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    Vibrating Exercise Machines and gimmick exercise belts claim to get rid of cellulite

    Scads of women used the vibrating belt machines in the hopes that they would shrink their waistlines. But now we know (or we should know) that it takes more than a standing still shimmy and shake to get rid of your abdominal fat. Or do we?

    Vibrating Belt Exercise Machine – A cellulite remedy or another exercise gimmick?

    I first saw one of these vibrating belt exercise machines when I was very young. I remember it well, and had to do a bit of research on the web to find information on it. My folks once took me to the Rancho La Puerta Spa in the 1960’s when I was just a toddler. That was back in the days that Rancho La Puerta was affordable. Now, Rancho La Puerta is an ultra expensive health spa in Tecate Mexico offering organic food, meditation and yoga classes. I have very few childhood memories. But one very early one I have was staying at Rancho La Puerta in Mexico. Back then, they had horse riding and vibrating exercise belts both of which were very entertaining for children. I specifically remember these vibrating belt machines and watching the women jiggle on them! Don’t ask me why such a memory stuck in my mind yet it did. They were loud and they vibrating a lot, and the women were definitely using them. Maybe that recollection was saved for future use on this web site, who knows.

    Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine – vibrating your fat away

    Can you Vibrate your fat Away? Some modern day exercise gear and exercise equipment retailers seem not to have learned the lesson of the vibrating belt exercise machine. The shimmy and shake theory lives on! Whole Body Vibration, for example, is a newer exercise machine where you stand on a scale like thing with raised handle bars and the whole thing shakes and you proceed to hang on for dear life (ergo, you’re getting exercise balancing on it). Ha! If vibration makes you lose weight, why aren’t all truck drivers and off roader’s skinny via bouncing and vibrating in their vehicles? Puhleeze.

    At least they claim it’s the flexing and tensing of muscles to avoid falling is what gives you the workout instead of flat out claiming that vibrating your body is a miracle. The whole Body Machine vibrates 10 to 30 times per second with a number of different programs each designed to do different things. You can vibrate at 18 times a second to remove cellulite and 20 times a second to lose overall body fat. Are they really serious? I personally don’t think this machine will make you beautiful. Maybe it will increase your bone density somehow. Who knows, maybe Russian Olympians use vibrating belts. Maybe senior people that can stand but for whatever reason can’t walk, would benefit?

    Cellulite Vibration – will it make your unsightly cellulite dimples disappear?

    The Vibration Plate is another exercise machine that supposedly complements cellulite and endermologie treatments. The company claims that by standing on the vibration plate and balancing while it jiggles you thereby offering a solution for cellulite, antiageing, osteoporosis and fat-burning. They claim that 3 to 10 minutes on the vibration plates three times a week is shown to cause a fat burning effect, which increases fat and cellulite loss. Get this … you’ll improve collagen production within 90 seconds of using this machine. God why am I doing this web site I literally can’t believe the overrated anti ageing claims bordering on scams I am reading and reporting on (actually I can believe it).

    Should you Buy a Vibration Plate Exercise Machine? It may not treat your fat or cellulite effectively but you’ll have alot of good fun trying

    I don’t think one of these vibrating exercise machines will make you younger. I think that you can walk and do regular forms of exercise just fine. If you happen to be a zillionaire and can afford one of these body vibrators, it may be a lot of fun. I can imagine it feels kind of good to vibrate yourself. It’s like a reverse jacuzzi. Instead of receiving the jet, you become the jet. I would imagine that when you had friends over to visit, this would be the first machine that they would want to try. It could be a lot of fun (if you were rich). If I was in a mansion that had a pinball machine and a vibrating belt machine, I’d probably want to try the vibrating belt machine over playing pinball. I personally don’t believe that a vibrating exercise machine will oxygenate the body, clear lymph glands, and stimulates growth hormones. I do believe however that it stimulates serotonin. Isn’t serotonin the so-called “happy hormone”? You’d get real happy cause these vibrating machines are pretty hysterical (at least until you’ve been suckered into buying one of these sucker belts with your retirement money).

    Whole Body Vibration Exercise

    From vibrating belt exercise machines to whole body vibration. These exercise machines are no fountain of youth however they do look very entertaining.

    3 Responses to “Vibrating Exercise Machines and gimmick exercise belts claim to get rid of cellulite”

    • One way to keep your skin from wrinkling is to keep it hydrated from within. Drinking plenty of water really does help your skin become healthier and less susceptible to wrinkles. Eight to ten glasses of water per day might sound like quite a bit but our bodies really need that much water to stay healthy inside and out.

    • Ken Merz says:

      I agree, the “exercise shimmy belt” does not help to reduce or remove cellulite and wrinkles.
      However, I have used an “exercise shimmy belt” for years, only as an excellent “massage belt.” It works great to massage overused, sore muscles, especially in the neck, back and legs. It also helps to stimulate the healing blood flow to the overused muscles. It’s not quite as good as a massage from a professional masseuse but it does help a great deal and costs about as much as one or two professional massages and it’s always there when you need it. As in a professional massage, you should drink plenty of water after extended use.
      I believe the demise of the “exercise shimmy belt” was caused by the companies advertising the “wrong” proposed use of the product which never worked to remove cellulite and wrinkles as advertised. I believe that caused it to fade away as just another goofy gimmick to remove cellulite and wrinkles, never to be really advertised or promoted as an effective “massage belt” to be used to help relieve muscle pain and to promote faster healing of overused, sore muscles in the body.
      Maybe, if enough people read this response and believe a “massage belt” could help them, there could be a comeback for this simple, effective, electric, not electronic “massage belt.”

    • admin says:

      I agree! They should advertise this for massage as well. As you say, these things make great body massagers and are fun. My kids would hog this. When I was younger I remember playing with one of these machines and loving it. It was in a health spa that my mother attended in Mexico and they had the shimmy belts. We used to play on them and they were fun!

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