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    Treatment for varicose veins range from laser vein treatment to schlerotherapy injections

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    Skin Vein photos really bad to just bad, Varicose Veins Picture, Spider Veins Photo, Broken Capillaries Pic. Treatment options are sclerotherapy injections or laser vein treatment.

    Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Dilated Capillaries

    Varicose veins, spider veins, and dilated capillaries can be treated with lasers such as the VersaPulse laser or schelerotherapy injections, the treatment treatment options for the veins depends on their severity. As we age and go through hormonal and weight changes including pregnancy, most women encounter problems with unsightly veins, especially on their legs. This is very unattractive and bothersome as it takes your legs from looking like the legs of a young woman, to being the legs of an old woman. Before we talk about the various means by which these veins can be treated, let’s talk about what they are. Varicose veins, spider veins (also called superficial telangiectasia) and dilated capillaries are veins that no longer take the blood back to your lungs like they used to. Instead of contributing to blood flow, these veins are pretty much functionless, and blood pools into them without going anywhere. By the time you see these unsightly things, other veins in the area have taken over circulating blood and these veins are just leftover and unsightly. The pooling of blood in these veins makes ugly unattractive pink, red, blue and green visual flaws on your legs.

    I believe the main contributing causes of varicose and spider veins is from pregnancy, weight gain and loss, sitting in the same position for hours and hours daily, hormonal changes, getting older, and a genetic predisposition for them to occur. Though some say they are painless I think they can and do cause pain, particularly a feeling of prickly throbbing pressure in places where you get them or have them. These veins have faulty valves so instead of the blood getting pumped back towards your heart the blood just sits and pools up instead. If your varicose veins are severe, causing pain and not just cosmetic, you should go to a vascular doctor because maybe there is a problem going on with your circulatory system. Men get these veins too but I see it more often and more visibly in women. They mainly occur on the thighs and lower legs but I also see them running down women’s arms and on their hands. Some women who are very slender and fit have horrible arm and hand veins. Madonna, for example, is often photographed with her masculine pulsing arm veins. The milder version of these veins, broken blood vessels, can also appear on the face, usually around the nose and cheek area of a woman’s face.

    Many women just live with the problem however there are methods of treatment for these veins that can substantially reduce them. The price to treat spider veins is usually well worth the cost. The two most common cosmetic solutions to varicose spider veins include Scelerotherapy and Versapulse laser treatments. The VersaPulse laser is known to be one of the more effective lasers for treating veins, it was made by Lumenis in Santa Clara CA. It really goes after the pink/red color of them. Recently, they stopped making the big Versapulse machine and now they make cheaper laser machines, however I have heard that the Versapulse still is the best one if you can find an office that has it. We will talk about the price of the cosmetic treatment of veins in the next two pages. Dilated Capillaries (the thin red and pink veins that are relatively mild) are best treated with the laser because they are usually so thin and fine that the needle required by sclerotherapy treatments cannot access them. The larger more color blue spider veins are best treated by sclerotherapy which involves injecting the veins with a solution to collapse them and make them disappear. Rope like severe veins that protrude can also be treated with sclerotherapy but sometimes they actually require vascular surgery. Large distended or protruding varicose veins should really be seen by a vascular surgeon or specialist.

    Whether you can get schelerotherapy or not usually depends on the width of the veins being bigger than about 2mm so that they are injectible. The more mild pinkish veins can usually be treated by laser. The more blue veins are typically treated by sclerotherapy, injecting a solution into the veins with a needle in order to collapse and shut them down from being able to pool up blood. Finally, the more severe varicose veins are usually treated by a vascular surgeon either using sclerotherapy or actual surgery where they strip or remove the veins through small surgical incisions made in the skin. In the next two articles we will talk about treating these veins with skin lasers verses sclerotherapy injections and I will give tips on how to navigate the issue of getting the veins removed both safely and cost effectively. I discuss the treatment methods for these spidery veins and what you can expect to spend in more detail. I will give you ideas about how to most cost effectively treat and reduce eliminate ugly old lady veins on your thighs, legs and even face.

    Mature Beauty Varicose Veins, Spider Veins, Broken Capillaries Treatment

    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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