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    November, 2009 Archives

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    Demi Moore appeared on the cover of the fashion magazine W recently.  I marveled at how amazing she looks for her age.  She is one gorgeous woman for sure.  She truly looks incredible.  But should we expect ourselves to really by able to look like Demi does on this cover of W?  Celebrities will be the first to admit that pretty as they are, they get a little help from Photoshop to look model perfect.  Wrinkles and flaws are taken out of the photos with a few judicious click of the computer mouse, making a beautiful celebrity that much more beautiful.  I can’t say for sure, but I think Demi got some heavy Photoshop work to look even more incredible than she already looks (if that is possible) on this cover.  All magazines photo shop their models and fashion shoots.  That gives the pictures that gloss perfect look, along with the amazing professional styling and photography.

    Real Women can’t be Glamour Magazine Perfect

    On the right (see photo below) I photo shopped a photo of me a little bit, for fun.  I smoothed out my face surface and made myself look a little perfect.  Like the picture of Demi though, the photo shop effect turns me into somewhat of a porcelain face.   Almost too perfect!  The point is that no one should expect to look as perfect as the magazines make the models look.  I think we all understand that there is a lot of processing that goes on to make those glossy photos.  First you need the beautiful woman, then the makeup, stylist, lighting, photography, and finally post processing of the images.  I wonder how many photographs were taken of Demi for this shot, but if I had to guess it would be several hundred.

    I love Demi Moore’s hair and the sexy bronze top she is wearing

    What I like about Demi’s picture is her curly hair with body, her slightly tan skin with a plain makeup look, and the plain colored bronze dress with the cool detailing.  As I said before I am an official convert to solid color clothes with unique detailing to them.  After looking at zillions of photographs I really like neutral color clothes in colors ranging from beige to tan to brown to gray.  You will see I am dressed in bright loud clothes in many of my pictures on my blog to illustrate my fashion don’ts, but you will get to see less of those as my posts go on.  

    What happened to the curvy Charlie’s Angel Demi?

    What I don’t like about the cover of Demi is that she really is photoshopped into oblivion and almost looks to the point of being a bit mannequin like.  What I also don’t like is that she is so thin!  So incredibly slim!  I actually don’t like how slender she looks in this picture.  It’s high fashion but almost bordering on a little bit too little girl like – she needs her Charlie’s Angel’s sexy curves back.  I like her more curvy.  I’ve already forgotten what the inside photo spread looks like however whatever she is wearing looks sort of funky from the waist down.  Is it a scarf and a leotard or what?  I’m just wondering.  The top part of her outfit looks pretty amazing.  I love the colors the most.  Her hair looks good curly as it as always been silky straight whenever I’ve seen her.


    There is no doubt that Demi is gorgeous but don’t get discouraged because in this photograph at least, it looks like she has had some help from image processing.  She is definitely one of the prettiest older women around.  I like the way she retains her youthful fashion style.  She probably has unlimited financial resources to help her look so fabulous but she must put a ton of work into staying fabulous as well.  It shows.  It’s great that she was featured on the cover as she does look incredible.  There was an interview inside the magazine too that I also read where she talked about her current projects. It’s a shame we all can’t look like our photo shopped selves in real life and in every picture. However, I would think that models and celebrities could get stressed out trying to live up to their magazine images.  I’ve heard celebrities make comments about themselves – I really don’t look like that in real life it’s a magazine!  Being famous could get kind of stressful as you would constantly have to live up to a larger than life image of yourself.  


    If I am learning something myself from my own blog, then technically I should age in reverse haha because with every picture posted I learn something new and want to make a change or correction for the next post.  I am certain that celebrities learn how to look their best because they get practice at being photographed so much.  Yes of course they have professional stylists but they certainly learn how to look good from their experiences. The more photographs you take it seems like the more you figure things out and therefore I recommend taking lots of cell phone pictures to check out your different looks.  It will help you look better to check out the photographs.


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    Demi Moore, W magazine, celebrity beauty

    Demi Moore looks gorgeous on the cover of W magazine. She looks incredible but no doubt had some help with PhotoShop. She is almost too perfect!

    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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