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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    Facial sunless tanning makeup in all the wrong tones and places aging your face making you look 10 years older: Facial Bronzer secrets! After you read this beauty tip you should be forever more careful about that bronzer and where you apply it

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    Get the effect of cosmetic injections into the nasolabial folds by using a lighter color makeup near that area. Keep the facial self tanner and bronzer away and out of the wrinkle no go lines around the mouth, upper lip and chin to get a free facelift effect. These face makeup photos should help you avoid a basic bronzer mistake. You will look years younger!

    Facial makeup and self tanner and how to look more youthful by keeping it out of your Nasolabial folds

    Applying bronzer makeup around the chin and in the nasal fold wrinkles from nose to mouth is a big makeup and self tanner don’t. The nasolabial folds are the two skin folds that run from each side of your nose to the corners of the mouth. Essentially, they separate your cheeks from the upper lip. Most women also have another skin fold directly underneath their lower bottom lip. The lower lip skin fold (ok I’ll call it the chin fold) separates the lower lip from your chin. Women spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetic fillers and injections to plump up their nasolabial folds. Funny enough, women simultaneously fail to apply their makeup correctly onto the lower vicinity of the face, therein making the folds look even worse than they really are.

    The right makeup application can really help make the mouth area of the face look youthful. The common mishap happens when you inadvertently deposit dark bronzer and/or self tanning makeup into the nasolabial folds and also the chin fold. Makeup in these folds has an incredibly aging effect on a woman over forty. This particular beauty tip article is dedicated to both pointing out the potential makeup aging blunder. I also provide a few makeup application pointers that should help women avoid the problem altogether.

    Use a lighter base in the no-go Makeup Areas: your chin, female moustache and nasolabial folds

    It is always good idea to have more than one color bronzing facial makeup in your makeup arsenal. If you use one single bronzer across your whole face, you tend to exacerbate the unwanted orange aging face effect. For the best application, try a light natural looking concealer and foundation, followed by a natural color beige powder or mineral powder color. This gives you a flawless matte finish to the no-go wrinkle zones of your face. Look at the soft peach beige color tint with a light golden glow to it in the photo. That would be the kind of nice healthy color that you want around the nasolabial folds and lip area. The example shown is a Smashbox Soft Lights tint. If your face is already tanned this color would hardly show up, yet you get the idea that you want a fine soft golden glow color around the mouth area. Don’t make it too tanned!

    Once you have a very light golden glow in beige, you will go to the next step of applying the so called sunless tan color, keeping it out and away from the folds. This can be a real facial sunless tanning cream that gives you a fake tan, or just a bronzer makeup shade. Since your earth tone beige finish is already in place, you’ll just be adding that hint of bronzer fake tan glow for the next step.

    Apply the darker bronzer at the cheek apples and away from the lower part of the face, then feather blend

    A bottomed out face (the visual opposite of a lifted face) is where too much deep tan colored bronzer makeup (or sunless tanner) finds its way into the mustache, nasolabial folds, and chin fold. Don’t bottom your face out with dark color. What a dark moustache and chin does is drag your face down (the exact opposite of a face lift). For this slightly darker secondary color (the bronzer) you are going to go for a little more color tone. You can try a mineral makeup bronzer, or as shown in the photograph a bronzer compact makeup applied with a makeup brush will work too. You can use either sunless tan colored cream blush or a mineral makeup in bronzer color spectrum. Some women add a subtle rosy color on even after the bronzer as an added finishing touch for a soft rosy cheeks effect.

    Use medium makeup brushes to apply bronzer so you don’t jumbo bronze out of makeup bounds

    You want absolutely no obvious lines of blusher or rouge on your face. You’ll apply slightly darker bronze color just on the apples of the cheeks and blend it in incredibly well until the colors seamlessly mute into one another. Sometimes using a jumbo oversized makeup blush brush can lead to makeup getting deposited accidentally in the nasolabial folds. For this reason, if you are makeup challenged, use a medium sized blusher brush instead of a huge one. You’ll have more control. The mineral makeup commercials always show the demonstrator tapping the makeup off the brush. The idea is that you don’t want to deposit too much. Apply in the clear areas of the face including the apples of the cheeks and lightly in a circle around the face. Then use that brush to blend, blend and gently blend the color into the face. Check the mirror and make sure there are no obvious makeup lines anywhere on your face including around the hair line and neck.

    Avoid dark makeup colors that bottom drag your face and do the exact opposite of a face lift

    Use a lighter more natural beige makeup to give yourself a natural glow. By avoiding the darker colors being applied everywhere, you will keep it natural and flawless looking in all your no-go zones which is the spots where there are winkles. The lighter color will reflect light away from the wrinkles making them look less obvious. Then go very lightly with the darker bronzer color and blend it well feathering into the delicate areas of your face rather than applying it there. The facial bronzer is actually important because it puts a healthy looking zest into the face of an older woman. If you don’t use it, your makeup will look too nude and you won’t get the glow. So use bronzer to bring yourself to life, but do so very sparingly and keep away from nasolabial folds!

    Avoid facial self tanners

    Women over forty can be better off avoiding self tanners for the face. It’s just too easy to accidentally get the tanning cream into the no go zones around the mouth. Facial tanners (even the light based creams that only add a hint of color) can deposit orange-ish color into the very wrong parts of the face with one slight finger out of bounds accidental swipe. And, the facial tanners and tints are quite hard to remove once on the skin.

    If you have nice skin and a large, wide spaced face with plenty of real estate around your mouth, then you might be okay with a light color facial tanner to add a bit of a natural hint of color. But if your female moustache shadow or mouth configuration is pretty tightly spaced you may be best simply avoiding self tanners and using makeup instead. The above photograph shows a Stilla compact which would be a darker bronzer that would go over a light base. Bronzers like this can give you the same effect of a sunless tanning cream and they are more mistake proof. You have to go easy, easy, easy on a bronzer this dark. Just a light application at cheek apples and around face followed by good blending with a solid medium sized makeup brush will give you the healthy fake tanned look.

    Remove and correct makeup that has immersed into your facial skin folds

    If you do get makeup into the nasolabial folds, rubbing it around can really make it set in even worse. It may blend it, but once the color gets in those folds, it does not leave. That is why I would avoid facial self tanners if you have substantial nasolabial folds. Use the lighter beige and keep the bronzer away only feather blending to those areas instead of directly applying bronzer there.

    To get rid of unwanted bronzer, just lift it off with a gentle swipe of an acne astringent pad and then reapply the lighter beige instead. Rubbing and smearing in the mistakenly deposited bronzer doesn’t really help so just remove it and re-cover.

    Remember, makeup can treat nasolabial folds and chin folds by illuminating those areas using a lighter beige color which casts dark unwanted shadows away from those indentations on your face. By keeping the mustache, nasolabial folds, and chin fold natural and flawless with a lighter based makeup color you effectively lift your face and draw attention upward for a surgery free face lift effect. Whether you are using bronzer, facial self tanning cream, mineral powder, or liquid foundation, keep it light in color tone near those nasal folds , upper lip and chin. Your face will love you and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than an injected cosmetic filler!

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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