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    Beauty secrets, makeup tips & tutorials, cosmetics reviews, plastic surgery, fashion and top anti aging Beauty Tips. Free beauty tips for a beautiful face, bikini body shape, diet and fitness plans, salon hair, and the best skin care products. How to apply makeup, natural beauty secrets, Botox, Restylane, lasers, peels, facial fillers, FAQ and cosmetic surgery prices. How to dress sexy. Look ten years younger and feel fabulous like a celebrity in your forties, fifties, sixties, at any age!

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    Top Beauty Tips: Perfect make up, perfect hair and a contagious fashion sense are exemplified in this photograph. The make up is well blended and her hair embraces it’s natural texture. The dress is sexy. All in all a gorgeous photograph. Keep reading to learn from her savvy sense of style. I’ll give you the basic make up secrets to look this gorgeous yourself. Learn how now!

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    Beautiful make up application, hair style and hair color, fashion and style with this sexy dress, and blended make up exemplified in this photograph. A plethora of best beauty tips wrapped in one picture! This model is younger than forty but what she is doing with her looks is absolutely ageless. You can use the same beauty tricks to get gorgeous yourself

    Hair, Makeup, and Style Tips

    What I love about this photograph is that it demonstrates the best tips for hair, makeup, and clothing for women over forty, fifty and sixty. This model, while younger, really knows how to take advantage of her looks and her sense of style represents good advice for women over forty, fifty or sixty. Let’s go through one by one what I like best about this photograph and how it can help a woman to look younger.

    Curly Hair

    Many older women try to go against the forces of nature and straighten their hair. What they do not realize is that natural hair volume flatters. As you can see in this example, hair around the face and framing the ears creates a picture frame for the face which is entirely beauty enhancing. Particularly if you have some wrinkles, hair volume diffuses flaws and creates a 3D effect to the face that plays down ones flaws.

    Women create hair mistakes by trying to turn their hair from curly to straight and smooth. We all want what we don’t genetically have. Corn silk straight hair is something that women with coarse hair always try to get through hair styling. What they don’t realize is that forced styling can create more obvious frizz and fly away hair. Sometimes embracing the natural texture of your hair and working with it can actually be more flattering to your beauty. Particularly when you are older, having volume, waves and textures tends to be a beauty enhancer. Cork screw curls are hot.

    Hair Color

    Much hair damage stems from the fact that women over process their hair when hair coloring. The biggest beauty pitfall is when women repeatedly dye their hair many shades beyond what their natural color is. Salon experts always advise not to veer too far from your natural hair color and they do so for good reason. Stressful bleaching of hair can really damage it and fried hair never looks good. It also can create a breaking point between the three corners of a triangle, namely eye color, eyebrow color and hair color. Eye color, eyebrow color and hair color can be through of as a three way connection triangle. Having this triangle “jive” well in terms of complimentary color match plays a huge role in a woman’s beauty.

    This woman has it so right. Her nice brown eyes have a hint of hazel/auburn in which ties in perfectly to her brown penciled in eyebrows and auburn hair. The colors mesh perfectly together. The auburn adds some pizzazz but it not too far from her natural darkish brown color. This minimizes the appearance of her roots. The auburn color picks up the lighter color in her eyes and the brown eyebrows picks up the brown color in her eyes. All in all a perfect color triangle matching the three corners of hair color, eyebrow color and eye color for maximum beauty enhancement.

    Sexy dress

    The red dress is extremely sexy. Take note women because this style sense is something and older woman can learn from. For of all, learn from the solid color of the dress. Solid colors are universally flattering and slenderizing for women. Patterns tend to draw attention to the clothes while solid colors draw attention to the woman wearing the clothes (which is what you want). So that solids aren’t too boring you will always want to look for vibrant hues and stay away from pale, drab colors. The red looks great. Also, you always want to go for simplicity with cool details. On this dress the cool detail is the black netting mesh that is going over the dress, a very nice touch.

    While an older woman, or plus size woman might not be able to handle the low cut cleavage this dress shows, it still is a good example of what looks sexy. You could wear something similar with more coverage. Just try to follow this style concept: simplicity, solid colors, a little sex appeal, and unique subtle detailing. If you look for these style aspects when choosing dresses, you will be doing fine. You don’t have to wear a sleeveless dress to get the basic effect.

    Skin Tone

    Many women thing that being super tan is a sign of youth and nothing can be further than the truth. I recently watched the Miss America contest on TV and though the women were gorgeous, I thought they looked years if not decades older than their actual age. The biggest ager was their deep dark tans. Of course they don’t have to worry about looking more mature however we women over forty do have to worry.

    I recommend against deep dark tanning. Real tan is god awful for your skin and a dark fake tan doesn’t make you prettier either. Look at the skin coloring in the photograph. It’s the perfect flattering color. Not too tan but not ridiculously pale. When considering skin color and tanning color ladies take note. A natural sun kissed skin tone as demonstrated in this photograph is universally flattering and age defying

    Lip Color

    Natural lip color as shown is particularly flattering on an older woman. Let’s talk about why. The reason is that when in onlooker’s focus is drawn up towards your eyes you are getting what can only be characterized as a free face lift. It gives an uplifting visual effect that can take a decade off your looks in an instant. So you see that her naturally colored lips are perfect. It makes it look as though she is not wearing much make up at all, even though she is. It’s the perfect effect for a woman over forty. You need the makeup to hide flaws and draw attention to the right places. The natural looking lips make the makeup look organic while also giving a free face lift effect. Natural lips also are most flattering on women with thinner lips and/or aging wrinkles around the lips.

    Under Eye bags

    Women over forty tend to have under eye bags. Now, you’ll want to wear a bit of lighter concealer under your foundation to lighten up dark under eye bad color. I will tell you the biggest mistake women make is to get blusher or bronzer into that under eye area on accident. The minute you add color into the crow’s feet area of your eyes you are going to add years onto your age. If you look at this photograph, the bronzer color is kept away from the immediate area under the eyes. This is no better example I could show than what is illustrated in this picture. Don’t get the bronzer into the under eye wrinkles. Her under eye area is ever so slightly paler in shade than the rest of her face and this effectively draws an illusion away from eye wrinkles.

    Make up foundation

    She has perfectly blended foundation. Notice how she has a consistent color across her entire face canvas from her forehead to cheeks to chin to neck and chest. When applying foundation always try to create a uniform matte look across as much real estate of your body as possible. The more natural, blended and uniform your makeup across facial features, neck and chest, the younger you will appear to be. Always look for a natural color foundation that matches to your natural color or goes a slight shade darker to add a sun kissed healthy glow to the skin.


    Bronzer should be applied as in this photograph. Pick a bronzer of blusher that is just a teensy hint more colored than the foundation. Place it at the apples of the cheeks (to right and left of nostrils) without getting it into your crow’s feet. Never get bronzer or blusher too close to the nose, leave a little bit of space outside the nose. Blend, blend, blend as she has clearly done. Bronzer lines create messiness. Well blended seamless lines add to the flawless overall effect. Don’t get the bronzer settle in too close to the eyes, nose or mouth. For color ideas go totally natural. If you are color impaired look to the colors offered in the mineral makeup brand lines. You don’t have to buy mineral makeup per se, but know that mineral makeup color selections are always good examples of natural looking skin complimentary shades.


    Buy a pressed powder color a few easy shades lighter than your foundation color and a nice makeup brush. Look at your face after you have applied foundation. If you have any darkened areas you can lighten them with the highlighter. Don’t buy shiny glimmer highlighter. Just a natural shade of beige that is lighter than your foundation will do. Check areas which tend to get dark shadows. These are, your chin, the area under your bottom lip, your mustache area, outside of nostrils, lines going from nostrils to mouth the inside of your upper eyelids and vertical lines on the forehead. You can lighten with the highlighter.

    A good highlighter color should “melt” into the face. When applied, it should lighten the darker shaded areas and bring them up the exact shade of the rest of your face. The highlighter should melt in, meaning, if it’s leaving obvious pale streaks it’s a little too light. Blend in with the brush. The effect should be uniform color across the entire face and a younger looking skin.


    I can’t say enough good things about the eye brows shown here. First of all, they are penciled in to remove gaps. Gaps in the eyebrows or sparse eyebrows are a big sign of aging, so you will want to always gently pencil in the eyebrows. She has the perfect shade of natural brown, not too dark to compliment her eyes. Notice how her eyebrows frame her eyes perfectly. Eyes should draw the most attention in the case of older women for a maximum beauty effect. Having the eyebrows penciled in to frame the eyes is the way to get the job done of bringing attention to her eyes. Her basic brown eyes look like something spectacular because of those eye brows.

    You should notice also there is a decent gap between her eyebrows and her eyes. Her arch adds some sex appeal too. The brows aren’t going straight across but rather curve a little bit up then back down again. Having cleaned up, penciled in eyebrows that still look reasonably natural is what you want to achieve. It’s important for older women to tweeze up under the eyebrows a bit to create an arch. What this does it it lifts the eyes. You want a free eye lift? Make sure to have a little clear real estate under those the brows!


    This is the perfect example of good mascara application for an older woman. Notice how the mascara is mostly concentrating on the upper lids. That is a good thing. Think about it, it draws attention upward. It gives an upward lift. Everything lifts up. From the neutral lipstick to less mascara on the lower lids, the effect is a face lift.

    Mascara does wonders for your looks and older women should not skip it. It’s one of the biggest beauty secrets. Using mascara mainly on the upper lids is going to lift your eyes visually. When applying the mascara always concentrate the most on the outer upper lashes. When gliding the mascara on pull up and out on the upper lashes. What this does it lift and widen the eyes. If you look close her lashes are lifting up and outward. What this does is give a little wide cat eye illusion. Looks like she has a neutral brown shadow color on her lids, with lighter beige highlighting right under the brows, which adds to the effect of the mascara. It’s beautiful and enhances her eyes.

    Eye liner

    Older women have dragged down lower eyelids. Nothing can make the aging look worse than a bunch of shadow color or mascara dragging down the lower eyelids. Her under eye makeup is great, and it is clean and subtle. The effect is that it balances out all the mascara on the top lids but does not drag the eyes down.

    Older women should strive for a clean polished liner along the lower lid. I like liner on the inside rim of the lower eye lid. It frames the eyes, balances mascara on the upper lids, and adds to a cat eye sexy illusion. You’ll want a precise and clean liner application. That means, invest in a high quality eyeliner pencil with good staying power and color pigment. Use a makeup pencil sharpener to keep the point nice and precise and choose a natural shade of darkest black or brown.

    Celebrity glamour over 40

    I read every make up book and beauty book out and I spend a lot of time looking at photographs and make up tutorials on line, not to mention browsing thousands of pictures of women in magazines. I have to say this photograph embodies many simple and practical hair and makeup tips that any older women (and any woman for that matter) could benefit from. This is how make up, hair coloring and styling, and choice of clothes can be carefully chosen to maximize ones beauty. It’s the use of all these things to create a natural beauty look that in reality makes use of intelligent hair color, strategic make up and good fashion to be achieved. I love it.

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    Cosmetic plastic surgery face & body, apply makeup, antiaging secrets, wrinkle skincare, sexy clothes, natural beauty, toned fit Shape

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    Natural Beauty, Anti Aging, Plastic Surgery


    Look Younger! Learn how to look 10 years younger. Discover the key to getting plastic surgery that looks natural. Find out more about cosmetic procedures available for older women. Read my reviews of books on beauty that celebrity sex symbols author, and the beauty, health and fitness, diet and workout regimens they follow. Do they really reveal all their anti aging secrets?

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    Smile, laugh and don't frown! Keep on reading for all my anti aging advice. Why listen to ME? Because I read, research, study photographs, articles, magazines, tutorials, videos and blogs about beauty and make up all day long. Trust me, I know all the tricks and I know how to cut corners on costs. I even show occasional pictures of myself to demonstrate that I stay in shape too, and keep up with my own looks. Now I'm a world famous redhead beauty blogger and I can help you look your best.
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