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    Womens swimsuits – Swimsuit ideas for women from Malibu Strings bikinis online

    Malibu Strings Womens swimsuit buying tips and style ideas gleaned from sexy Malibu Strings swimwear. Look sexy over 40!

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    Women's swimwear ideas from Malibu Strings bikini swimwear. After 40 we may not be able to pull of a Malibu Strings bikini LOL, but there are still ideas to be learned. Contrasting string ties and interesting dazzling materials look sexy and up to date. Forget the loud tacky hawaiian print and all black behemeth swimsuit. Apply these micro bikini ideas to your swimsuit buying excursion. The only caveat is that you'll need to look for swimsuits that are fashionable yet still give you alot more coverage!

    Malibu Strings

    Even as a younger woman I could never quite pull off the full on micro bikini with barely there coverage. Few women can. Even the girls who are at the appropriate age bracket to be wearing skimpy bikinis would have a hard time fitting their figure into these micro mini bikinis. You have to have to perfect body to pull it off. Since none of us do especially after 40, should we just give up on the bikini forever? No WAY! Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, Nicollete Sheridan, Denise Richards, and other sexy over forty women haven’t given up on it. Granted they may not be wearing the Malibu Strings, but they still look hot. So how do they do it? They find sexy bikinis with a little bit more coverage. The same hot details, but more forgiving to the figure. They also stay in great shape by exercising regularly. Here are a few swimsuit buying pointers to apply when you go shopping for swimsuits this season.

    Surf the web and check out plenty of swimsuits online at the online swimsuit stores

    Usually if you have a good idea of a style you think would look great on you, it’s a start. Not only should you trust your instinct, you should minimize your swimsuit trying on torture by isolating down to what you want. In terms of style and potential colors, pick out the ones you like and stick to your guns. Nothing is more depressing than trying on a bunch of unflattering swimsuits and having to look at your saggy bottom and other perceived body flaws in dismay in the poorly lit dressing room. For this reason alone, you should have a good solid idea of what you are looking for and you should spend the time figuring this out by surfing the web for swimsuit styles. It is so much easier, you don’t have to try anything on all you have to do is look at styles and click the buttons. Painless.

    Eliminate loud patterns and Juvenile prints

    Loud patterns and prints should be avoided as they tend to be obnoxious and the exact opposite of slenderizing. A twenty something women like the one shown at top left might be able to wear an army or leopard print, but assume you probably can’t. It is just going to look juvenile and dumb. A very subtle print could work but it would have to be very subdued. Instead of the prints go for texture or detail to the swim suit.

    At left in the picture you see the Malibu Strings 2 piece bikini suit. The thing that makes this suit really pop are the pink string ties that contrast with the suit. At right would be a more mature knock off of this idea. The purple solid color is going to be substantially more flattering as will the one piece style. But the black contrasting ties at the cleavage looks totally hot. I love it. It is hard to see in the photograph but she also has a lighter color lavender scarf as a cover up to the suit. A suit in a solid color coupled with a sarong or scarf swimsuit cover up in the same color but a different shade, always looks figure flattering and sexy. The purple suit with the black sexy ties and light lavender scarf is a win-win-win.

    Always go for More Coverage

    More skin coverage is going to help cover the figure flaws. As a woman over forty there is literally no way you can get away with such a skimpy suit as the thong one piece string bikini shown at center. There is no way. Likewise, the form fitting boy short with the low waist will be a figure challenge. If you are tall with narrow hips and slender you might be able to wear a boy short but more than likely it would have to be in color such as black and involve more material in the short. This short is too skimpy.

    At right are some styles that are similar to the Malibu Strings gold micro sheer bikini but that give a woman more coverage. The one piece gold swimsuit made famous by Cindy Crawford is shown at the right. A one piece in a dazzling color can look very hot on a mature women. You can’t go wrong with a classic. If you are plus sized, I would avoid an all black one piece suit with a high neck. I’ve looked at so many swimsuit photos for plus sized women and the all solid black ones don’t look good. They are too stark and with a larger figure there is too much black and the women looked like beached whales. Try for a navy blue or jewel tone, or black with a lower neckline since at least the black expanse gets broken up with some skin. You need something to break up the black when it is a one piece. That gold color looks hot! At bottom is a gold bikini that looks awesome too. It has more coverage on the top and a scoop bottom. It is very sexy and could work on someone older far better then the teensy Malibu one at left of it.

    Mix and match a sexy top with a bottom that provides coverage

    On the inset is a sexier gold halter top for the more daring woman. You can see it has a plunging neckline but it also has ample material for a large breasted woman. And the halter top is going to give way more support than the teensy Malibu Strings triangle top. A really good trick for older woman is to get a super sexy top and then pair it with a bottom from a different suit that gives more coverage to the buttocks.

    Mixing and matching is great for older women looking to buy swimsuits. As we get older we have so many figure issues that it is highly unlikely we will find one bikini that looks good on us. Sometimes if you shop for bikinis with a top, then a bottom in mind you can do much better for your shape. You need a bottom that gives ample coverage to your derriere on the one hand. You want a top to look sexy and in style on the other. By mixing and matching you can often look sexy. You get a more sexy swimsuit for the top. Then the bottom will probably be too skimpy so you just don’t use it and buy another suit for a bottom that looks good. A plain black bikini bottom always works nicely and you could couple that with a gold or dazzling blue top. That draws attention to the top and away from the bottom which gives you a free figure lift. If you have problem chest then do the opposite. Shop for a dazzling bottom and pair it with a more conservative top.

    You’ll find that if you are willing to buy two swimsuits and mix and match, your job is going to be easier. It might cost a little more but this is worth it because you maximize your potential on the top and bottom. What you don’t want is to buy a 2 piece that has a top that looks good with only mediocre bottoms. Don’t. Make sure both the top and the bottom help your figure maximize its potential. You’ll be happier when wearing the swimsuit and it will be definitely worth it. Swimsuits can last a few seasons so it is definitely worth buying what looks best on you.

    Shop the more mature Brands to save yourself the Trauma

    You don’t want to go into trauma when trying on swimsuits. This is the time when women look in the dressing room mirror and feel old and ugly. Don’t go into shock One thing that leads to disaster is when you try on the skimpy sporty brands and your figure just can’t look good in it. Stay out of the teen brand swimsuits and the ones with flimsy material. The majority of the time such flimsy suits are not going to provide the support and coverage that you need. I love Victoria’s Secrets and Venus and MalibuStrings Swimwear, but as an older woman I won’t look good in it. I just use it for ideas. When it comes to buying and trying on, I need something more substantial.

    Try on the better brands with coverage and support and don’t waste your energy on skimpy micro bikinis that won’t give you proper coverage. Trust me, you‘ll save time and your ego too

    Believe it or not the department stores like Nordstroms or Macys can be a good place for mature women to shop for suits. They carry the more supportive brands such as the classic Gotex and others. I would not buy a swimsuit online unless you are already a fan of the brand since it is such a headache to return. For a replacement or different style in a line you already love, online swimshops can work. So what you will want to do is take what you learned from surfing swimsuit ideas online and apply it to the suits when you shop. Be specific about what style you are after and when trying on, go for the more luxurious brands that have good support and coverage. It is worth the extra expense to keep your ego in tact. Swimsuit buying is a tender time for most women when they feel totally exposed. If you follow these tips you should survive the swimsuit season much easier. Don’t forget the idea of getting a swimsuit cover up scarf or sarong. The purple swimsuit coupled with lavender sarong gets it right. Try for a solid color in a shade complimentary to your swimsuit. It is going to slenderize you the most, not to mention cover your rump! Good luck and thanks to Malibu Strings for giving us some swimsuit fashion ideas. Maybe we can’t wear them but we can adapt the cool style ideas to age appropriate selections when we go out to swimsuit shop.

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