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    The health benefits of Spa Treatments at the luxury Spa are not worth the high price

    Salon and spa treatments are great for a luxury splurge yet regular sessions can get pricey. Make your beauty dollars work for you by avoiding over-priced spa treatments that you don’t really need. Think twice about facial massage or mud or milk baths!

    Popular spa treatments including massage, facials, skin and body treatments are extremely expensive and in my opinion they are not worth the money you pay for them.

    Spa treatments including massage, facials, skin and body treatments are extremely expensive and in my opinion they are not worth the money you pay. Day spa expenses add up.

    If you have been on vacation recently, and stayed at a luxury hotel, you probably noticed the hotel spa and looked longingly at the ladies getting relaxing treatments done and wandering around in plush robes and head towels.

    Are you buying that Hotel Spa Package? Spa treatments are truly expensive luxuries and a good way to blow your money

    You see everything from spa manicures and spa pedicures, hair cutting and styling, thai massage, hot stone massage and reflexology.  Maybe you got the price list in the hotel room and are tempted to spend money on something relaxing and pampering.


    Sorry to burst your spa bubble, but I really don’t think expensive trips to the spa are worth the money that you are going to spend there.  Massages alone can run you fifty dollars, seventy five dollars, and more!  Plus you have to give tips to the estheticians.  Basically any treatment you get is going to cost you a lot of money, and the hotel is hoping that you will blindly spend it.  If you are on vacation you are far more likely to splurge on treatments with your credit card.  Your spa treatments can literally double your hotel costs if you aren’t careful.  Just think … you could skip the spa and put the money towards another night at the hotel.  That’s what I’m talking about!


    Let’s talk about the lower budget alternatives.  First of all, the hotel spa facilities usually are free or at the very least cost only ten or fifteen dollars to go in on your own.  One pampering thing you can do is simply pay the nominal spa facility fee and do stuff on your own inside.  You can shampoo your hair, take a sauna, stream bath or hot tub, or deep condition your hair.  These activities are extremely relaxing and cost you nothing other than the facility use fee, if there even is one.  You can literally spend hours doing these things and relaxing without having to pay anyone.


    Now, I do understand that professional massages are incredibly relaxing for some people.  But I have to point out that gentle safe stretches has a very similar relaxing effect on the body.  If you gently stretch, your body will start to relax itself much in the same way that a massage relaxes you.  This can be done sitting or standing, and all you have to do is keep it gentle.  Stretching before or after relaxing in a hot tub or sauna feels so good! 


    If you don’t want to go into the spa at all, you can do so many things to relax at the hotel!  Spend more time at the pool reading in a shady spot.  Take a bubble bath in your room and do your hair and nails yourself taking your time.  I don’t take vacations very often so when I do, I try to really enjoy the hotel and just relax.  Try not to feel impelled to cover ground and do all the sight seeing activities.  Sometimes just kicking back at the hotel and using the pool area is all you need.  If you save money in this manner, not only will you get the maximum relaxation, but you can apply your savings to an extra evening of vacation. 


    For me personally, I always have my children with me.  A hotel that is geared toward children is not always the easiest hotel to bring children to.  For instance, Circus-Circus is a hotel for children in Las Vegas but I would not want to ever stay there because it is too hectic and hard to watch after my children there.  So be careful what hotel you choose because you want activities for your children but luxury for yourself too!  I love the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada because it has the synthetic beach waves and lazy river for the children but the hotel itself feels adult and has luxury.  If you book off season or during the week you can get a good rate.  I also like Renaissance Esmeralda in Palm Springs.  They have a great pool and activities for children like movie night, yet it is not too large.  I can sit on a lounge chair and watch four children play at the pool without having to chase after them in fear as though I am in a crazy water park where they might get lost. 

    Your own Resort Vacation. Pamper yourself by sitting in a lounge chair in the shade and reading a magazine or trashy novel. Be sure not to move for a long time (as long as possible)

    Women tend to always be on the go, go, go.  If you are the travel type woman, you might want to see the world and go to far away places.  You might be the adventurous type.  But I think as women get into their forties, especially if you are a full time mom or career workaholic, you really need some downtime from life.  Sometimes a lazy vacation where all you have to do is plop at a nice hotel and read a novel or magazine is a welcome retreat.  No agenda, no responsibilities, no spa appointments either.  This type of relaxation oriented vacation can do wonders for your beauty as it is a time to rest and recuperate from your busy life.  Hopefully your only agenda is to shop and buy some clothes to make yourself look awesome on this trip.  The less responsibility the better.


    A nice hotel is worth the higher price you might have to pay.  Just skip the optional amenities and garbage fees like spa treatments as they will deplete your cash!  I do try to shop for deals on the internet and use my AAA auto club discount when I will be staying at a hotel.  But one thing I have learned is that it really does not pay to get a cheaper star hotel.  A luxury hotel really enhances the vacation pampering feeling.  So when you shop for that hotel room, of course look for the best deals but stay among the top star rated hotels.  The hotel you stay at can make or break a vacation.  If you are making the effort to leave town and spend, go for a fancy hotel.  You won’t regret it.  You want the nicest pool and room.  You want to feel totally happy with where you are at so you can relax fully.

    At home Spa Vacation. Take a breather from your children and husband (or mother) with some TJ Max discount bubble bath and a fluffy clean towel followed by a blockbuster movie and hot tea. It will cost you alot less than a stone bath, mud bath or milk bath but the net relaxation effect will be comparable

    If you are on a tight budget and cannot even afford to get away on a vacation at all, then there are things you can do at home to rejuvinate yourself. Sometimes some candles, bubble bath, a good book or a stack of blockbuster movie rentals is all a girl needs. Downtime in your house can be wonderful. If your kids are living with you full time then any chunk of time can be hard to come by. But even dropping them at the grandparents for a day or two can help as it gives you time to cozy up in your house with no responsibilities. Forget about your bills and everything else and take some lazy bed time for yourself. You’d be surprised how good it will make you feel. If you can’t get any free time alone at home, then hire a sitter and go to the health club. Some health clubs have facilities there where you can pamper yourself, take a sauna, etc.


    Any time you carve out to rest and give time for yourself is well spent.  I know this sounds like obvious advice, but I seriously believe that women don’t set limits for themselves.  They let other people put limits and expectations on them instead.  Other people expect you to be able to juggle work, motherhood, house cleaning, looking good, etc.  And then you try desperately to live up to the expectations.  Sometime you need to say no, and take time needed for yourself.  Now whether this means taking a night off, day off, a weekend off, or week off is up to you.  Maybe it’s a vacation, maybe it’s splurging and paying someone to clean your house so you can relax.  Whatever it is you need to keep in touch with you, you need to fight for that.  Allowing yourself to get run down and exhausted does nobody any good and ultimately it is bad for your beauty and health.  So make time for yourself to relax.  Just getting time to yourself to rest and relax is worth it’s weight in gold and you don’t really have to spend spa money to do this.  It’s not about spending money it’s about taking time out.

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