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    How to reinvent your beauty regimen and personal care routine

    Do you want to look and feel more beautiful? In tough economic times, looking your best is still important. In fact, it may be more important than ever. Believe it or not studies show that attractive people earn more money and hold greater positions. Obviously there are exceptions to that, but in general people want to look their best both in the work place and for their personal lives as well. More women than ever are divorced and living single. Single women generally want to look their best and seek true love in their lives yet find they are competing with younger women for available men. If you are on a dating web site showing pictures of yourself then clearly your physical beauty does matter. Married women want to keep their husbands interested and are just as concerned about being pretty. Let’s look at ways you can improve your beauty and personal care routine.

    5 tips and tricks to reinvent your beauty regimen and make it work better for you

    Women hate to admit they are aging, especially if the signs that they are getting older are increasingly evident. Doing it all, plus looking beautiful can be a challenge. The media constantly bombards us with beauty products and even surgery that promise to return our youthful glow. Even though we all know that health care, healthy eating and exercise are the best beauty regimens, we buy into the hype of creams and treatments that promise to turn back the clock for us. When you spend $100 dollars on a few ounces of expensive moisturizer and $400 more on Botox or Collagen injections, looking good becomes expensive on top of hard.

    Beauty Tips and Tricks #1: Write down your current beauty routine and what you want you changed about your appearance in order of priority

    Given all the constraints most women still manage to adopt some kind of daily beauty regimen that they follow, yet few are truly satisfied with how they really look. If you took one of those Cosmo surveys (or in the case of our age bracket a More magazine survey) on physical characteristics you were unhappy about with respect to your looks, you would see that most women want to change. So if you are in a beauty regimen but generally unhappy with your appearance what are you supposed to do about it?

    If you look at your beauty regimen and compare it to your wish list of what you want to change about yourself, that should give you a pretty good idea of what you are doing wrong. First and foremost, your beauty regimen should be directly targeting the things you want to improve – your wish list. Try to take the top thing you want changed about your appearance and go after that one first. For most women, the top thing they want changed is to lose weight, for example. Now you need to tweak your beauty regimen so that doing things to lose weight is part of your daily beauty regimen. For example, you might need to walk every day. The thing you want changed the most should be the thing that is prioritized in your beauty regimen the most.

    If you want something changed, you need to do something about it. Writing it down may make it obvious to you that you want something changed yet it’s not part of your daily or regular beauty regimen. You just have to write down what you are doing for beauty and how much you are spending. Then write down your beauty wish list of what you want to change about yourself. Look at the list. Are the things on your wish list being addressed in your beauty regimen? It needs to be. Read on for these next suggestions and ideas for how to turn your beauty regimen plan around and help get your looks on track to where you really want them to be.

    Beauty Tips and Tricks #2: Think outside the box & try new beauty treatments, change your fashion style, and reinvent yourself if need be

    If you aren’t happy with the way you look then it’s time you do something about it. No matter how earthy, natural, or un-superficial a woman claims to be, I know that she cares about beauty, health, fitness and fashion. All women want to be gorgeous. The cliché “think outside the box” refers to looking at a problem from a fresh perspective. The box as it’s referred to, is merely illusional. But the essence of the quote is well taken, especially when it comes to your beauty. The point is that women should be thinking (box or not) about new things they can do to improve their appearance. If something is not really working then by golly it is time to do something about it. You aren’t getting any younger so take action.

    Those makeover shows that enlist an out of style woman and do a 180 degree change to their hair color, hair style, makeup and wardrobe come to mind. What I don’t like about the makeovers however, is that the hosts have their own ideas about how to change your looks. Often there is a goal in mind, such as going from a bohemian natural style up to a sophisticated high power business woman look. It is essentially someone else’s opinion about how to make you over for a specific goal or agenda such as career. Sometimes they take a woman’s hair and chop it completely off. Then they take her and put her into a professional wardrobe. Sometimes, it ends up that she looks older instead of younger! There are also those extreme makeover shows that take a woman and give them a ton of plastic surgery all at once to transform them into a swan. Those shows are too over the top and most women would not want or much less be able to afford such a huge and blatantly obvious body and face makeover.

    I like the idea of a drastic change (but I am not so sure I buy into extreme makeovers that completely swan you into what someone else thinks you should be like). I think every woman is unique, knows herself best and has a pretty good idea of what she wants improved and what works for her. The problem is more a matter of motivation and implementing the idea on her self rather than procrastinating. Some women don’t know what to do to look better and need to learn. But most women really do know what to do. They know what to do but they just aren’t doing it. Try to re-write your beauty routine so that it actually includes accomplishing what you want (like exercising, for example). Then, stick to it.

    I think women get too opinionated about what is ok to do and what is not. They get hostile and jealous when they see someone tricking the system and getting plastic surgery or a cosmetic procedure done to them selves. You get a woman who thinks it is ok to take growth hormone, but not ok to get plastic surgery. A woman who thinks it’s ok to get waxed but it’s not okay to get laser hair removal. It’s ok to get a pedicure but it’s not okay to get a spray tan. It’s okay to do this but not okay to do that because it goes against some kind of beauty principle she has. It’s good to have principles yet women get set in their (beauty) ways as they age.

    What a woman may not realize is that her own opinions may be limiting her scope of ideas. Be more open minded. There are a plethora of cutting edge beauty procedures available. It’s perfectly fine to look into available procedures because trust me other women are. You can also work to improve your fashion, style and sex appeal. Sometimes if you go out of your comfort zone you will find ways to dramatically improve your appearance and be happy that you did. Think outside the box (or just think).

    Beauty Tips and Tricks #3: Recognize the beauty rut you are in

    Some call it their daily beauty routine while others may call it a beauty rut. Most women have a systematic routine to their beauty. A typical beauty regimen might include facial cleanser and skin cream for wrinkles, basic makeup, bi-monthly hair color and trim appointments, monthly waxing, bi-weekly manicures and pedicures, and shopping for clothes every few months. Women have a tendency to be good about diet and exercise for a few months followed by slacking off due to pressures at work or home, commiserating about it and then cycling back onto the fitness and diet routine when more free time comes. Many women aren’t very happy with their weight and they want to lose weight but they can’t seem to sustain a weight loss long term. Keeping your body in shape and toned should be considered and integral part of your beauty regimen.

    Most women (that I talk to anyways) have a beauty routine they follow yet they generally are not happy with the way they look overall. What does that mean? That means their beauty routine really is not working for them! If you aren’t happy about the way you look then you change up your routine and see what happens after you make changes. Women don’t realize that they can make major changes in the way they go about looking beautiful. If you are in a rut then doing what you were doing before won’t help and you need to take a fresh perspective and modify what you are doing.

    Beauty Tips and Tricks #4: Calculate your beauty budget and Re-direct your money

    Sometimes taking your beauty dollars and plunging them into a totally different direction is what you need to do. Hopefully you’ve written down your basic beauty routine and estimated your budget and what you’re spending. Are you spending your money effectively? This can be counterintuitive but let’s give some silly examples. I’m not recommending these specific changes per se but you’ll get the idea. Let’s say you are exhausted from your life and you have the excuse that you have no time for pampering yourself or exercising. You could eliminate some of your beauty appointments or no longer purchase high end beauty products. Take that money and redirect it into a cleaning lady, or babysitter so that you can get out of the house and exercise. Enlist some help with chores so you can lock yourself into the bathroom for a long soak in a therapeutic bubble bath. Let’s say you pay for massages because your body is stressed out. Instead of that massage you could spend the money on a personal trainer or pilates class or even just go to the gym then take a hot sauna.

    Another example is your skin care regimen. Let’s say you have an expensive skin care regimen but are still unhappy with the way your skin looks. You could do something counter-intuitive which is to stop investing in the skin care products and switch to some really inexpensive products. Take the money you save and put it into health foods or supplements that help your skin internally. Or just save for some cosmetic procedures like a peel, laser treatments for skin, collagen fillers, a dermatologist appointment or even plastic surgery. Imagine dumping $800-1200 dollars a year on Botox and fillers to address a deep vertical furrow between your two eyes. Wait a second, maybe that money could be better invested by saving it all up for an endoscopic brow lift. If the mini brow lift stops the furrows for a number of years it may be the better deal in the long run. It’s food for thought.

    If something is not working you may need to abandon your current routine and do something else that will work. Think about how you are spending your money on beauty and how you might re-direct that money and invest it more wisely into your appearance.

    Beauty Tips and Tricks #5: Invest more time or drop some beauty salon treatments and products then add more pressing goals to your regimen

    Life can get pretty hectic and sometimes women feel that they can’t look their best when they are on the go. They have so many duties in life that women are simply exhausted and can’t seem to find the time to dress nicely and get beautiful much less make-up their faces. They might start a diet and exercise regimen but life’s problems get in the way and they get derailed from their progress. When a woman finally has time to come up for air (or needs to look good for an event or special occasion) she’s shocked and depressed about her physical appearance and wonders how she got so far off track. All of a sudden, she’s going to Hawaii for vacation and needs to be seen in a swimsuit. Her panic button hits because she’s totally out of shape, hairy and white as a ghost.

    One thing a woman can do is to invest more time in her beauty regimen. If you add more time and stick to it, your can obviously get more done. You might have personal skin care, makeup and beauty salon appointments scheduled and add two workouts a week into the fray. If you can afford to spend more time on beauty, then be sure to add things that get that wish list of yours addressed. If you want to lose fat, add exercise. If you can’t spend any more time on beauty, consider foregoing some of the things you were doing and replacing them with things on your wish list. For example, if you want to get in shape you could forego the hair and nail appointments. Let your nails go natural and go for a hike rather than to the nail appointment. Buy cheap cosmetics. Whatever you want to change about yourself most should bubble right to the top priority of your beauty regimen. That’s my budget beauty advice.

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    Is your daily beauty regimen that you follow giving you results? If not, take notes, calculate your beauty budget and reinvent your beauty plan so it fulfills your beauty wish list.

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