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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    Should you research cosmetic surgery prices and that tummy tuck cost or liposuction body contouring surgery, or should you buy that body shaper slip or undergarment as seen on tv? You used to wear girdles to be sexy, now you wear them for four to six weeks when recuperating after plastic surgery contoured your body into a new shape. A sign of the times I guess

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    Body contouring cosmetic surgery including breast augmentation, liposuction surgery, and tummy tuck cosmetic surgery ... look, the new girdle is the post-op compression garment!

    Should you get plastic surgery or should you buy a body shaping girdle as seen on tv infomercials to look slimmer? A search for before and after plastic surgery photos versus before and after body shaper photos game me some insight into what women are more interested in!

    After the age of forty your body starts to sort of deteriorate hehe. Now, depending on a woman’s morals, ethics, finances, and motivation level to look good, she may either ignore her cellulite, work out constantly, get cosmetic surgery such as liposuction to reduce her cellulite, or she might get a girdle to hide her cellulite. She might do some combination thereof.

    I think women are most interested in the cosmetic surgery procedures to reshape their body (e.g. breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck). There are probably more girdles sold in the world every year than there are plastic surgery procedures to contour bodies, that’s true. But I think women are mentally more interested in seeing what cosmetic surgery can do to permanently fix their figure problems. Why do I come to this totally unscientific conclusion? Because I’ve noticed that you can find before and after plastic surgery photos all over the internet but good luck finding before and after photos of girdles and body shape-wear. I did the research and before and after pictures of body shaping clothes literally don’t exist. Locating such a photo requires a methodical search. Before and after plastic surgery pictures on the other hand, are a dime a dozen.

    Body Contouring

    Let me tell you a story. I recently visited a friend of mine. She is a very attractive, middle aged woman of moderate or what could be considered average weight. She is a woman that I would characterize as a natural beauty. She stays out of the sun, has pale skin, no visible makeup, long natural hair and an earthy girl sex appeal look to her. This lady is the type that would be more interested in skin creams and soothing bath and body oils than cosmetic plastic surgery. Being that she is the farthest thing from superficial you could imagine, I didn’t think she would be much into the fluffy beauty topics that I blog about here.

    Boy was I wrong. Once we started in on beauty topics, she had a hilarious yet totally reasonable complaint to lodge. She said, I want a girdle but why do they only show me the skinny girls in the girdle. All the girdles I am shopping for are showing skinny women with perfect bodies wearing them. I’m upset that all they show are women that don’t even need girdles at all. I want to see what the girdle looks like on a woman like me. I want to see what it does to her figure. Don’t they know that a body shaper on a woman with a great figure already shows me nothing at all. I have cellulite and I want to see how the body shaper holds in the cellulite. I want to know if it will make it look like I don’t have cellulite anymore. She was concerned about her body weight and wanted to get rid of her cellullite, or at the very least, hide compact squish and contain it in the body shaper garment.

    Not only was she dissillusioned by how the girdle was being marketed to her, she was skeptical that the girdle would work as a long term solution to her problem. That send us spinning off into conversations about overnight body changes, everything from eating diet wafers and caramels (remember those?) to lose weight to whether anushka cellulite cream eliminates cellulite. I think women are skeptical of a girdle that will hide fat in clothes for a night and more inquisitive about a plastic surgery that will jettison the fat out altogether, it would seem. They buy more girdles, but they are more interested in plastic surgery pictures than they are girdle pictures.

    The desire for an instant magic body shaping makeover

    Most women would jump at the chance to look instantly three sizes smaller. They want an instant tummy tuck and they want their fat to vanish into thin air. One of the biggest complaints women have about their bodies is their lower stomachs. The idea of instant gratification of the illusion of weight loss is what makes a woman want to wear a body shaping undergarment. It’s above and beyond losing weight fast. It’s losing weight instantly by donning a shaper garment.

    The way I see it there are three ways to make your body over. The first is through diet and exercise. A healthy diet and regular exercise should drastically improve any woman’s body if done consistently over time. The second is through body shaping clothes and under garments/lingerie and fashion that serves to visually slenderize a woman’s shape. The third is through body contouring cosmetic surgery including liposuction and tummy tucks.

    Where in the old days, girdles and corsets were in vogue, now it would seem like it’s the cosmetic surgery approach to body contouring that is in vogue. It used to be that women wearing sexy corsets and girdles were the ultimate in femininity. Now, they wear the girdles after they get the plastic surgery to compress and heal the new figures they just bought from their Beverly Hills or New York cosmetic surgeon. Times have changed. It’s gone from giving the illusion of a better body with alluring undergarments to actually going under the knife and changing your body altogether. I guess that’s why you can find plastic surgery before and after photos a lot easier than you can find form shaping under garment before and after photos (unless they’re the compression undergarments used for recuperating after the cosmetic surgery, those you can find). That sort of sucks!

    Body Shaper clothes versus Body Shaping surgery. Which side are you on?

    The most obvious advantage of body shaper clothing is that your figure can be transformed instantly without having to go under the plastic surgery knife. The disadvantage of body shaper under garments is that once you undress your body is exactly the way it was before. Another disadvantage is that the figure forming clothes can be itchy and suffocating particularly if worn in hot weather. Also, you can’t wear a girdle under a bathing suit. You have to have clothing on. Corsets used to be considered sexy, now they’re not so much.

    The most obvious advantage of body contouring cosmetic surgery is that your figure can be changed dramatically. The changes stick around, and are there even when your clothes aren’t. The disadvantage is that surgery costs a substantial amount of money and has a plethora of health risks and possible problems associated with it. If complications develop from liposuction, you could have lumpy or irregular indentations left in your skin. A tummy tuck leaves a tell tale unsightly permanent abdominal scar across the belly which is permanent, where as a girdle leaves no evidence except some harmless red marks from the seams gauging into you. Anesthesia and surgery risks are a big consideration as is financing plastic surgery.

    Ironically, after you get plastic surgery on your body such as liposuction cosmetic surgery or tummy tuck surgery, you actually have to wear a girdle! It’s called a compression garment and it’s used through the healing phases post surgery. Girdles are now more popular as cosmetic surgery compression garments than they are as girdles. The girdle companies are now officially on the plastic surgery bandwagon and making after surgery garments. Isn’t that funny how things work.

    Since it’s real surgery and they want to play it down, they market no downtime liposuction aka lunch time lipo-sculpture

    Because plastic surgery is ahem, plastic surgery, unscrupulous people sell you the plastic surgery by pretending it’s not plastic surgery (even though it clearly is). They call it fluffy un-surgery like names like lipo-sculpture or body contouring and offer fine tuning liposuction with minimal down time and only twilight anesthesia (not general). They try to make you feel like lunchtime liposculpture is just as simple and easy as buying a girdle. Don’t be fooled ladies, because liposuction and tummy tucks are plastic surgery and there is no sugar coating it.

    Somewhere in between body shaping lingerie and body shaping surgery lurk those new age beauty procedures that claim to vibrate the fat and melt it away with ultra super sonic energy waves. At a couple hundreds bucks per cellulite treatment, I’ll leave review of the vibrating massage/cellulite melting treatments with no surgery (like endermologie) for another blog post. By the way, BPS means before plastic surgery was invented (the age of the sexy vintage girdle and corsets), and APS means after plastic surgery was invented (the dawn of plastic surgery and the compression garment body shaper). I just invented the most useless acronyms of all time, all for the sake of some over the hill beauty humor.

    Would you rather live in a cosmetic surgery era or go back in time to the age of vintage body shaping corsets?

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    Look Younger! Learn how to look 10 years younger. Discover the key to getting plastic surgery that looks natural. Find out more about cosmetic procedures available for older women. Read my reviews of books on beauty that celebrity sex symbols author, and the beauty, health and fitness, diet and workout regimens they follow. Do they really reveal all their anti aging secrets?

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