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    Health and Beauty benefits of eating avocados

    I think avocadoes are a big beauty secret because they have so many healthy properties and they keep you full which in turn can help you avoid other bad for you foods. There are many organic beauty treatments which call for avocado as a main ingredient however I prefer to eat the avocado over smearing into a homemade organic beauty mixture!

    I love avocadoes and it turns out that eating avocadoes has a tremendous number of health benefits for women. First of all, avocadoes are one of the best sources of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an essential vitamin that helps protect against many diseases and maintain you overall health. They are also a source glutathione which is an antioxidant recognized to help prevent aging, cancer and heart disease. Avocadoes also are known to help lower your cholesterol because they have a cholesterol lowering compound in them called beta-sitosterol.

    Not only do avocadoes taste good but they have some cancer and disease fighting properties. I’ve even read that avocadoes are help to defend against oral concer! Avocados also are high in oleic acid (also found in olive oil) which helps defend against breast cancer. They have more carotenoid lutein than other fruits which help protect your eyes from macular degeneration and cataracts. They are filled with folate which can help lower the incidence of heart disease and lower your risk of having a stroke. They are good for your heath because they are filled with glutathione, monounsaturated fats and vitamin E.

    Women are sometimes averse to eating avocadoes because they are fattening and have carbs. Since a single big avocado has around 300 calories, they don’t like it. What they don’t understand is that the type of fat avocadoes have is the heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. This actually helps raise good cholesterol HDL and lower bad cholesterol (LDL).

    Women often ask me how I stay slender. I am not naturally slender as some women would merely assume. Nor do I follow any kind of strict body building diet system. I just eat relatively healthy. Avocadoes are actually one of my favorite foods. When in season I probably eat an avocado every other day. I like to mash a medium avocado with instant guacamole mix and fresh lemon. I eat that with salsa and rice cakes or zero trans-fat chips for lunch. Sometimes I eat a lean cuisine pocket or panini I never find those Lean Cuisine’s satisfying or filling enough. If however I add an avocado to that for lunch it fills me up. Even though avocadoes have calories, I find that they are extremely filling and if I eat them in my diet I tend to feel satisfied and full, and thereby less tempted by other foods. I’m also less likely to want to nosh on snack foods if I have had an avocado at lunch because they are so filling.

    The three main beauty benefits of avocado that I notice is that it helps keep me full and satisfied, and fights against my dry hair and skin. The natural fats in it help keep my hair soft. I like to take a fresh avocado and mash it with fresh lemon and instant guacamole mix and eat it for a fast, easy and filling lunch dip. It’s also great in a sandwich. I eat more avocadoes when they come into season as I want to get them when the cost one dollar and not $2.99! Looks for specials and buy avocadoes when you see them for sale. If an avocado is rock hard let it sit on your counter for a few days to soften. Once it feels slightly squeezable, refrigerate. I like the taste of the Haas avocadoes the best, and they also separate from the peel easiest. If you are lucky enough to have an avocado tree, make use of it! Avocadoes fresh from a tree tend to taste bitter but you can ripen them in a paper grocery bag for a few days which helps them develop. I hate pre-made avocado dips as they tend to have a gross metallic taste – buy them whole instead and cut and eat your avocadoes fresh from your fridge for the best taste.

    If you push yourself to eat healthier foods on a daily basis you won’t have to worry so much about following a specific diet plan. A natural and healthy diet is best for your beauty. If you want to become gorgeous add avocado to your diet. Homemade beauty treatments with avocado can be a bit messy LOL. If you are interested in organic beauty products with avocado keep your eye out at the local 99 store. I often find beauty products like facial washes, bath and hair products and masks with fruit ingredients at the discount stores and they can be fun to play with as long as they cost next to nothing. If you’ve ever put real avocado onto your hair skin or body as an homemade beauty treatment please vote and comment on your experience below. Stay beautiful!

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    Eat avocadoes for beauty benefits including lowering bad cholesteral, silky soft hair, treating dry skin, and feeling satisfied. For beauty products with avocado, check at 99 cent shop

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