t have to hear me tell jokes about it. Stand by your woman, mermaid legs, high caloric beer, wine-cooler diet. OK, not telling any beer or wine jokes as they are generally not funny and not geared towards women and beauty. Too much alcohol in the system can dehydrate you which can help the formulation of wrinkles. Alcohol can also stop vital nutrients and vitamins from being absorbed in the body. You can just look at long term drinkers to see that drinking causes long term health consequences and is a detriment to your external beauty too. Many of the specialty drinks that women tend to choose are loaded with sugar and unwanted calories.

    Go to sleep and wait for your second wind

    God grant me the senility to go get a goods night rest and forget that I ever stooped to the level of aging humor in writing this nonsensical anti aging secret tips nonsense. I’ve become one of them (ranting old people that joke about being old). Help I’ve fallen into middle age and I can’t get up. Lack of sleep tends to increase the propensity for bags under the eyes which will make you look older. If you get rest and relax you will certainly look your best. People always look years younger after having had a relaxing vacation with plenty of sleep. Try to take this to heart and don’t lose sleep. Aging is not your fault!. Please excuse me while i find my swim woggle.

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