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    Trimspa, are celebrity endorsed diet pills and diet supplements weight loss for idiots?

    Do diet pills really work? Some may, but they are not without health risks and side effects. A healthy diet and lifestyle changes that include consistent exercise is your safest bet for losing weight and keeping the weight off long term

    TrimSpa X32 and competing diet supplements are designed to enable easy weight loss and women have been buying into the temptation of such quick weight loss solutions for decades. Are diet pills and supplements unhealthy and tantamount to weight loss for idiots? We know that a healthy diet and exercise is what really works for the long term. Yet, beautiful celebrity women and Holllywood stars have no qualms selling you expensive weight loss systems and lend their name, images and endorsement to them as seen on tv. In this series of articles and reviews on weight loss methods, we’ll have some fun and go down memory lane visiting some of the most famous celebrity endorsed diets, meal plans, diet pills, surgeries and weight loss gimmicks.

    Dietary Supplements

    Dieting supplements are generally not the long solution for your health, hopefully most aging baby boomers know this already and don’t bother to spend their hard earned money on diet pills. Of course we want there to be an instant solution, and our need for an easy fast fix is probably the biggest reason we’ve all tried some miracle diet potion or weight loss drug at one point or another. But the bottom line is that a healthy well balanced diet combined with consistent safe exercise works best to promote natural and healthy weight loss. That being said, I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the most famous diet pills along with their spokesperson celebrities and models.

    Trim Spa, Baby!

    Quite a few models and celebs hawk diet pills, the late Anna Nicole Smith being one of them. I always thought Anna Nicole Smith was beautiful, particularly when she was younger. I remember the Trim Spa Baby! slogan. Her fame dates back to her early Playboy modeling and an original Guess Jeans ads where she looked incredibly gorgeous making her famous. Lawsuits over her elderly ex-husband’s estate added to her notoriety. Later in life she started to look older than her years as she struggled with drug addiction, weight problems, and the loss of her son in an accidental overdose. The blond bombshell look served her well in her hey-day but not so much as she got older.

    Trim Spa X32

    TrimSpa was marketed by a company called Goen Technologies. Millions of bottles of the pills were sold until the company went bankrupt a few years ago. The original TrimSpa pill contained ephedra as the active ingredient to stave off hunger but that ingredient eventually got banned for sale in the U.S. The new TrimSpa formulation, marketed as TrimSpa32 has no ephedra but does contain Hoodia gordonii as well as theobromine and caffeine.

    TrimSpa X32 ingredients

    Hoodia is a succulent native to Africa, but as far as I know, there is no concrete proof that it is effective as an appetite suppressant. The caffeine in TrimSpa X32 would be a deterrent for me. Coffee has caffeine enough and I would avoid extra caffeine as it can disrupt normal sleep patterns and make a person feel overly stimulated and jittery. The green tea and cocoa extracts it contains don’t sound quite so bad, and chromium is known to help glucose regulation. There may be some beneficial vitamins in the ingredient list such as green tea, cocoa extract, glucosamine, vanadium and glucomannan. Yet still, I don’t think the pill is worth trying. You can get the same nutrients in a well rounded diet and some are contained in standard multi-vitamins as well.

    Celebrity Endorsements of Diet Pills

    I wouldn’t let the fact that a celebrity endorses a diet pill lend much credence to the product. They are paid spokes models. But I did have quite a bit of fun looking up old diet advertisements for this series of beauty and diet articles I am writing. I’m surprised that so many of the celebrities endorse products that may (or more importantly may not) be effective.

    Some of the diet pills do seem to contain a mixture of ingredients that may help with appetite suppression, I don’t deny that. For me personally however, I would opt for eating healthy food and I would avoid taking the pills. For one thing, I wouldn’t want the extra caffeine and I don’t like to swallow pills day after day. While there may be good ingredients in such pills there also may be not so good ones. Since we aren’t doctors and federal trade commission officers, there is no way to judge. Diet supplements aren’t reviewed by the FDA in the same way that prescription medicines are. Sometimes diet pill ingredients are banned many years later.

    Some women seem to use the pills as a mental “crutch”. It would be interesting to show a study of women taking diet pills verses women taking placebo pills and being unaware of it. Maybe if a woman is taking something that she thinks will help her diet, and that she spent her money on, she’ll be more likely to benefit from it. It becomes a secondary source of diet motivation when you’re spending money on your diet. Over the counter diet pills have been around for years, and I don’t hear about women dropping dead like flies from taking them. Odds are they won’t totally kill you. Yet women should be forewarned that some diet pill ingredients act as serious stimulants and would you really want your blood pressure going up from a pill you realistically don’t need to lose weight? If you want to spend money it may be better directed at healthy yummy food and low impact exercise programs that you enjoy. I’m not a fan of diet pills and wouldn’t encourage their use as a miracle beauty tip or diet tip, but the ads that sell them to us always look sexy!

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    Diet weight loss pills and supplements can have good natural ingredients but then later some ingredients turn out to be potentially harmful so beware. A healthy diet works the best!

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