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    Suzanne Somers Somersize Diet Review. Fans of the Thigh Master unite, we shall visit all Suzanne Somers beauty products

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    Suzanne Somers sell everything from diet books to facial toners and the thigh master. Her medical views are definitely controversial, nonetheless she looks fabulous at 64 years old!

    Suzanne Somers Weight Loss Diet

    Who doesn’t remember Suzanne Somers from her role on the famous 1970’s sitcom “Three’s Company” where she played the role of the ditzy blond. Somers, now well into her sixties, has over the last decade become famous for her books espousing controversial views on medical subjects from cancer treatment to bio-identical hormone therapy. I’ll be writing some more about her cancer book and hormone regimen in follow on articles.

    In this beauty blog article, I decided to check out her SomerSizing Diet and lifestyle. Somers has branded one of these quintessential “celebrity women who have conquered their diet struggles and now tell us how they did it” diets called SomerSize. It’s perplexing to me that celebrity women who are problem dieters most of their lives, become the ones that write books telling us how to eat right. It makes me wonder if we should listen to what these people are saying at all.

    Sommers herself has penned several diet related books including Eat Great, Lose Weight and Get Skinny on Fabulous Food. Somers admits in her books that she fell-prey to fad diets and the pressure to be thin for television and acting roles when she was younger. The problem with the fad diets are that they encourage fast weight loss by reducing food intake leading to feelings of deprivation during the rapid weight loss phase of the diet followed by binging and often regaining of weight later.


    Somers seems to encourage eliminating sugars from the diet, and allowing fats which she says are good for health. There are four Somersize food groups. The first is proteins and fats. The proteins includes meat, fish, poultry and eggs. The fats include oil, butter, cream and cheese. The second Somersize food group includes low starch vegetables such as broccoli, zucchini and peppers. The third Somersize food group is called the carbos, which are non-fat dairy products, beans, bread, cereals and whole grain pastas. The fourth Somersize food group is fruits.

    Her diet approach is to lose the weight (called level one) and then maintain the weight loss (level two). At least she focuses on maintaining weight loss for the long term with the level two phase. I have to say that all of the various categories, groupings and levels that she creates are rather confusing. If a nutritionist, weight loss or health expert were to read her book I dare say they might call her ramblings gibberish and nonsense.

    Like many diets, her diet seems to place sugar as the enemy while allowing a more liberal attitude towards proteins and fats. I get a sweet tooth now and then so it would be hard for me to 100% eliminate all sweets, I’d prefer to just keep them at a minimum. I eat fats too, but if I eat anything too, too greasy it gives me a stomach ache thus I find myself naturally regulating my fat consumption because I don’t want a greasy tummy. Some experts that believe in a low fat diet, and vegetarians, might find her more relaxed position on dietary fat controversial.

    Suzanne Somers Community

    Believe it or not, Suzanne Somers is a prolific author and she has written some twenty books on everything from health and hormones, weight loss and food, anti aging, to surviving abuse and alternative cancer treatments. Her books range from $15 to $40 dollars. She sells you books, vitamins (RestoreLife brand vitamins and supplements), fitness equipment (remember the thigh master LOL) jewelry and fashion. Some of the products she endorses are a bit far fetched in my opinion, though HSN doesn’t seem to have a problem selling them to you.

    Outlandish beauty products endorsed and sold by Suzanne Somers make me question her sanity (and celebrity sanity in general)

    Her products start to go off into the twilight zone in my opinion, with her more esoteric products. There is the Lifewave patch which claims to manage pain, improve sleep, suppress your appetite, increase energy and detox you. Yeah right, sounds like a miracle patch. She also sells this thing called the FaceMaster, which is a real interesting $100.00 contraption that claims to tone and tighten all 22 face muscles. I seriously doubt that her home facial system with wired finger wands that send electric jolts to the face would work to seriously help or reverse facial aging, yet maybe it pays for the plastic surgery and plumping injections she seems to have had. Then again I haven’t tried it so I can’t say anything negative, it just looks pretty unique. She even has a branded Stevia/Splenda variant called Suzanne Somersweet which you can pay her twenty dollars for. Throw in a few anti aging, sunless tanning ointments and a branded teeth whitening kit and that completes her line of beauty products.

    I like Suzanne Somers

    I am not going to be negative about Suzanne Somers without saying what I like about this woman! What I like is that she is cute, spunky, funny and she has a mind of her own. She’s criticized but onward she goes with her books, products and television show appearances. She clearly believes in what she writes about when it comes to diet and health. Somers has an entertaining television personality. She’s funny and fun to watch. If I saw her on the Oprah show I would watch her segment with glee (and so would my mom).

    Her endorsement of the Thigh Master exercise equipment had to have been one of the first informercials ever! Heck she may have invented the infomercial medium. I never purchased one but I do clearly remember the thighmaster advertised everywhere decades ago. Now celebrities regularly sell the beauty products that they endorse through informercials and the home shopping network channels on television. She was one of the first to do it.

    Suzanne Somers is a bit of a healthie 🙂

    I don’t think Somers is an anti-aging prophet. I do think she’s rather interesting and decorative. If her book was marked down to a few dollars on sale at the Barnes and Nobles I’d buy it and take a look at what she has to say. I like reading and blogging about all this celebrity anti-aging stuff. But I would do it more out of interest and curiosity than because I was seeking real medical, diet or health advice.

    When Suzanne Somers showed her daily vitamin and hormone regiment on the Oprah Winfrey show, it confirmed my belief that she is a bonafide health nut. I think she takes some 60 pills, forty in the morning with a smoothie and 20 at night. She’s really big on bio-identical hormones. Somers says she uses estrogen, progesterone, and estriol. I hate that hormone stuff and I hate swallowing pills. I’d rather be itchy, bitchy, sleepy, sweaty, bloated and dried up than to take all those pills and hormones regularly, but hey it’s a free world.

    I personally doubt the safety of having to take all these pills as well as the all the menopause hormones, naturally derived or not. This is medical stuff. Anyone taking that many vitamins a day, natural or not, I have to wonder about the validity of their advice. This woman has a mind of her own and no matter how much she gets criticized by doctors in the medical community, she is going to get her word out. I thought it was hilarious when Samantha was in possession of her book in Sex in the City 2 the Movie. Some famous women (like Samantha) seem to feel that natural hormones are truly helping their menopause symptoms. There probably are some benefits to such therapies but I for one am not symptomatic enough to want to ever go there. Stay tuned for a follow up beauty article on the trendy bio-identical hormones.

    Suzanne Somers rejection of chemotherapy and tamoxifen

    Somers has been criticized by others for her Knockout book wherein she rejects chemotherapy and tamoxifen. There have been many medical doctors who claim she is misleading women. For one thing, Somers breast cancer was very early (stage 1) cancer with a high cure rate and so her lumpectomy with radiation was sufficient to handle its treatment. The chemotherapy and tamoxifen would have been icing on the cake to help reduce the chance of recurrence a bit more, but it was not required. Most women are given a choice depending on the stage and severity of the cancer so you can’t generalize. Somers had an early cancer and like many women with highly curable cancer she chose to in fact do the lumpectomy and radiation treatment, but she opted for the holistic route instead of chemo and tamoxifen. She’s certainly not the first woman to do that.

    For women with more aggressive staged cancer involving lymph nodes etc, they may not have that luxury. I don’t want to be negative about Somers but I read numerous reviews from medical doctors who claim she is ignorant and advise not to listen to her on any health or medical issue. That face muscle machine she sells is all I needed to start my mind wondering. I guess I’ll have to do a review and learn more about merits of face muscle machines now before I digress!

    Every person is different and needs to seek medical advice and make personal decisions in life. There’s nothing wrong with being interested in Somers choices, or the choices of women that don’t follow the main stream for that matter. I personally know of a family friend who prolonged her demise from advanced untreatable cancer for years following a stringent medically questionable holistic vitamin scheme that involved flying back and forth from Hawaii to re-supply her miracle pills. She had a will to live as long as she could for her children. Since Somers is into health, if you pay attention to what she says, some of it might be interesting to read and useful. My conclusion: When it comes to guiding important medical and health issues, never let a celebrity guide your decisions. Nevertheless, we all love a good juicy celebrity gossip session.

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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