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    Celebrity fashion and Meryl Streep’s necklace in It’s Complicated is a moonstone pendant worn by a naturally beautiful actress

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    Meryl Streeps necklace from It's Complicated, Jessica Simpson, Paula Abdul, Susan Sarandon, Nicole Kidman show us some Jewelry Do's and Don'ts. Forget Dynasty, Go Natural!

    Jewelry, Style and Fashion Tips

    Celebrity jewelry is really not my thing, yet there are some jewelry pieces that I do think look sexy and hot on older women. Long chained necklaces are one type of jewelry that I like, I’ve seen this look worn often by models and celebrities, and it’s an inexpensive easy to copy, versatile fashion accessory. Basically, I like it because it accentuates a MILF-ish cleavage while drawing attention away from an aging neck (because it’s a longer necklace). I’ve actually gotten several email requests asking about the long chained necklace that Meryl Streep wore in the movie It’s Complicated. Meryl Streep’s large, purple-iridescent stone necklace looks like opal, mother-of-pearl, or rainbow moonstone. I don’t know who the exact designer is that made the blue purple pendant necklace, but I do know that I the basic look. Meryl Streep’s outfits in the movie, from her blouse to her purse she carried, to her moonstone necklace, were pretty.

    Women were especially interested in the necklace Streep wore in the movie. Yes the stone pendant was pretty but it’s not just the stone that makes the necklace look good. There are several things about that necklace that make it attractive on an older woman. The good news is that a similar clone or dupe necklace can be very easily found at just about any department store accessory counter or jewelry store. It’s not expensive at all to get a similar look. Let’s go over what makes a necklace look sexy on an older lady, and why that necklace she wore in the movie is such a good one.

    Jewelry for women: Diamonds and gold jewelry are not necessarily going to make you look younger

    This is generalizing, but I really don’t like heavy gold, diamonds, pearls, and jewels on older women. To me, they look old lady like. It’s almost as though the woman is flaunting her money rather than her beauty, and I find that to be aging. Expensive jewelry reminds me of the dripping glittering jewels in that television show Dynasty that Linda Evans and Joan Collins used to wear and I am not a fan of it. The pendant necklace on Streep was nothing like that. It just looked like a cool piece worn by a naturally pretty woman. I like the natural aspect to it, and I think that is why she looks so sexy. That’s why women want to know where she got it. It’s different. Remember that essence of natural beauty – it’s sexy but it leaves the impression that you aren’t trying that hard. That’s the essence of what you want even in something like a necklace you wear.

    Flattering necklace or jewelry tip what to shop for: Long Chain Necklace

    The simpler you keep the jewelry, the better. You don’t want it matching poorly with your apparel or other jewelry such as a wedding ring. As for the chain length, I think choker length necklaces and short necklaces look unflattering on older women. It’s generalizing, but that’s my opinion. Older women have gobble necks, loose skin, and they develop wrinkles around the neck itself. Having a short necklace up at the neck just draws attention to an area of the face that shows one’s age. Normally, I like clothes and apparel to draw attention up towards the eyes, which gives a free face lift effect. But in the case of jewelry, I don’t think so. I think the necklace should attract attention to a nice cleavage. It detracts from the aging neck, and attracts to the décolleté. With a nice up lifting or padded bra, this is a good thing. It’s mature, and it’s subtly sexy.

    I also like a slightly thicker chain. The neck and chest of an older woman tends to develop freckles, age marks, brown spots, and wrinkles. If you place a tiny delicate chain on that, all you are really going to be doing is showcasing the wrinkles and liver spots around the chain. That is why a slightly heavier chain looks best. That tiny bit of chain bulk manages to stand out on the skin a little more and so the eye gets attracted to the bigger thing (the chain and the cleavage) as opposed to little skin flaws hanging around the neck line and chest area. Don’t go too thick, but I would say avoid very dainty little chains. If it’s between wearing a dainty chain or just a bare neckline, I choose a bare neckline.

    Flattering necklace or jewelry tip what to shop for: Unique Stone Necklace

    Rainbow moonstone is a white feldspar with gorgeous flashes of color in iridescent blues, purples and pinks. It’s said to be a stone for lovers, and that it enhances love and empathy. It was named after the moon since the stones have a glowing full moon color. While the iridescent moonstones are dazzling, any piece that has unique character will give a similar effect. The pendant could be made of just pure silver and still look awesome.

    I would avoid necklaces that have big beads, objects, or excessive thickness that extends all the way around the chain. You don’t want to look weighed down by the chain. I despise overly bulky necklaces on an older lady because they weigh down the woman and overtake her looks. If it’s too overwhelming, the jewelry is wearing you. You need to wear the jewelry. So while you don’t want to go too dainty on the chain, you also don’t want to go too bulky. Thick, chunky beaded necklaces with multiple chains of beads are an example of something too overwhelming and bulky. I would avoid that look. Super huge beads or chandelier type styles are also not attractive. My anti-aging fashion tip is to go for jewelry that looks clean, modern, unique, not too thin, yet not too ostentatious either.

    You might find a unique pendant with gemstones too, such as amethyst, garnet, topaz, coral, jade or even turquoise. The only problem with the colored gemstones or birth stones in necklace’s, is that they give an opportunity to clash jewelry with your clothes, which is a big faux pas. Colored gemstone necklace that clashes color with your clothing, accessories, purse, or outfit is a big fashion no-no. That’s why I do like the moonstone (it has color hues yet it’s not a bright color like red) or even plain silver is good, because there is less opportunity to mismatch yourself if the necklace is neutral. It’s easier if it looks good and coordinates well with anything you are wearing. If you have a gold wedding ring, you may want to go for a gold chain to match, like the one shown on Paula Abdul. If you were lucky enough to get a white gold or platinum (or be married at all for that matter) band then definitely go with a silver necklace.

    Look for a cool and different modern design, irregular shape, texture and/or hand crafting that will naturally attract the eye. I think beautiful silver jewelry looks very youthful on an older person, and combined with unique stones or design work, the silver has an expensive yet at the same time modern and clean look to it. Unique silver and stones are anti-aging jewelry for sure. It looks expensive, but at the same time, it does not have any old lady connotation to it.

    I hope you enjoyed my fashion tips for jewelry that looks sexy and age defying. Stay away from necklaces that are clunky, chunky and heavy all the way around the chain (like jumbo beads, pearls or busy chandeliers). Pick a heavier weight chain since very dainty thin chains accentuate aging skin, age spots and wrinkles. Avoid chokers which only serve to highlight neck wrinkles. Choose chains that hang down to about the center of the cleavage to take advantage of your assets. Pendants are good as long as they are unique with a cool accent, shape, or neutral stone detail to them. Colors should be neutral and easy to coordinate with most outfits for versatility.

    Pearls, diamonds, and gold encrusted jewelry generally make you look older, like you are sporting your money and wealth around, not your natural beauty. That’s my jewelry advice. I base it on having looked at tons of old ladies necklines and décolleté in different style and length necklaces. This beauty advice should help you choose jewelry that will have an anti-aging effect. At the very least, next time you buy jewelry you might pay closer attention not just to the jewelry, but to how old it makes you look. Have fun with it!

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