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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    hair color ideas, hair color pictures, hair color tips, hair dye colors, home hair dye, auburn hair color, strawberry blond hair

    Mature beauty tips and tricks for selecting hair color for at home hair dyeing. This is a photograph of strawberry blonde which looks like auburn once applied. Shades look darker on.

    Home hair color has never been easier. Be gorgeous & cut costs in this tight economy by becoming your own hair at home color expert. Mature beauty advice that makes you beautiful!

    Three home hair color tips

    In this article I give three simple beauty tips for successful at home hair color. Women can spend hundreds of dollars a month on the price of beauty salon haircuts and salon hair coloring procedures. A huge amount of money can be saved by cost cutting on hair color, yet doing hair color at home is truly risky business. I will let you in on a mature beauty secret though – hair color at home is easier than ever. If you experiment and learn what to do, you can save a ton of money on hair coloring and salon expense. In this beauty blog article I am going to give three very simple beauty tips for at home hair color “newbies”.

    Mature beauty at home hair color tip #1: Choose the lighter color

    I’ve had my hair platinum blonde, jet black, and every color in between. I’ve played around with hair color quite a bit. One thing I definitely notice is that the color on the drugstore hair color box tends to look darker once apllied all over your actual head of hair. Granted they do show the before and after hair color on every color box. If your hair is blonde, the resultant color will be this, etc. Usually on a drug store hair color box (most brands from Revlon to Loreal to Herbal Essenses hair color) they will show three different beginning shades and what to expect your hair color to look like if you use that hair dye on it. But what I am saying is the result color (the after picture) looks a lot darker on your actual hair than on the little patch photo on the box, probably because there is a whole lot more of it on your actual head. As a rule of thumb, the hair color will look darker on your head than it does on the box.

    So what does this mean to you. For me, it means that I will always err on the lighter side of the color that I want. Because I know that the color will look darker on my hair. For example, to get a nice auburn color I would never choose the darker auburns as they look really dark once on the hair. Instead I pick a deep strawberry blonde. I go to the lighter side of the spectrum because I have learned that the color looks darker when on the head. Besides which, you never want to go too dark. Even with non permanent color, a too dark color stays stuck in your hair like glue for a few months! They look yucky during the period of time where you are waiting for the color to finally fade away. It is very hard to reverse a too dark hair and that is a common at home hair color disaster. So err on the side of caution and always go with a hair color on the lighter side of the spectrum you are interested in.

    Mature beauty at home hair color tip #2: Try non-permanent hair color first

    The hardest thing to do with color is lighten your hair up substantially or darken it down substantially. The easiest thing to do with color on your own is to add something with hue and vibrancy that is not too too far from your actual shade. But each women has different porous-ness to their hair and color will take to their hair in a unique way. This is why it is always best to experiment for a while with non permanent colors. These are safe to put on your hair and fade within a few months away completely. The easiest way to get a good result is to add a color that has a strong vibrant hue and tone to it like golden light brown, a medium brown shade, or light auburn. If you experiment first with non permenent colors you are going to get a good lesson on what types of shades look good on your hair. This makes it so much easier to pick a permanent hair color.

    Once you do pick a permanent hair color, make sure to try a test streak on your hair and see what the color looks like before you dye your entire head with the permanent hair color. Remember, that one test streak usually looks a lot lighter than what it will look like if your whole entire hair is covered. This is why non permanent experimentation is so good. You see what the colors look like on your entire head with makeup and clothes before having to commit to a certain color. Non permanent hair color is definitely the way to learn about hair color. Once you find a non permanent color you love, you can look for a close match in a permanent dye and if you test streak it first to confirm, you’ve found your perfect color.

    Mature beauty at home hair color tip #3: Choose medium tones rich in color

    The universal best tones for women are: golden blonde, golden brown, strawberry blonde and light auburn. These colors are in the mid range of color. Pick ones that have really good vibrancy and hue because this is going to bring your whole color to dazzling and will compliment your mature skin.

    Colors like platinum, ash blonde, ash brown, dishwater blonde, and shades of lighter to medium blonde are extremely tricky to get right. I’ve tried these shades of dye many a time and they tend to look muddy and awful on the hair. They just don’t have the right color depth and vibrancy. These colors are very hard to get right. If a woman has dirty blond hair, putting a dirty blond hair color in won’t help her look better in my opinion. This type of women would be better off getting a weave of blond highlights (either at a salon or learning how to do hair streaks at home), or going to a multi-tonal color with some darker golden hues. I despise ash blondes and the various lighter blond drug store dye colors.

    Colors like chocolate brown or mahogany or black are really tricky too. If you are a woman with luscious dark hair, but you want to add vibrancy or cover gray, try non permanent shades first to see which shade brings out the shine of your hair. Only when you know what type of non-permanent color works would I put a dark color on dark hair. Remember that dark hair dyes tend to look incredibly dark and almost harsh. They can add brilliancy to already dark hair but I would be wary of dying light hair to dark with permanent dye. For one thing, if you hate the color it is almost impossible to strip it out without doing some damage to your hair. Try a non permanent dark color first and you will see exactly what I mean. Even a temporary dark color will stick in your hair for months. If you have light hair and want to go dark ala Megan Fox, do it with non permanent color to make sure you really want to go there. You may look more like Elvira than Megan Fox (OK I won’t say I told you so).

    Metallic and fake looking colors like brassy bright orange, pinks, and maroons are not recommended for hair colors for mature women. I would avoid synthetic colors. Purple highlights are ugly and unnatural looking. If you have blonde hair I would avoid trendy hair colors like pink streaks as they look unattractive on mature ladies. If you have dark brown or black hair I would keep it that way and go for gloss, sheen, and gray coverage. Think Kardashian girls. I remember seeing Kim Kardashian’s hair lightened at one point and I thought it looked awful. She went back to her silky dark color quite quickly presumably because her stylist realized her silky dark natural hair color was prettier on her. Dark hair is exotic and gorgeous, even more so when it is glossy and silky.

    Is at home hair color for you?

    It used to be that salon products used much higher quality ingredients that do a better job of coloring, conditioning, cleansing and moisturizing your hair. But drugstore products, especially hair colors, are getting better all the time and home hair coloring with brands like Revlon and Color Spa can really deliver results. Brands such as revlon, feria, wella and goldwell are all good enough it’s more a matter of picking the right shade of color than the brand. The only type of color that I do not recommend is henna as henna colors tend to be dark and drab. I know from personal experience that it is hard to get rid of henna hair tint once applied to hair.

    Make sure to err on the lighter side of any color range you are looking at, try non permanents first and if doing permanent try a test streak prior, and pick central color hues in rich deep gold, light auburn, and light to medium browns. Off all the possible home hair colors to choose from, mid range permanent colors (not too blond or black) with luscious vibrant hues are going to compliment your skin the most and these colors are the easiest to get right at home for a broad range of mature women’s skin types and complexions.

    You can save a ton of cash over time by learning to color your hair at home. A box of permanent or non permanent hair dye ranges from about five to ten dollars as compared to fifty dollars and sometimes much more (depending on what city you live in) to get it colored in a salon. If you add up that saving over time you would be amazed how much cash you can stash. Dyeing your hair at home is a big time budget friendly beauty money saver.

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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