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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    A woman’s fingernails can make her look very attractive, or not. A short to medium length nail with classy French tips or earthy toned nailpolish color looks pretty and will make you look years younger. I would avoid extreme nail lengths. You don’t want ragged short chewed nails with bitten cuticles on the one hand, or ultra long acrylic nail claws in blood red on the other. Neat nails of short to medium length are the most attractive for mature women and will minimize signs of your aging hands most effectively. In the photograph shown, most attractive nail lengths for women are shown to the right of the photograph, and awful fingernails are shown to the left of the picture. Nail colors such as red, pinks, mauves and bright colors have an aging effect on hands. For more youthful hands, keep nails at short to medium length and choose contemporary yet natural looking colors. Look at the picture and you will see that how you do your nails can really and truly make you look years younger! Neat clean supermodel nails can be yours without having to spend a dime, just read on for my secret antiaging nailcare advice.

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    Beautiful mature finger nails should be short to medium length, neat and clean with contemporary colors. Long red nails have an aging effect! Avoid disco nails, go natural n classy

    Are long fingernails Attractive to Men?

    I’ve read in magazines such as Maxim that men enjoy a little bit of finger nail length on a woman, just enough for scratching. But there is a limit in the attractiveness of length. If finger nails get too long they begin to look fake and freaky, particularly on older women. Our younger counterparts can pull off the look of movie star length long classic red nails, yet for an older woman the same nails are only go to draw attention to her aging old hands.

    I’ve also read that men enjoy a woman who has well groomed nails as that signifies that she pays attention to her looks and upkeep. I tend to agree with that assessment. Neat nails will help you stay in the attractive woman zone and out of the disheveled unkempt housewife who doesn’t care or give a moments thought to her appearance. Chipped polish and bitten up nails are rather noticeable, and ugly.

    You don’t really have to spend money, at minimum keep nails neat and clean

    Most women who ignore their nails just don’t have the time or money to deal with them at the nail salon. I have a beauty secret that you can have your nails looking neat without having to spend. At a minimum, just make sure to clip them into a nice shape and use a nail buff to keep them smooth and glossy. If you have a tendency to get lazy with the polish and walk around with half polished nails, skip colored polish and keep them nude or polished with a light cream or nude color that doesn’t look obvious when it starts to chip. Stop biting your nails.

    Keep a short to medium length to minimize drawing attention to aging hands

    As a woman ages, her hands look older. The main signs of aging on a woman’s hands are brown spots, wrinkles, and bulging green veins running down the top of the hands. Some women develop large knuckles and have an excess of wrinkled skin on each knuckle too (not to mention, knuckle hair). All of this can really add up to an aging hand. To minimize the aging, nails have to be chosen that downplay the ugliness, not draw attention to it.

    The best way to downplay aging hands is to have neat short to medium length nails in a neutral, somewhat natural looking color. If the nails get too long, it looks like old lady claws or talons. Some women still get the acrylic nails at the salon. Personally I can’t afford to buy them and I have no time to fill and maintain acrylics. Whether you get acrylics or not, I would avoid ultra long nails if you are older trying to look younger. A sporty looking short to medium length is much more attractive and youthful looking.

    Best length for acrylic nails

    If you do get fake nails, the length can be a little longer. I like them just past the end of the finger tips. Fake nails tend to be a bit bulky with the acrylic material on them so you need a little bit of length, just a tad past the end of your finger pad to make them look sleek. I love the French tip styles. If you go for colors avoid bright obvious colors such as reds, mauves, rose colors, and pinks, pastels and obnoxious bright colors as they smack of old lady. Stick to nudes, beige, tan, browns, white, grey shades as they look classy and contemporary without drawing too much unwanted attention to the hand.

    Best length for natural nails

    If you keep your real nails, keep the length at about the end of the fingertips. Natural nails break and snag, so the end of the fingertips is the perfect length to keep them looking nice. Keep them clipped and use a nail buff and nail tool to keep dirt out from under them. Nail polish really does not stay well on natural nails. Even with nail hardening clear coats, top coats, etc, the nail polish wants to slip right off your real nail. For that reason I like the nail to be natural and buffed, or have a rather light clear color on them. Avoid pinks and go for nude neutrals or light contemporary colors such as light gray or pale beige or even just a clear coat.

    I hope you enjoyed my beauty tips for the best way to have your nails for an anti-aging effect. Keep your nails short to medium length. Long claw nails make women look older not younger. Keep colors contemporary yet earthy and avoid bright garish colors, reds, pinks and mauves. French tip looks great if you wear acylic nails. If you wear your nails au naturale, keep them clean, nail clipped and buffed for a sporty neat look. Look at my nail style photo gallery to see ugly nail examples at left and gorgeous nail examples at right for ideas (and proof that too long nails are unattractive). Stay young and be beautiful!

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