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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    Raquel Welch Beauty Secrets of the famous sex symbol and one of the most beautiful women over 60 in the world. She reveals her beauty secrets and promotes her synthetic hair wigs, Raquel Welch wig collection, in her new book

    Raquel Welch has been a famous beauty and sex symbol for decades. The actress and model is well into her sixties and this is a review of her recently written beauty book. Surely you know who Requel Welch is because she has been a sex symbol and man’s fantasy ever since one of her first movies that made her famous called One Million Years BC.

    Review of the beauty tips book and autobiography from sex symbol Raquel Welch Beyond the Cleavage

    I was quite interested to read her beauty book and quite honestly I was shocked at some of the beauty secrets she revealed (as well as surprised that she skipped plastic surgery topics as quite obviously that has to be her biggest beauty secret).

    Raqual Welch 69 reveals secrets about menopause, estrogen and Hormone Replacement Therapy

    I was stunned to read that Raquel Welch has tried and been prescribed injectable HGH (human growth hormone) on more than one occasion by her doctor to combat low energy levels. She also admitted to trying numerous estrogen treatments related to menopause and reduced energy levels. She said she had low adrenal function, low energy and some depression. She talked about having tried progesterone supplements, premarin and provera. She talked about trying different estrogen creams and patches. I was really pretty amazed. Some women like her really get into the hormone drugs when facing symptoms of menopause and having the cash to blow. Very interesting stuff though I myself am not going to be taking any hormone drugs no way!

    Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery – We know she’s had plastic surgery yet She left it out of her book!

    Welch has obviously had every plastic surgery available yet conspicuously leaves that topic out of her book but for one or two pages saying it’s a woman’s choice not to be taken lightly. She clearly has had a face lift, implants, veneers, and every plastic surgery in between so I was surprised she didn’t get into it. Some famous women never like to talk about all their plastic surgery and they keep it private, even in their tell all books LOL. She doesn’t really fess up to it, but nonetheless I think she looks smokin hot for her age. She rocks the mature beauty.

    Welch did rant and rave about the wonders of Botox and facial filler injectables like collagen, perlane and she particularly liked the most popular filler Restylane. I agree with her that Botox and fillers are really good anti aging tools for us older women. Plastic surgery is probably the best anti aging weapon if done right, though she doesn’t get into it. You can’t be in your sixties and look like her without having had a lot of it. I think she looks really amazing regardless of how much surgery she has had. She also never mentioned about her veneers, which she obviously has a big mouth full of fake teeth.

    Raquel Welch is Obsessed with Beauty and up keeping her sex symbol Image at 70

    Known as one of the most beautiful women in the world, Raquel Welch makes it clear in this book that she works on it full time. She talked about so many out there beauty rituals it was really interested. It’s like she is a woman with so much money available to her that she can literally try anything and everything. She talked about wearing Frownies to sleep every night. Frownies are these pieces of tape that stop your furrowing wrinkles while you rest. It’s the same idea as Botox but in this case you tape your face flat where you need to so it can’t crinkle at night.

    She talked about wearing these undereye bag treatment patches at night too. Those are supposed to contain cream and skin soothing anti aging elements to help fine lines under the eyes and stop under eye bags. I mean, it sounds like she wears a lot of beauty contraptions to sleep. She even has and regularly uses a so called beauty device called a TMJ splint which is made by taking a teeth impression and then it supports your jaw at night with this contraption you wear and that is supposed to stop lower jaw stress and lower facial aging by keeping your jaw in alignment. Weird! Also she talked about liking yoga as well as seeing chiropractors for aches and pains. She has more money to spend than me!

    As far as makeup, her one stellar makeup tip was how she uses a pan stick base color foundation (a thick creamy pancake like foundation/concealer) followed by a cream foundation that is lighter in texture. This is the true beauty secret for flawless skin that I talk about on this web site all the time. The combination of moisturizing your skin, then using a think creamy foundation/concealer to cover flaws followed by a lighter in consistency liquid foundation to create a perfect skin look, is the best beauty secret. I learned to do my makeup like this too and it really makes a positive difference on enhancing an older face. You have to discover the creamy concealer makeup step.

    Another thing she talked about with respect to makeup was the idea of corrective makeup. The main point being that you try to accentuate the positive elements of your face will trying to eliminate the negative elements. This is a very important concept that some women miss when it comes to makeup. It’s not just about making up your face. It’s about learning to use the right colors and amount of makeup in the right places in order to accentuate the right things and down play others. The perfect example is the beauty trick I recently blogged about to minimize thin lips with nude toned down lip color and then focusing the makeup on the eyes to draw attention to them first and foremost. You want to play up your good features and tone down your bad ones. She called it corrective makeup. Corrective Makeup means you use makeup as a tool with the goal of makeup application being to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative.

    As for her fashion style, I had to check my mind out on that one because she was talking a lot about designer clothes for big events that aren’t exactly practical for the every day woman’s needs or budget. She did say for a casual look she goes for vintage like clothes such as bomber jackets and other vintage casual classics. She stressed how she like to look very classy and age appropriate and clearly she pulls that image off. She always looks classy, never tacky.

    Raquel Welch Wig Collection. Raquel definitely wears full blown Wigs and admits it in her book. She likes wigs and wants you to buy wigs from her raquel wig collection for older women!

    Welch definitely was promoting her wig collection (Raquel Welch Wig Collection) in this book big time. She talked about having tried hair extensions and having to have them cut out because they hurt her hair and scalp so much. She said her hair had been damaged by over bleaching at points too. Now she says she sticks to wigs, falls and hair pieces. Raquel Welch talks about how many women in the movies (herself included) regularly use wigs, falls and hair pieces. She even said she was wearing a complete wig on her book cover. She also explained why she likes synthetic hair wigs like what she has in her Raqual Welch wig collection. She said the synthetic hair keeps its style and color easier than with wigs made from real human hair. And, she said the new synthetic hair materials wigs are made of help them to hold a hair style easier than natural hair wigs do.

    Overall impression and book review of Raquel Welch Beyond the Cleavage

    I found her book interesting. Other than leaving out plastic surgery confessions totally, she definitely talked about many private matters, even down to hormone drugs she’s experimented with! She also talked about her children, four divorces, and life as an older single woman. She says she is flying solo, not wanting to have her identity linked to a man, and she protects her wealth and assets by not getting married (she obviously got burned a few times it sounded like). She mentions how she likes to travel but her main passion is definitely her children and maintaining her one of the most beautiful women in the world status. And, she is selling us her wigs, falls and hair pieces.

    Considering how she regularly wears frownies, anti aging under eye patches and wigs all the time, I’d say she is way too busy maintaining her beauty to have the time to deal with a man! Yeah I can tease about it, but I will say that I found her and her book to be a really fun read. I sat in the bookstore for a few hours reading it. My impression is that staying beautiful is Raquel Welch’s full time obsession and occupation and she puts way, way more time into it than I ever imagined. But to remain a sex symbol in your sixties as she has, I guess you do have to make a career of your beauty to stay there. She’s on top for a reason and it’s very clear from the book that she works at staying beautiful daily. I’d love to see her without her wig and makeup on wearing her Frownies, eye patches and TMJ beauty device! I like Raquel Welch alot and enjoyed looking at her book.

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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