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    Best flat irons for your hair. How to choose a top ceramic flat iron and get your money’s worth

    Ceramic flat irons

    The vast number of flat iron and hair straigheners on the market is daunting and it makes women wonder which flat iron to buy and how much they should pay for it. Flat irons range in price drastically. You can get the FHI Heat Runway at a price tag or more than $300.00 with the tourmaline plates of course. Or you can go for the medium expensive irons like the Hai Ceramic Flat Iron (voted best beauty buy by InStyle magazine) or the Farouk Systems Chi which is the Hair Stylist’s favorite flat iron. Or, you can go bargain basement and get the Revlon Perfect Heat Professional Straightener for about $25.00 which is a favorite of Lucky magazine and comparatively, a steal.

    Which flat iron should I get?

    Given the price range from $25.00 for a Revlon flat Iron, to over $300.00 for a FHI Heat Runway, which flat iron should you buy? I say, take the middle ground. Your target price for a flat iron should be between $100 and $150 out the door including tax. I personally have bought the CHI 1” Ceramic Style Flat Iron by Farouk – Black/Gold and as I recall I paid $119.99 for it plus tax at the local beauty supply store. They raised the price of the CHI because the very first CHI iron that I bought years ago was only $89.99 (arg, flatiron inflation). The CHI that I have now has the blue ceramic plates.

    I also recently bought the Corioliss profix Professional flat styling iron at a mall stand. Normally I wouldn’t do this, but they had a red leopard print pattern and I was buying it for my daughter for christmas who had stated a distinct preference for the leopard print or zerbra design. Normally I would be concerned about buying a flat iron at one of those cart stands at the mall however I am familiar with the mall and this cart had been there for over a year and was at least established. The Corioliss cost me exactly $131.38 which was including tax. So, of the two brands I have purchased recently, I paid between $100 and $150 for them.

    Flat Iron Technology

    Essentially, you want an iron that has the ceramic plates, heats up well, and lasts a long time before breaking. When you shop the flat iron brands and compare the features and prices, sales people and online reviews and beauty blogs will argue about how their preferred iron’s technology has better ceramic (they talk about pure ceramic verses plated ceramic). I take that to mean pure gold verses gold plated as an analogy. So you will hear the different brands touting features such as tourmaline coated solid ceramic plates, negative ion conditioning technology, far infrared heat technology. And in the case of the corioliss, the limited edition bling bling designs such as red leopard print or zebra.

    In general, I would pay little heed to new technology mumbo jumbo in flat-irons such as talk of nano fusion, far infrared heat, crushed tourmaline, and ionic effects on hair. What matters is that the iron has nice solid ceramic plates which a smooth coating and that the iron heats up sufficiently.

    All that really matters in my mind is that the flat iron has good heavy duty ceramic plates. I have heard of tourmaline plates which is a comparable metal which is fine however I don’t believe that it is necessarily better or any claims such as moisture locking ions. Tourmaline is a silicate, precious stone whereas ceramic is a material composed usually of clay. They are just different inorganic materials. Corioliss flat iron has tourmaline coated solid ceramic plates. I think the most important is to get the ceramic plates as that material against the hair is friendly and makes your hair sealed and soft with no ripping or frying. Tourmaline coating over the ceramic is fine too. A good flat iron that can staighten unruly hair is a godsend to women. I have heard women say, I can’t live without my CHI.

    The minute I hear negative ion conditioning technology touted, my brain checks out and I personally believe that ions have nothing to do with your hair looking shinier and feeling smoother and I doubt ions have any effect at all but what do I know. I also hear about infra-red heat technology. I could care less about heat verses infra-red heat – heat is heat as far as I am concerned. I don’t believe a different type of heat like regular verses infrared heats the hair from inside out verses outside in. Again as long as the iron has good ceramic or coated plates that prevent ripping and tangling and promotes sleekness, and the hair iron heats up to a good solid heat, I am happy. I don’t care about multiple heat settings either, I just want the iron hot. In fact, I think the more controls there are the more likely the flat iron might break. Basic one heat control is ok for me.

    Even the top brand flat irons can break and crap out on you

    I personally have a CHI, my older daughter has a CHI, and my younger daughter has the Corioliss. I have had to replace the CHI twice. Yes, twice. The main place that flat iron’s break is in the cord connection that comes out of the flat iron. Eventually, that cord gets yanked around enough and then suddenly the connection gets iffy. You will find yourself having to constantly adjust and tweak the cord right where it comes out of the iron in order to keep the red light on (the heat indicator). The connectivity gets messed up and eventually you can’t keep the iron on anymore. I have had to replace two CHI iron’s for this reason, but because the iron works so well, I replaced it with the same brand. The cord connection to the iron is the weak point and any of the brands can break that way after they’ve been yanked around, dropped and utilized for a few years.

    On one of the times that I bought a CHI, I tried the iron as soon as I brought it home and the red on light was blinking and iffy and the iron simply wouldn’t stay on consistently at all. I brought it back to the beauty supply store where I purchased it and they were resistant in taking it back as they made it clear that if there were problems with the flat iron I would have to send it directly into CHI (Farouk the manufacturer). But, because I brought it back that very day and made a fuss, they did end up exchanging it for me. This is why I strongly recommend that you turn the flat iron on and verify that the light stays on and it heats up all the way before you pay. Test it and make sure it works and that the red on light stays on. Also check the connection cord coming out of the iron – move it around a bit and make sure the iron stays on.

    The makers of flat irons often require that you send the iron back to the manufacturer (not the store where you bought it) if it is or becomes defective before the warranty is up. We all know what a hassle it can be to return an item to a manufacturer or to an online retailer, so be sure to buy at a reputable store be it online or local to you. I have not had any problems with the Corioliss as yet, but that can be because the iron is brand new and we have only used it a few times. I would say that the CHI’s broke down after I used them for well over a year or two. CHI’s work really well but even the best flat iron’s do break after a while so take that into consideration. If you are careful and save the box and receipt you might be able to get a replacement – I know that some flat iron brands offer a one or two year warranty. But factually the irons usually last the two years so by the time they typically break the warranty is long gone. I never had the patience to save the boxes and receipts for that long so when mine broke I just replaced them.

    How much you should pay for your flat iron

    Flat irons in the mid price range are the safest bet as they are quality but not over the top expensive. $100-$150 tax included should be the safest target price range when deciding how much to spend on a flat iron. I would say that it is not worth paying over $150 for a flat iron because the same things that cause them to fail (usually cord connections, dropping them or the on light failing) can happen regardless of how much you spend on it. I would also say that once you have the heavily coated ceramic, you have what you need. Because they can break regardless of the brand, I would not pay the extra money for the super high end irons as you will get that much more paranoid about it.

    The under $100.00 flat irons can be only ceramic plated, bulky and you can feel a metal scratching hair ripping aspect to them when compared to solid ceramic plated irons. You want something that heat seals your hair to perfection without causing any cheap ripping damage. In general the really inexpensive irons tend to be bulkier and heavier. They have the weight in the wrong place. The iron handles are heavy making it harder to hold up, yet the plates (the important part) are lighter because they are only coated ceramic and a cheaper material under it. Not only do the cheap irons tend to be bulkier, they also tend to have a lower quality construction and so the corners of the ceramic plates can catch and snarl you hair. If an iron is important to you, and especially if you have unruly hair and live for your flat iron, it is definitely worth your beauty dollars to buy one in the mid level price range I suggest. So for that peace of mind I would avoid the cheap drugstore flat irons and invest the $100-$150 to get an iron that is in the mid price range. If you have kinky hair and like to straighten it a quality ceramic plated flat iron that heats up well can truly be a god send. CHI irons work great however I’ve had several CHI irons break on me – they generally break from the cord connection getting iffy or the on switch failing. I’ve had better luck so far with the Corioliss but that may be because it is still new.

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    The best flat irons include CHI flat iron by Farouk and Corioliss flat iron. Ceramic plates are best for giving you silky straight hair with the flatiron. Buy a mid range iron - $100-$150

    Best Flat Irons, CHI Flat Iron, Corioliss Flat Iron, Flat Iron Reviews

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