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    Electrolysis hair removal is a way of permanently eliminating individual hairs from the face and body by destroying the hair at it’s root with a needle and then removing it. Electrolysis is permanent hair removal treatment however requires several visits

    Electrolysis permanent hair removal is a process for permanently removing unwanted body hair. This hair removal treatment has been usurped in recent years by the new lasers that can remove hair without needles but with light instead. Even though it is passé, electrolysis is still a great choice for certain types of hair, namely, the lone dark stray hairs that occur sporadically on places like the face, chin, neck, chest, nipples, toes and ankles. For lone hairs, electrolysis really works. Let’s go though this procedure for those women who may not be familiar with it.

    Why are women so hairy and how annoying hairiness is

    Hair growth is the reset of heredity and genetics, along with hormonal changes that a woman goes through in life. Blond fair women tend to have less hair (or less visible hair) than women with darker hair. Younger women get hair because of puberty and pregnancy and the hormone levels that change during these times which can bring about new hair growth. Older women can get the hair growth from menopause and its associated hormones. Even some illnesses, weight changes and health issues can cause hair loss, heavy re growth and cyclic changes in a woman’s hair patterns. Regardless of a woman’s hormones and heredity, the hair grows in cycles and different hairs are growing back at different times. No sooner do you shave off old hairs, new ones are already on their way in! They even have a name for women with excess hair called hirusitism.

    Electrolysis Removes Individual hairs

    The way electrolysis works is by going at the root of one individual hair at a time and killing that root making re-growth impossible. Electrolysis is actually rather painful as it involves burning that hair shaft with the electric needle. The Food and Drug administration and the American Medical Association recognize electrolysis as a permanent method of removing hair. Most areas of the body can be treated using electrolysis including eyebrows, face, breast, abdomen, legs and neck.

    How does electrolysis permanent hair removal work?

    Electrolysis works by applying an electric current into a specific hair follicle to destroy the root of the hair. The electric current is applied with a very fine shaped electrode/metal probe tool which is called the electrolysis needle. Because electrolysis doesn’t attack the hair color (pigment) like the laser does, it can be used on women who aren’t candidates for laser since their hair is too light.

    Electrolysis Treatments: How much does Electrolysis Cost

    An appointment for electrolysis usually costs around $50.00 for ½ hour of treatment. Because the treatment is somewhat painful, I recommend that you stick to the ½ hour sessions because a whole hour of electrolysis would be nerve wracking and you would start to wince at the needle pricks. About half an hour at a time is all you can take.

    Are you considering electrolysis? How to choose or find a person to go to for electrolysis hair removal treatment?

    Word of mouth is definitely a good way to find out about someone, although electrolysis has declined in popularity because of the advent of laser hair removal. If you get Botox, lip injections, or beauty salon facial and spa treatments, you can ask around at those beauty spas for references. Some states require that electrologists get certified and take classes in order to practice. At the very least, they should carry certification credentials from an accredited electrology school. I personally would go for someone older and more experienced for this, someone who has been doing it for years. You would want to make sure that the office is clean and that the woman had a stellar reputation. I personally have had electrolysis from a former nurse. Sometimes, women who were nurses shift over into giving beauty treatments such as laser hair removal, Botox, electrolysis. Nurses are generally pretty educated and I personally have had good experience with former nurses who get into this as a part-time or second career.

    What should I expect from electrolysis treatments? Are there complications?

    Electrolysis hurts! Places such as eyebrows don’t hurt as much however upper lip hurts a lot. You eyebrows, chins, feet, ankles and nipples will hurt some, and your upper lip, neck and chest and belly button will hurt a lot! Usually when you get electrolysis done you can get a prescription for a numbing cream such as EMLA. To use the cream you put it on at least a half hour before your appointment time and cover it with saran wrap. It helps numb up the skin and the treatment won’t hurt quite as much. The needle still goes into your skin though, so even with EMLA or numbing cream, electrolysis can be painful. Some women who get this treatment on their upper lip even get dental novacaine from a dentist prior to the appointment to cut the pain out. Getting novacaine would certainly add to the expense.

    If you get electrolysis done, your skin will usually get a little red and irritated. When you leave the appointment any makeup you had on will be gone as they clean the treated area before treatment. You skin will be red and they usually give you a cute ice pack or ice in a baggie to hold on it. Electrolysis really shocks that hair root and I have seen that you can get tiny little pock mark scars where the needle went in sometimes. It is usually not very visible and way preferable to the hair. But I should just mention, electrolysis is not without possible complications. It can leave a teensy discoloration or scar mark behind. Because hair tends to come back in common areas, you may need to go back every few years to knock off anything coming back in. For example, if you got some chin hairs removed, a few new ones may appear several years later and you would have to go back for an appointment.

    What type of hair removal is electrolysis appropriate for

    Electrolysis hair removal is the treatment you would want to consider for long single black dark or course hairs that appear in sporadic strange locations on your body. I am going to call this type of hair “sporadic” hair, as opposed to all over “body hair”. I differentiate the two types of hair because the treatment I would choose to deal with the two types of hair (sporadic hair verses body hair) are not the same. Periodic laser hair removal treatments combined with shaving with a razor is a good option for controlling body hair (such as hairy legs). Sporadic hair however, is best treated with good old electrolysis. If you have a few stand out hairs, say a chin hair, that drives you crazy, then the electrolysis needle is the way to banish it. A pass over that hair with a laser may or may not kill the hair for good. A poke with the electrolysis needle is definitely going to get directly into that follicle and kill it, which is what you want.

    Electrolysis is way too painful, consuming and impractical to accomplish all over body hair removal. But for those pesky lone ranger hairs, nothing works better. Now you know a little bit more about electrolysis and the types of hairy situations that it works well for. Hair in the wrong places is utterly unfeminine and truly bothersome. The bad thing is that it happens to most everyone, the good thing is that there are effective ways for women to deal with excess body hair.

    Is paying for hair removal treatments worth the money? If you’re hair, I say yes!

    Hair removal is extremely worth the money you spend on it, particularly is you have dark hair that is obvious and grows back with serious stubble. As far as being a “worth it” beauty treatment, I would say it is definitely worth your money. Pure razor shaving can only go so far on a hairy woman. Sometimes more drastic measures are really needed. Be sure to shop the prices for hair removal and get the type of removal that will work most effectively for the type of hair you have. I say Forego other beauty expenses like salon visits, hair cuts, nails and expensive products and get the hair taken care of instead with the money you save.

    Click the next button below to read more about hairiness and radically gross places for women to be plagued with body hair. If you have your very own funny hair horror story please comment as we want to hear these gross hair stories and suggest appropriate hair removal solutions.

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