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    Trout pout lips, ugly pout, pout trout, pout lips, trout lip! Ugly trout pout mistakes …

    Lip augmentation with temporary fillers like Restylane? Don’t get carried away with overly plumped lips as it can look so fake!

    Trout Pout Lips

    Trout pout lips (also known as ugly pout, pout trout, pout lips, trout lip, ugly trout pout) are overfilled lips like a trout. Lip plumping is actually beneficial to Wrinkle lipped ex-smokers.

    Plumping lips with temporary fillers is very expensive so be sure this is what you want to spend beauty money on

    Some women are very happy with the results of getting judiciously done, periodic lip injections. Most of the fillers are non permanent and give pleasing results that last for months for a price of several hundred dollars per treatment, depending on where you live. If you are considering lip enhancement, just make sure you research the risk factors, decide what filler you want to get, go a reputable clinic, dermatologist or plastic surgeon, and don’t go too overboard with it. Restalyne and Juvederm seem to have overtaken Collagen in popularity in recent years, ostensibly because they last a bit longer than collagen. Some women still get collagen lips but most have switched over to the newer more trendy and longer lasting injectables. Which filler you choose has a lot to do with the person treating you as they may have more experience or a preference for either one or the other types of lip fillers. Certain doctors only store one type and/or they might be able to offer better pricing on one filler brand verses another. If you are considering getting lip injections be prepared to spend several hundred dollars per treatment.

    Some inadvertently women get their lips done too big and don’t know or realize it

    Women tend to become immune or blind to the growing size of their lips and can get somewhat addicted to the lip treatments once they start up with it. Lips over injected and over plumped with fillers such as collagen, juvederm, restylane and even permanent silicon can look horrible ugly and strange if you get carried away! Some call it troutpout syndrome, I call it apocolips. Yes there is some humor to this beauty musing however I should say that many women indeed are getting plumped up lips and they are paying a pretty penny for their big kiss lips. While it’s true that full lips are a sign of youth, I think the injection craze can lure women into going overboard.

    Hollywood celebrities are also not immune to this trend and the pitfalls of lip injections. In fact, hollywood celebs often get paparazzi pictures snapped of them at the most inopportune moments. One example of an inopportune moment is they get a not so flattering pic snapped immediately or soon after having had their lips injected. Of course then that image gets splashed all over the celebrity gossip rags, hollywood magazines like the National Inquirer and fug web sites and they get accused of having trout pout for ever more after that (worse things could happen). Celebrities accused of trout pouts span all age ranges. Some of the celebs often ridiculed for their overly large pouts are socialite Paris Hilton, the late actress Brittany Murphy, the original supermodel Janice Dickenson (Janice Dikenson Modeling Agency), and former soap actress Lisa Rina.

    The problem with repeated lip injections is that after an injection your lips will be swollen and looking a bit puffed up

    Immediately after getting lips enlarged, a woman’s lips are going to be swollen. Even if the lips are iced after the treatment, this swelling can last a good day or two. Doctors will often give you either an ice cube or a small frozen balloon of water to hold gently on your lips for 20-30 minutes after the treatment, but nonetheless your lips will still over swell to an extent. On top of that, the most filler product is obviously in the lips immediately after the lip injection procedure. Soon after the lip injection procedure the lips (if it is not permanent e.g. collagen, restalyne, juvederm) begins to slowly de-swell to a state where the injection material remains for a few months until it slowly starts to fade away leaving your lips deflated again. Then of course, you have to go back and get the lips retreated anew.

    When getting these treatments make sure you give yourself at least a few days before any event in which you will be photographed lest you become a trout pout “celebrity” amongst your close friends and family members. Having the needle put into your lips at an odd angle can cause a little pinch which can also lead to black and blue marks on your lips. If your lips are really fair, you could very easily get a small visible black and blue mark on them where the needle was injected.

    Some women don’t realize that the big lips are over whelming their face

    Some sort of delusional optical illusion happens to many women who get lip injections. After a while, they get accustomed to their larger lips and to them it looks really good. But to the others around them, their lips actually look freaky and fake like a trout. I’ve noticed this often. Women every where show off their plush lips but in reality they aren’t really looking more attractive with the lips at all. I am not sure what exactly it is about lip injections that make women’s self perception go so off base and even out the window. Maybe they see women like Angelina Jolie with these huge lips and so they think that it looks totally normal on them too. In reality however, having such large lips can make you look rather synthetic and not really prettier. This is particularly true with old women in their forties (40s, 50s, 60s) and older who go for this look. Their inflated lips no longer really match their facial features or face for that matter and so they just look like an older woman treated with big fat collagen lips.

    This post is funny but the beauty problem created by plumped lips is not

    Yes of course there is some humor and spectacle involved in looking at heavily plumped lips. But in all honesty this is a real beauty issue and expense for many women. I would say that if you are considering getting lip injections be sure that your lip really needs them first of all (because they are SO expensive and you have to get it redone). Next, take care that you don’t get too carried away with the treatments so as to look plastic and not prettier. If your lips are too large for your face it will throw the facial balance off and your face will look different yet not necessarily better. Temporary lip injections cost several hundred dollars every time they are treated and the results last generally from three to six months at most. If you are considering lip injections I would take your own photographs before, immediately after, and after a few months so that you can really truly see how they look on you and make a rational decision as to whether this is something you want to continue to spend money on (and how often).

    The cost of lip injections fluctuates widely depending on where you go and whether you get Restaline or Juvaderm. Most women don’t realize the importance of knowing how much product you are getting (they write it down in your medical chart so as the paying customer you should take a look at it!) verses how much they are paying. You could pay a hundred dollars or more surcharge to get the injections in Beverly Hills verses somewhere else. Remember that you have to go to a trusted doctor or dermatologist but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop the price around amongst the offices that you know of with good reputations. For ladies getting Botox sometimes it is possible to get a combined price for what you are doing and then you get an overall discount on the two things. Plus you would only have to make one trip. Just remember that these are repeat injections so if you are paying a $100 over what you need to pay, that $100 can add up to thousands of dollars over the course of just a few years! Bulging lips and Botox can lead to financial problems quickly if you are not careful.

    Trout pout to some, heaven sent full lips to others

    Some women absolutely love and adore these lip injections as the softer lips it gives them makes them look less angry, more youthful and does away with some of the wrinkles they may have in the immediate lip area. Thin lips tend to get progressively even thinner as we age and that “stern” shrew like look in the mouth that women get as they age can be really a drag. Former smokers also get cursed with pursing lip wrinkles. Lip wrinkles from smoking or long term sun damage to the skin can get rather severe to the point where if a women with these type of facial wrinkles tries to wear lipstick, the lipstick bleeds into the lip wrinkle grooves. Some women thus completely love what lip injections do for them, and they get it tastefully done. Their friends are none the wiser. Just proceed with caution because just as we look at celebrities and criticize their overly large lips, you don’t want your friends, family and co-workers to do this to you and call you superficial and narcissistic behind your back.

    Just so you know, one of every twenty five women over forty on the dating web site Match ( have plumped lips – can you even believe that (just kidding, I made that random narcicistic statistic up haha). I make light of it because I know that many everyday women, especially older women, are seeking out these treatments to restore a youthful element to their mouth area and lips. Women like to show off their lips on dating website profile pix and on facebook and myspace photos too. They want to enjoy wearing lipstick without having to worry about it bleeding into wrinkle lines around the mouth, and then they want to take a picture of it and post it to their profile. “Look at my sexy injected lips!”. “Get Lip”! Actually, instead of “Got Milk” it should be “Got Lip?” LOL! Pucker up ladies it’s a sign of the times and trendy to have plumped up lips, superficial and absurd though it is. I guess we are all victims of Angelina Jolie’s beauty, she’s causing alot of women to mimic her lips and it’s making alot of women broke and surgeons ultra rich in the process.

    Mature Beauty Trout Pout Examples

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