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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    Five easy workouts for women. No excuses because these plans are quick, cheap and easy!

    It’s time to get into swimsuit shape as summer is rounding the corner. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Every mature woman’s nightmare is the dawn of summer and the daunting beauty task of putting our Richard Simmons “sweating to the oldies” figures into swimsuits, sundresses and shorts. The hot weather means skin is exposed and showing. All your flaws from hairiness to blue veins to fat rolls to cellulite are about to be unveiled to the world. The mere thought should terrify you into working out yet Q. from whence shall the motivation to exercise come? A. Your motivation should evolve slowly from doing just a little tiny bit of exercise to start with. Start small and get your exercise routine snowball rolling. In this beauty post I will give ideas for five extremely easy startup workout ideas. These are quick and easy exercise ideas that can help you ease into summer. Start with ideas like these and then work your way up to more later on.

    1. Sit on a Life Cycle bicycle machine, or get on that Stair Climber or Treadmill at the gym for 10-20 minutes at low intensity. Do it while reading a book or flipping through a magazine

    Many women get the misconceived notion that because it is more an effective workout to do both the cardio machines and the resistance training in a single workout, then that is what they need to do. I personally disagree. The reason I disagree is that I believe that hard, long workouts take too much energy and motivation. The minute there is an excuse not to do this effective workout, you opt out for the mere reason of laziness. If you’re not doing it then clearly it’s not going to be effective. Many women think that if they take the trouble to get dressed in workout clothes and get to the gym then they should do a long and effective workout. Yet these very same women can be the ones that don’t make it to the gym often enough and consistently enough over the years. Why (Because their workout involves a lot of physical and mental output).

    On the other hand, if a workout is easy, I believe you’re more likely to do it. When I feel lazy about working out (which is often) I will just do a cardio machine at a low intensity level at the gym. You can start with a few minutes and a low difficulty setting. I typically read a book, watch the overhead television, or text message with a friend. I can sit on a bike, reading a book for an hour, barely break a sweet, and burn a few hundred calories. Now that’s an enjoyable workout. Even if you get on for just 10 or 20 minutes, it’s better than sitting at home. Mix these lazy workouts into your routine and if you aren’t feeling up to much, go easy. I promise you’ll be much more likely to return to the gym regularly if your workout is a mellow cinch.

    2. Go for a quick and easy walk in your neighborhood with the company of a friend, pet or an Ipod music player

    Walking is great yet many people can’t even motivate to do that. Sometimes, walking a pet or with a friend can help. Listening to music is great too. Just head out the door in athletic shoes and walk a few blocks and back. You’d be surprised at how much better and less stressed out you will be after even a quick walk. I’ve read countless health and longevity studies that even moderate walking for a few minutes is beneficial to your health.

    3. Do a 10 Minute home workout video

    Having been pregnant four times, not including having had numerous miscarriages from fertility efforts, and having to try and get back into shape from them, I know a little bit more than you’d think about how to get back in shape. When I was cooped up in my home and not even able to leave the house due to motherhood I got really into workout tapes. This all started because I had a girlfriend with a little baby and she was in fantastic shape. I asked her what she did and she said she did a workout tape every night before going to bed. I thought it was a great idea and when strapped at home with babies I started trying workout tapes and workout DVD’s. I tried all kinds including, resistance training, step aerobics, hip hop dance, Flirty Girl fitness type tapes, Carmen Electra, supermodel tapes, yoga, you name it I tried it. I have a whole storage tub of home fitness workout tapes.

    I burned out really quickly on strenuous home aerobics workout tapes. I was too lazy to go for 45 minutes, even if I was looking at Cindy Crawford, Elle McPherson, or Claudia Schiffer. One tip I have is that the really short workout tapes work best. I really like the 8 Minute Abs, 8 Minute Legs, etc type tapes. Any home workout tape or exercise DVD that is ten minutes or less was way more likely to be used by me than the others. I also liked the ones geared actually more towards resistance training such as the ones where you hold the little hand held weights. If you are looking to get into at home workout DVD’s, my tip is to buy really short tapes 8 to 10 minutes long that focus on a single area of the body. Try 8 minutes of Abs one day, 8 minutes of Squats the next, 8 minutes of Legs after that. Workout tapes that tone your body and focus on resistance training are easier to get through than the ones that force you to jump around and jar yourself.

    If you buy workout tapes online or through mail order, I suggest the shorter the better because it is easier to motivate to do a quickie workout tape than to set aside more time. I also despise all the talking and blabbing and text titles that goes on in the longer home workout DVD’s. The short workouts don’t waste any time and get right down to business with no fast forwarding required. The shorter the home workout DVD the better is my inside tip.

    4. Follow the stretches in a Yoga Stretch Deck

    If turning on the T.V. is too much of a hassle, try one of those stretching books. You can find books of simple stretches at the local Barnes and Nobles. A good one to check out is the Stretch Deck of 50 Stretches by Olivia Miller which has a number of different easy to do stretches suggested. Pictorial books on Yoga can be found at the book store and many have suggested stretches in them as well. If you are too lazy to get your heart going, pick 10 to 15 stretches from one of these books and do them. A little stretching workout can really help you relax and get your blood gently flowing. Stretching for a few minutes using moves from a yoga or flexibility book can be great exercise. Just make sure never to strain yourself and only try positions that are comfortable and easy. As you get older you lose flexibility so it’s great to refresh your body in this way. Stretching can be just as liberating as getting a massage or chiropractic appointment and guess what it costs a lot less money.

    5. Go to a large mall or boulevard with boutique stores and browse in the shops starting at one end and going to the other end and back

    If walking in nature is a total turnoff to you or your neighborhood is unsafe for walking alone, try browsing in stores. If you live in an area where this is a stretch of several blocks of shops, boutiques, bookstores, etc, then this an absolutely great place to get exercise. Start at one end of the strip or mall, and walk all the way down to the other, window shopping and stopping in at shops on your way. Then walk back all the way on the other side of the street. You’d be surprised that a few hours walking around the stores can actually be a good form of exercise.

    Don’t drop out of your workout, drop back to something easier instead

    I can’t tell you how many countless women I hear from who go into a cyclic workout mode. Something happens at work where they have to work late, a family event occurs, a new boyfriend appears or they’re busy being dumped by an old boyfriend. Anything and everything can cause a time shift to where there is literally no time to hit the gym. Women always say, I was doing so well and then such and such came up and I haven’t gone. I need to go. With busy lives there are a million and one reasons to fall off the exercise bandwagon. What these little easier mini-workouts do are they offer an alternative to dropping out completely. If your workouts are waning, don’t drop out of exercising altogether, drop back to doing something quick and easy like the above suggested activities.

    If you keep doing something even minimal you will find that it becomes easier to stick to it and make it a long lasting exercise and lifestyle pattern. It also makes it easier to pick the pace back up later and get more into it. We all know that the hardest thing is going from doing nothing to doing something. If you continue to do even a little bit of physical activity it makes it way, way easier to stay motivated. You’re still in the game. Please come back to mature beauty and let me know if my tips have helped you get your butt in gear.

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    The ultimate five easy workouts for mature women. Get a fabulous celebrity over forty body doing next to nothing! Walk, shop, stretch or read a book on a Cardio machine, so just do it

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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