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    Supermodel beauty secrets of Christie Brinkley. Brinkley is a vegetarian, she works out regularly to maintain her fabulous figure, and of course being a supermodel Brinkley has great fashion sense and style. She is truly amazing for being over 50.

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    Ageless beauty Christie Brinkley still looks incredible in her fifties. I like the Total Gym she endorses. Her style is great! Looks like she's had nip/tucks yet she looks knock out hot.

    Beauty over Fifty

    American model Christie Brinkley has appeared on over 500 magazine covers worldwide and most notably multiple appearances on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Born 1954 she is 56 years old as of this beauty blog article. Wow does she ever rock the mature beauty. She is arguably one of the best looking women in their fifties. Brinkley recently appeared on a CBS talk show (not sure which one actually) where she was being interviewed along with Sharon Osbourne. Brinkley looked amazing for her age. I decided to write up my musings about the interview which had some gossip tidbits in it. Brinkley also still represents the total gym home gym exercise machine. You might remember the late night infomercials on cable TV where she promotes the total gym machine along with Chuck Norris.

    Total home gym

    You may have heard of the Chuck Norris total fitness gym that Christie Brinkley endorses. In the interview Christie said that she still did home workouts using the total body fitness gym. As seen on TV the total home gym is a home gym that incorporates a number of different exercises into one universal piece of fitness equipment.

    I actually like the total gym home gym. I have my own reservations about home fitness equipment because after initial use for a few months they tend to collect dust and end up in the garage. But some can be good, especially for people too busy to get to the gym on a regular basis. I had a Body by Jake all in one machine for a while and I did use it for about a year before getting rid of it. I like the one machine, multiple exercises concept as long as it is easy to do because it saves space and gives you more than one exercise. I’d much rather get a complete workout than a specific targeted workout. Targeted workout equipment (such as that thigh master thing that Suzanne Summers endorses) are not as versatile.

    The total body is bigger than Body by Jake but if I had the room I would have liked it better. What I like is the gliding. It reminds me of doing a pilates activity. I also like the rowing motions that give you a cardio workout. One of the gyms I was a member of had a rowing machine where you sit and row with your arms and I always liked that machine. The gliding motion is relaxing and gentle, good for mature folks. If you really can’t get to the gym and all you are doing it walking, then a universal exercise machine at home (if you have the space for it) can be a good investment. Just expect to get sick of it after a while, eventually, it will collect dust.

    Total Gym costs around $599.00-$1599 depending on what model. It’s a bulky contraption that takes up some space and you need almost 8 feet of free space for it. If you have a small place, don’t bother. While it wouldn’t be good for heavy bodybuilding, the total gym a good machine for older women who want to get some basic strength training exercise in a relaxing manner. A competing machine that men like is the Bowflex. The difference between bowflex and total gym is that the bowflex has actual weights and total gym uses bodyweight. If you are an older woman who can’t get to the gym and are seeking gentle exercise, then I think the Total Gym (plus walking) is a great low impact home based workout. I think Brinkley backed a pretty good product with the total gym, and that is probably why she has continued to endorse it for some twenty years.


    Christie Brinkley was wearing a sexy black dress in the interview. Her figure looked amazing, albeit a little on the thin side for her. She talked about putting on her Spanx to wear the dress. Spanks is a multimillion dollar undergarment company founded by Sarah Blakely that sells body shapewear and lingerie for women. Spanx sells girdles and slimming body shapers as well as bras, panties, shaping sheers and tights, and slimming swimsuits. You can buy Spanx in department stores such as Nordstrom. I wish they would have asked her exactly what spanx body shaper she was wearing. The spanx girdle like body shapers cost around $25-$40 though I am sure there are discount shapewear garments available for less at places like Kmart.

    I always liked the way Brinkley had a healthy athletic look to her and her smaller waist, bigger hip ratio I always thought was sexy. She looked almost too slender in the tight black dress she was wearing. Her normally curvy hips were gone. Maybe it was the spanx making her look skinnier or more up and down. If you are able to tolerate a suffocating slenderizing garment on your body, take heart knowing that Christie Brinkley suffocates herself in them too. On the one hand, the spanx were hiding her curves, but on the other hand, they did make her look very slender.

    Botox and Sharon Osbourne

    It was hilarious to me that Christie Brinkley and Sharon Osbourne were chit-chatting about the merits of Botox while meanwhile both of these women have obviously had lots of cosmetic surgery work done. OK Just assume that if a celebrity is admitting to Botox on TV, that off screen they are probably five, six or ten plastic surgery light years further along than Botox. If they mention Botox, they probably had a facelift. If they talk about a skin cream, they’ve had a laser chemical peel. If they talk about a workout, they’ve probably had liposuction. Workout bra implies breast implant, and so on haha. Take it with a grain of salt is what I am saying.

    Christie was mum about plastic surgery topics. Sharon Osbourne and other outspoken women like Cher, Janice Dickenson and Joan Rivers share plastic surgery gossip more openly. Most celebrities, however, don’t cop to their cosmetic surgery work lest it become tabloid fodder.

    Christie Brinkley divorce

    Brinkley has been married four times! Her divorce from Peter Cook was covered by the media and became tabloid fodder as Cook admitted his affair with a younger woman. In the interview, Christie talked about moving on from her divorce. Nonetheless, she still managed to slam her ex for being a narcissist. She also complained that the court system did not exact adequate punishment on narcissistic people?! I’d say Brinkley herself would have to be somewhat of a narcissist (part and parcel for many celebs since they need a thick skin), since she admitted that she craved admiration and praise about her beauty and never tired of receiving compliments on her beauty. It probably made for a bad combination in a marriage. I’m rooting for Christie all the way. It will be interesting to see if she couples up with anyone new, and if so I wonder who she’ll date. Dating is so hard for women in their middle age, I hope she falls in love and never regrets leaving her ex.

    The Ugly Blogosphere

    You may also have read that Brinkley’s daughter with Billy Joel, Alexa Ray Joel recovered from a suicide attempt after a break up with a boyfriend. Christie talked a lot about the Ugly blogosphere for negative things that tabloids and bloggers wrote about her daughter. Sharon Osbourne said the same thing about her daughter Kelly Osbourne. Both of these women slammed bloggers for criticizing their daughters, particularly about their beauty. I guess bloggers called Alexa Ray Joel homely (she’s actually attractive just that she has an exotic look totally unlike Brinkley’s California beach goddess look). She talked about how bloggers made up lies and rumors about people and trash them not realizing how hurtful it is. As a mom I totally get how it would be hurtful to watch yourself or family members get ridiculed in the public media.

    Celebrity plastic surgery Lies

    I understand how celebrities hate the gossip tabloids. But I have to be a devil’s advocate for bloggers for just a second. Here you have Christie Brinkley and Sharon Osbourne sitting there, both of whom I suspect have had tons of plastic surgery, and they are talking about Botox and model beauty secrets. You’ve got Brinkley talking about how she does squats while she’s blow drying her hair in the morning. Brinkley is saying how she doesn’t like Botox because it did something funny to her eyebrows. She talks about wearing spanks body shape wear and being a vegetarian contributing to her ageless beauty.

    Brinkley has clearly always been gorgeous, so to her credit she really hasn’t altered her basic appearance, yet as she’s aged she has clearly had work done to maintain a wrinkle free and still youthful looking face and body. Basically you have a woman who is 56 years old and does not have a single solitary wrinkle on her face, she’s got the face of a 30 year old woman. Her neck is tight as a drum and she has perfect perky breasts after three children. I assure you it’s not from vegetarianism alone or blow dryer squats that she is bodacious bodied and facially wrinkle free. She’s clearly had a face lift as far as I can tell, and I’ve also read as such in a Huffington post article. Her upper eyes have no hooding probably thanks to blespharoplasty. Her lower eyes are slanted upward, signs of eye canthopexy cosmetic surgery. Her neck is tighter now than it’s ever been. She has perfectly veneered ultra brite cosmetic teeth thanks to cosmetic dentistry. She’s had to have had a neck left, there is no way a 56 year old neck would stay naturally taut like that. Maybe she got a face lift to celebrate her custody fight being settled. She’s most likely had years of judicious cosmetic work done on her, and she’s saying be beautiful by squatting while blow drying?

    What I am getting at is that celebrities (not just Christie) talk about the ugly blogosphere, yet sometimes the ugly blogosphere is understandably speculating about visual things that are obvious and reasonable things to speculate about! While it’s a disservice that a celeb be slammed in the media as she says, it’s likewise a disservice to millions of women watching that show for Brinkley to make them believe that she’s wrinkle free and body perfect from vegetarianism and blow dryer squats. Celebrities not disclosing all the tons of plastic surgery they’ve had is understandable. But it’s heinous for women watching to believe that they should look like they are in their thirties when in their fifties through natural means. It gives women watching totally unrealistic expectations and then they wonder, why can’t I look like that ageless. Women have to realize there is more going on than just diet, exercise and skin creams. Celebrities just don’t want to disclose what they are cosmetically doing in private. Understandable, yet know that they are having work done. Noone can look 30 years younger even if they are genetically blessed.

    Celebrities want to chat about Botox and brush their face lift under the rug. That’s their perogative because they don’t want to become plastic surgery poster advertisements. But the so called ugly blogosphere is actually providing a service to common woman by exposing before and after pictures and other photographic proof of plastic surgery to the public. Yes Brinkley is naturally gorgeous but she’s not 100% wrinkle free at 56 by magic. And by the way she doesn’t need the Botox (so it’s no problem if she doesn’t like it as she says) because her skin is pulled so tight from her probable facelift. My hats off to Sharon Osbourne because she readily admits to all the cosmetic work she’s had done, from buttock implants to facelift and more. I also can’t blame Christie because she’s a smart savvy woman who chooses to talk about diet and fitness instead of plastic surgery.

    Dental Veneers and more model beauty tips

    Christie very clearly has ultra bright perfect veneers. With the help of cosmetic dentistry she maintains the beautiful white smile she had when she was younger. Teeth whitening can certainly help a set of teeth look shades lighter and much better. But veneers are what models and celebrities use for the ultra photogenic smiles. Christie’s teeth, while they are obviously the work of cosmetic dentistry, look like they were done nicely. What I don’t like are the so called chiclet teeth that look too perfect. Christie Brinkley’s megawatt smile looks gorgeous.

    Having looked at many photos of Brinkley there are a few things I’ve noticed about her look that I can mention as beauty tips for women. First, she wears a lot of solid vibrant colors. I’ve seen her in all black, all red, and so on. Second, she almost always accentuates her waistline hourglass shape, which is sexy and makes her look younger. Third, she had her quintessential blond hair that is medium length with some youngish fringe bangs and a few layers in the front. The look is playful and classic for her. Most older women don’t look good as blonds but the ones that do are usually the natural blondes. She pulls it off. She also wears the perfect golden tan on her face and body, it’s not too light or too dark of a tan. Her makeup is completely natural and clean with no obvious colors or makeup showing. She goes for natural makeup and the suntanned blonde babe look.

    I’ve seen Christie Brinkley promoting the Got Milk ads. Since she is a life long vegetarian it is somewhat surprising. I suppose she is not a true vegan since vegans shun milk and eggs along with the animal meat. Lacto-vegetarians do drink milk so she must be a lacto-vegetarian (not a vegan).

    World’s most beautiful woman in her fifties

    I really love Christie Brinkley she is totally gorgeous. She’s obviously had a fabulous modeling career and faced some adversity in life also. She’s been one of the most beautiful models in the world her whole life and exemplifies the beach blonde babe. If I had to list the most beautiful woman in the world in her fifties Christie Brinkley would top on the list! Awesome!

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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