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    Beauty secrets, makeup tips & tutorials, cosmetics reviews, plastic surgery, fashion and top anti aging Beauty Tips. Free beauty tips for a beautiful face, bikini body shape, diet and fitness plans, salon hair, and the best skin care products. How to apply makeup, natural beauty secrets, Botox, Restylane, lasers, peels, facial fillers, FAQ and cosmetic surgery prices. How to dress sexy. Look ten years younger and feel fabulous like a celebrity in your forties, fifties, sixties, at any age!

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    Secrets to beauty, makeup and plastic surgery. Beauty secrets & cosmetic treatments aren’t limited to rich and famous stars!

    I will show you how to save money on cosmetics yet look fabulous like a gorgeous celebrity! Learn to apply makeup, take care of your body and skin, and enhance your natural beauty and style

    For years I have always been into some beauty thing or another. Investigating health food, playing with makeup and clothes, reading fashion magazines, workout out, checking out some new cosmetic product or procedure.  Women often ask me what I do to stay in shape.  Though I am clearly not a model or celebrity, I look quite good for my age and now I am sharing all of my insider tips, tricks, beauty secrets and beauty advice for looking absolutely gorgeous as an older mature woman.  I alway like to keep up on the latest anti-aging issues and trends.  I read quite a few books on health and fitness, and blog about those beauty topics.  I’ve researched many of the sites on the internet on anti-aging and mature beauty and didn’t find many niche sites that went into as much detail as I do with Mature Beauty.

    What is Mature Beauty?

    As you get past forty and beyond you obviously can’t be expected to have perfect flawless skin and a perfect figure.  You can’t look like a model.  That would be unrealistic for any woman our age.  But if you have the right attitude and put some effort into it, you really can look amazing even though you are older.  Even if you are pushing fifty or beyond you can be as sexy and vibrant as you want to be.   To me, a mature beauty is a woman that is in great shape and looks fantastic for her age.   People wonder about her. She is the woman that when you look at her you think “Wow look at her” she looks really good.

    How to be a vibrant and beautiful older woman: EXPERIMENT with makeup and fashion

    If you want to be a beautiful older woman you will need to eat a healthy diet, get exercise to maintain your figure, and learn how to make yourself look good.  If you aren’t a fashionista, the way to learn how to make yourself look good is to experiment. You aren’t going to look good automatically like you did when you were younger. You need to figure out how to look good and work a little bit at it. Take good care of yourself. Keep trying different hair, makeup and clothes until you discover how to make the absolute most of your looks. 


    Sometimes is can be very hard to translate what someone is telling you to do, to actually doing it.  That is why you have to try different hair, makeup and clothes on yourself.   That is the key.   You don’t have a stylist so you have to do it yourself. If you keep experimenting, and especially if you take pictures of what you are doing, you will figure out how to play up your looks the best way.  You’ll find out what makeup and hair works best to play up your beauty.  You’ll develop a sexy yet chic style.  

    My beauty Do’s and Don’ts Pictures are campy and meant to be Fun yet informative

    You might wonder why I have (or need) pictures posted of myself on this blog. I mainly do that to make this beauty blog more entertaining and also to show some of the points I am discussing. You may also wonder why I don’t show a consistent perfected look in the photographs I post on this blog. One of my friends asked me, why do all the pictures look different. She asked, why don’t you just take your best ones and show us how to look like that? Well for one thing, different people like different looks so I like to show a variety. For another, the pictures are mostly here for fun and simple illustrations and again, variety is good. Finally, these aren’t modeling pictures! Some of my pictures are me at various different ages and most are random candid shots I snap with my cell phone while goofing and playing around. If I can give some good examples of Do’s and Don’ts then I am not afraid to post them. I learned all of my beauty tricks from reading, looking at magazines, and experimenting on myself. Now I know alot about how to look good and why other people are looking good or not. Keep trying different hair, makeup and clothes and you will discover how to make the absolute most of your looks.

    Why should you try to be as beautiful as you can? Because it feels good.

    It’s in a womans nature to try and look good.  If you feel as though you look your best it can truly lift your spirits.  If you put some attention into your health as well as your physical appearance you will increase your personal confidence.   You will be confident that you look good and you will be happy that you are doing all that you can to look and feel good.   To me, health and beauty go hand in hand.  Some women are anti-beauty.  They have a problem if you want to look good and call you vain.  You may have heard the saying that beauty is only skin deep.  While true, I also believe that when you look your best you tend to feel more positive about yourself.  I would ignore the negative people in life and do what feels right for you. 


    Your beauty is part of your overall feminitiy and there is absolutely nothing wrong with working at that a little bit.  Hey – you are a beautiful woman.  If you learn a few tricks here and there to maximize that beauty, then that makes you a … smart beautiful woman.  Women who are single tend to read all about dating, how to make a man fall in love with you, he’s just not that into you, etc.  Similarly women who want to look good read all about glamour, fashion, and makeup, cosmetic procedures, etc.  Sometimes just reading about topics of interest and learning more gives you tips and that spark of motivation you need.  It’s also a form of entertainment!

    Get ready for my Beauty Secrets. Hair, makeup, health, style tips and beauty procedures such as plastic surgery.

    I have all the best beauty secrets for women over forty. The number one beauty secret is that you really don’t need to be rich, or have personal trainers, nutritionists and stylists helping you to look incredible.  You can do much of this on your own but you just need to know where to start and how. I will show you how to develop your look while spending as little money as possible.  In this day and age budget constraints are upon us and every dollar that you spend on beauty products and cosmetic procedures should be carefully thought out and allocated.  I will teach you how to cut costs and corners in order to save money but still come out looking every bit as fabulous as the celebrities with unlimited resources.  Hopefully my blog will make you laugh.  I will show you some anti-aging secrets, provide practical tips  for staying healthy, and detail the top tricks for looking more youthful.  

    You can watch me grow old. If I can look good at 40+, 50+, 60+, so can you.

    This is a personal blog, and I am just a real person.  I have good days and bad days.  Some of my pictures are really pretty and some aren’t.  I don’t claim that I am all that.  But I am willing to show myself and have fun experimenting with looks on myself.  You’ll see me on my good days and bad days. I don’t like how I read other beauty tip blogs and I don’t even know who the person is.  I show the pictures just to add entertainment.  Having fun with the photographs is also how I learn to look better.  I try different things.  Of course the best part is that you can watch me age on the internet!  Is there a fountain of youth … haha we all know that the answer is no when it comes to the years inevitably passing … but yes when it comes to protecting your body, health, fitness and vitality for better longevity.  So I guess we’ll see about that fountain of youth won’t we! If you are a mature woman over forty, over fifty or older than 60 and you are seeking mature beauty advice you can get tons of makeup, skincare, fashion, fitness tips and pointers from my blog as well as some good Hollywood style fun entertainment too! I hope you enjoy reading all of my beauty tips for women. I cover beauty tips for women over forty, makeup tips for women over forty, and plastic surgery for women over forty.

    In this photograph I am forty seven and I can still look gorgeous. I'm going to show you how to maximize your looks and thereby counteract the aging process!

    In this photo I am forty seven and I can still look gorgeous. I'm going to show you how to maximize your looks and thereby counteract the aging process. Become Gorgeous and Sexy!

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    Natural Beauty, Anti Aging, Plastic Surgery


    Look Younger! Learn how to look 10 years younger. Discover the key to getting plastic surgery that looks natural. Find out more about cosmetic procedures available for older women. Read my reviews of books on beauty that celebrity sex symbols author, and the beauty, health and fitness, diet and workout regimens they follow. Do they really reveal all their anti aging secrets?

    #1 Free Beauty Tips! Learn how to become gorgeous and defy your age. Enhance your natural beauty with the right cosmetics, hair and makeup. Discover the tricks to apply makeup choosing the right colors that minimize aging and wrinkles around the face, forehead, eyes, and lips. Get the best fashion tips to dress hot and look sexy like a celebrity. Tons of top 10 lists. Find out how the most beautiful women in the world do it. Learn how to analyze supermodel beauty from clothes to hair style and color to make up, jewelry and accessories and then apply it to yourself. Look incredible over forty. How to be fabulous over forty, over fifty, and over sixty. The secrets of looking naturally beautiful while spending less money on the average cost of makeup, cosmetics, creams, salon treatments and beauty products.

    Plastic Surgery FAQ Questions and Information! You want a Beverly Hills perfect ten bikini body? Wanna be Hollywood beautiful without being rich? Is that face lift, new nose rhinoplasty, chin/cheek implant, breast augmentation, liposuction or tummy tuck going to make you look good or awful? Is Botox, more facial volume, cosmetic fillers and lip injections worth the cost, do you spend more than you can afford? Find out the inside scoop on all the most popular plastic surgery procedures for women that you always wanted to know but were are afraid to ask about.

    Smile, laugh and don't frown! Keep on reading for all my anti aging advice. Why listen to ME? Because I read, research, study photographs, articles, magazines, tutorials, videos and blogs about beauty and make up all day long. Trust me, I know all the tricks and I know how to cut corners on costs. I even show occasional pictures of myself to demonstrate that I stay in shape too, and keep up with my own looks. Now I'm a world famous redhead beauty blogger and I can help you look your best.
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    Mature Beauty has the best beauty tips for women! Plastic surgery, makeup tips, natural beauty, anti ageing secrets, celebrity fashion, organic cosmetics, body contouring, facial cosmetic surgery, and everything an older woman might want to know to apply makeup, get in shape, be sexy, dress hot, look younger and stay beautiful and hot on a budget. Aging supermodels and celebrity plastic surgery gossip. Be 100% all gorgeous!