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    In Los Angeles a tummy tuck is part of a mommy makeover, is tummy tuck & breast lift and breast augmentation too much?

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    California mommy makeovers that combine a tummy tuck plus breast lift operation are so extreme, yet some suburban moms don't regret this cosmetic surgery. Your opinion on it?

    Tummy tucks and mommy makeovers

    I recently wrote about mommy makeovers, which are tummy tucks, breast lift and augmentation surgery, and liposuction being combined into a single plastic surgery price. The average individual cost of tummy tuck prices, liposuction cost, and breast implant prices can be more than the everyday woman can afford. Plastic surgery centers are taking advantage of mom’s desires to get their bodies back after having children, and offering discount package deals and financing plastic surgery loans to women for combination cosmetic surgery operations. Women are buying into the mommy makeovers.

    I believe that having a triple cosmetic surgery is extreme, in fact it is one half of an extreme makeover since it generally involves reshaping the body but not the face. I also don’t think it is the plastic surgery junkies that are getting these operations. For the most part, its women who aren’t addicted to plastic surgery but do decide after a lot of thought to do one massive operation on themselves because they want their body back after childbirth.

    Tummy tuck as part of a mommy makeover

    The common reason for the tummy tuck is rapid weight gain then loss resulting in loose excess skin folds. In many cases these women made the mistake of gaining more than the 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. Instead they gain 70 plus pounds which wreaks havoc on their body. It leaves them with excess skin folds around their stomachs after pregnancy that can’t be eliminated through exercise. It’s true that these women probably should not have gained excess weight and yes we can say they should have known better. But honestly, hindsight is 20/20. For whatever reasons they did gain the weight and plastic surgery, though it has risks associated with it, is a way that they can get their bodies and self esteem back.

    I personally view a tummy tuck as a major operation. The incision for this surgery is normally huge (across the whole stomach) and the belly button is sometimes relocated as well. The abdominal muscles are often sutured to strengthen them back up from becoming lax and stretched out. There are normally drains placed (for weeping fluids) for several days and sometimes a pain pump to administer pain relief. Add to that the compression stalking that must be worn to prevent blood clots and generally these women are looking at staying at a plastic surgery aftercare center for at least a day or two for round the clock nursing care. After that, even a woman in her thirties will be put out of commission for some 10 days before coming back to feeling near normal again.

    Plastic surgery in your forties

    I say add a day for every year you are over forty to plastic surgery recovery time. If you can feel better after 10 days at 35 years old, then getting that same cosmetic operation at 45 years old would take some 20 days to feel better. Granted, different women are in various states of physical health. But being a woman in late forties I can definitely say with my own assurance that you can’t recover as fast from a surgery as you could a decade earlier. Our bodies just change and become less resilient from shock, no matter how good shape we are in. You might be able to look twenty years younger than you are, but mother-nature is not fooled.

    Breast lift with implants versus breast implants as part of a mommy makeover

    A tummy tuck is huge. Some women doing these mommy makeovers are adding breast augmentation surgery on top of that! Let’s distinguish that breast implants are one type of breast surgery where silicon or saline implants are placed. That surgery takes maybe an hour to two hours. But some women aren’t just getting breast aug, they are also getting a breast lift operation with the implants. Totally different operation, involves opening up the breast, removing and relocating things, even moving the entire areola up into a new location. That is a several hour operation.

    If you are getting a tummy tuck and adding just breast implants to that, that’s pretty major. But if you are getting a tummy tuck plus a breast operation that involves a breast lift, we are talking extreme plastic surgery taking close to five hours or more in the operating room. You’re talking moving belly buttons and moving nipple location, major body alteration!

    Cosmetic surgery prices lead to tempting mommy makeover package deals

    I do think mommy makeovers are extreme, especially when they involve full blown tummy tucks combined with breast lifts with augmentation and liposuction thrown in. I’d be scared to undergo such a big long operation. But women are doing it because of the pricing which is reduced by combining all the surgeries together, the ability to get plastic surgery loans to finance the operations, and their desire to get their bodies back in one fell swoop.

    I’ve read up on mommy makeovers quite a bit. The media generally bashes them saying that they send a bad message out to women that they have to be perfect and go under such extreme surgery to achieve an ideal that is smashed into their brain through the media and that it feeds unrealistic expectations to women as to how their body should look. I totally get that point, women can’t be expected to be bionic.

    In the ideal universe, women should be in really good physical condition before having children, and maintain proper diet and exercise regimes before, during and afterwards so as to never ever need a mommy makeover in the first place. They should only gain the recommended amount of weight. If they do that, their bodies are going to bounce back rather well. For some women though, it’s easy, for others, it’s easier said than done. What happens, happens, then you can’t blame them for looking to a solution after the fact.

    If you read some of these blogs and personal articles written by women who go through these surgeries, they seem to be happy with the results and so long as they make it through the surgery without any complications, the majority say they thought it was worth it. As for the plastic surgeons, they make money and are also personally seeing women’s self esteem’s literally transformed after going through it, so they keep selling the package. They know it can transform not only the woman’s body but her attitude as well, so they don’t have moral issues over it.

    I’ve shown a picture of a tummy tuck result that was part of a mommy makeover. I do think her stomach looks amazing even with the abdominal scar that you get as a result of the surgery. She had a lot of excess skin that wasn’t going to go anywhere on its own. I read some women saying how they ponder a tummy tuck for nine or ten years as they are miserable with post pregnancy skin rolls. When they finally throw in the towel and go in for the surgery they are happy they did so. Some women equate the pain of a tummy tuck to that of a c-section operation. They say, oh well I didn’t think it was worse than getting a csection and I got my body and my self esteem back!

    As for the photograph, I also think the woman’s breasts look OK with the lift. But honestly I liked her before breasts too. They looked sexy bigger and pendulous in my mind. Some women hate and despise the fact that their nipples point south after child bearing and breast feeding. That’s the main reason they get the lift is to get the nipples pointing in the right direction again. Women with large breasts wanting reductions also complain about accompanying back problems from the large breasts. Speaking of back problems some of the most common complaints women have about recovering from mommy makeovers is back pain.

    I suppose I wrote this blog article to point out that while I think getting multiple major plastic operations is scary, women are still doing it. And it’s often the suburban mom who perhaps got a little slack about her physicality through pregnancy and she really wants to get her body back closer to what it was before. I can’t say that I personally think it is a good idea, but these women seem really happy with the results. I would think that getting one thing done at a time would be more prudent (e.g. just a tummy tuck if a woman wanted it) yet who are we to judge. I can identify with women who want to get rid of excess skin, though I wouldn’t relish having a telltale abdominal scar. Just looking at the plastic surgery before and after photos of women who get tummy tuck surgery you can see plain as day that getting a tummy tuck makes a huge positive aesthetic difference in their figures.

    I make light pop culture fun of plastic surgery and things women do for beauty (never hurts to laugh and entertain), but if you’ve read this far then you would know that I also take it pretty seriously in addition to pondering different attitides and points of view.

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