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    3 makeup tips for women over forty to make your face look 10 years younger

    makeup tricks over 40

    Three beauty tips for women over 40 50 60 are to keep your lipstick natural and avoid strong reds. Use a lip brush to apply lipstick in a natural shade. Avoid glitter eye shadow and choose a natural light brown instead. Glitter eyeshadow ages you. Wear mascara to highlight your eyes, making sure to buy new mascaras to avoid clumps.

    3 Makeup tips Do and Don’t

    I recently read some articles about Uma Thurman and Rene Zelwiger. I think Uma and Rene are beautiful women for sure. But many complained recently that they looked like they had plastic surgery and looked alarmingly different. I have no idea if they had plastic surgery or not. Only their surgeon would know that!  I do know that both women had unique eye areas with that sultry hooded eye look. If they did have plastic surgery then that would change their eye look somewhat. So I can see that if they did that, then their eyes would lose that hooded sultry look. Maybe they did maybe they didn’t. Regardless, I like both of these pretty ladies a lot. But what I did notice with these recent photos of them, was in those pictures where people were accusing them of plastic surgery, they had distinctive makeup looks that I am not a fan of for older women!

    It is that trippy cool Parisian look that the young women are sporting. I’s basically a nude face and nude eyes with a bright red lip and it does not look attractive on us older women, in my opinion.  I think it looks great on young women but is utterly unflattering on older women. The three elements to this no-no look are glittery eyes, no or little mascara, and red lips, all no-no things for older women trying to look younger. Read on I will give you the rationale.  The skin is also left a little pale with this look, which can make an older woman just look too washed out.

    Mistake 1: Too red lips

    Red lips look great on women that have fantastic faces with little to no wrinkles, which is usually, younger women. Angelina Jolie can pull off the look, but she is pretty young, and has huge pillow lips. For most women, a strong red lipstick is a disaster that only serves to show the wrinkles around the mouth area that come with age. Try for a more natural lip color. Also, invest in a lip brush that can apply the lipstick in a more precise and natural manner than just running the tube across your lips. If you do use a brighter shade, dab it on with a lip brush and blend and blot it so that it looks more like a natural stain than a thick coat of bright red. Bright red lips can really age your face. They draw attention down to the bottom part of your face, dragging it down and making it look older. unless you have gorgeous Jolie lips, avoid garish bright lip colors when you are older. Leave it to the young ones.

    Mistake 2: Too little mascara

    This is supposedly the natural look, but mascara is one really great anti-aging tool. It does wonders to make you look younger. Mascara lengthens you lashes and defines your eye area and diminishes the look of wrinkles around the eyes. Make sure to get good mascara and more importantly, replace it about once a month to avoid all clumps and lumps. Good mascara is key. Apply it to the base of lashes and wriggle. Like you see in the picture, focus the mascara to the top lashes and focus in taking the eyelashes outward and upward for an uplifting look. A bit of liner on the outer edge of the inner lower eyelid also can help give you an uplift to the eye area. Mascara can work wonders on older women, as long as you have good product that does not clump, and replace it often. I use a volume enhancing and lash lengthening one, even brands like Maybelline work fine, as long as you buy regularly. The second your mascara gets old, it starts to clump and defies your purpose which is to define your lashes to brighten up your face and focus attention to the eyes for an uplifting effect.

    Mistake 3: Too glittery eyes

    Eye glitter looks just great on the Vanderpump actresses who are twenties and young thirties. They can pull it off. But on an older woman? No way! Stick to a simple rich and pretty, basic brown color. Too beige and it won’t give you the effect you want. You want a super natural looking light milk chocolate color, or tan or caramel. Something with more vibrancy than a light beige or cream, but not so dark that it makes you look like a black eye. It has to be very neutral and natural looking. See the Do on the brown eye shadow examples I have picked there for an example of a nice shade.

    In general, for older women my makeup trick is to avoid red lipstick, glitter eyes shadows, and eyes with no mascara. These looks are going to age most women and are to be avoided. If you call this look the Parisian look, well just leave that fashion trend to the young crowd. Go for natural lipstick, perfect mascara, and light brown shadow. If you want to look younger than your years go for a natural pretty lipstick that does not bleed into your wrinkles. Go for a nice clean mascara look with no clumps but that definitely highlights your eye area since that draws attention upward. Lastly, go for a very natural eye shadow. Glitzy shadows are going to look way too crusty and they are going to really draw attention to crepe wrinkled skin around the eyes.  Pale skin can be great but on older women if it is too pale, you can just look like a washed out ghost.  A little bit of natural minteral foundation or bronzer, or a touch of natural blush, adds some youth to the face.

    Whether or not those celebs Uma and Rene had a nip tuck or not, I did not like their makeup much in the photos that were criticized and felt that they were both wearing that Parisian red lip nude eye look that doesn’t do it for the older lady. But I do like them, they are awesome! This is a key point, is that older women should not fall victim to the latest makeup and fashion trends. Some of the trends really will make you look older not younger. In my viewpoint, the best fashion of all is going to make you look fresh, clean and put together, enhance your looks in all the right places, regardless of trends. When older women try to follow makeup and clothes fashion trends, the worse they tend to look. Keep it classy, and classy, and you will rock the mature beauty!

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