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    Wigs are a popular beauty trends choice for women who suffer from hair loss. It seems like celebrities are selling wigs lately, considering you can buy raquel welch wigs, cheryl tiegs wigs and jaclyn smith wigs. Wigs are a popular beauty trends choice for women who suffer from hair loss. The most popular wig brands sold online include gabor wigs, louis ferre wigs, tressallure wigs, estetica wigs, noriko wigs, revlon wigs, wilshire wigs, and more. There are so many online wig outlets and wig stores now. Wigs and extensions are in style.

    Human hair loss can be a consequence of aging, genetics, chemotherapy treatment for cancer, or radiation therapy. Hair wigs can conceal partial balding or hair loss such as alopecia wigs as well as full hair wigs. If you have some hair then you can look at adding in hair attachments or extensions that clip in to the hair to create fullness with wigs called partial integration pieces. But in the case of cancer and chemo, you would need a full coverage wig.

    If you are thinking about buying a wig the selection in this day and age that are available is incredible. Design and fit of wigs has improved since the old days and even the synthetic hair wigs can look nearly indistinguishable from natural hair. You may know women who donate their hair to charity from which the human hair can be made into wigs for medical reasons (chemo). I personally like the synthetic hair wigs because they look so good now and they are affordable, lighter weight and airy however many women want a wig made of real human hair and will pay upwards of a thousand dollars for just such a wig.

    Two basic types of wigs are the human hair wig and the synthetic hair wig

    There are two basic types of wigs, one is a human hair wig and the other is a synthetic hair wig or artificial hair wig. A human hair wig is made from human hair. Human hair wigs look more like real hair because it is made from real hair! The downside to the human hair wig is that they are expensive and require a lot more care and attention. Synthetic hair wigs are cheaper and made from man-made fibers. But if you want a really, ultra nice synthetic wig the price can approach that of a human wig. On the other hand you can buy a light weight synthetic wig at a beauty supply store that are reasonably priced under one hundred dollars. The hair is attached to a skull cap which then sits on your head.

    Having to wear a wig due to having a breast cancer

    I’ll be looking at lots of wigs for my readers and going over where to get them and how to care for them. You might wonder why I would know a single thing about wigs, since I am lucky to have a pretty full head of hair. Well I do know, as breast cancer is all too common, often requiring chemotherapy and radiation. Prior to undergoing chemo some women start to cut their hair shorter and shorter, to gradually adjust to the impending hair loss. Getting a wig is usually one of the steps involved in bracing themselves for chemo side-effects and handling the impending hair loss.

    Losing your hair and considering wearing a wig for the first time

    Being distraught over hair is one thing, but it really pales in comparison to the distraught over having cancer itself and ones general health. I know that women with cancer often go through the process and buy a fancy expensive human hair wig via a special custom order that is specially made to look exactly like her real hair, or as close a match as they can get. A custom human hair wig made to match your own hair can run as high as $1600 or more. Insurance might cover some of the cost, half for example. Generally women lose their hair from the chemo but I have to say some wear the human hair wig all of one or two times and then reject it. Human hair wigs can get too hot and sweaty and thick to wear. The synthetic hair wigs tend to be more light weight.

    Head wraps and headscarves are wig alternatives that keep your head covered and cool

    Women undergoing chemo aren’t going to want to wear the wig around the house and instead might wear a rapper doo rag. A doo rag is like a bandana headscarf that covers your head. It’s usually light weight and covers the entire head. Also known as a head scarf, or turban, if can be made from a light weight cotton fabric and covers the head with usually some fringe or a tail decoration. It sometimes has a tie around the back. I’ve also seen head scarfs made with hair extensions that are part of the scarf and fake hair hangs down from the bottom of the scarf. The feel of the light weight scarf can be preferable over the heavier hair wig for at home use.

    Wigs can look really obvious. If you don’t get a wig with bangs or shorter pieces in the front it can really look bizarre around the forehead. If bangs that are not your own hair are bothersome, the best way to go is to wear a baseball cap over a lightweight synthetic wig. If you buy a synthetic wig with lightweight hair, not too thick or long (say shoulder length or slightly longer) and couple it with a baseball cap, no one would ever tell that you are wearing a wig. If you are going through chemo, try a light weight synthetic wig with bangs which will conceal the forehead line. I like bangs and fringe styles which makes the wig look less conspicuous, or an all one length blunt cut wig worn with a hat looks good too. You can wear the all one length synthetic wig with a baseball cap on top of it. If you have a baseball cap on with a light weight synthetic wig under it, there would be no way that anyone would know you have a wig on for sure. For indoors when around the house, try the lightweight head scarves.

    Wigs are officially in demand and Hollywood celebrities are lending their name to wig brands and styles

    Wigs and fake hair attachments are completely popular right now, as are clip in hair piece, and hair extensions. I see wig carts even at the mall and it seems like every one from the ever gorgeous Jaclyn Smith to Gabor, Raquel Welch to Jessica Simpson is branding their names to wigs and hair pieces. Hey maybe I should launch a wig line too LOL! Though the real reason women have to resort to wigs is in all honesty not so pleasant, these products try to make the best of the situation, and that is important! I love Jaclyn Smith and Raquel Welch! These ladies know how to roll with the times.

    I’ll let you in an a big beauty secret. Jaclyn Smith admits that stars use all kinds of wigs and hair enhancement pieces for movie roles. She teamed up with the famous Hollywood hair stylist Jose Eber to create a line of wigs and hair volumizers. The volumizers integrate into your hair to create volume. There are falls, clip-ons, headband styles and full coverage wigs too. So in this series of articles about wigs and hair pieces I will go over some of the wig and hair extension faq’s as well as beauty trends when it comes to wigs.

    I personally like the synthetic wigs since they are sexy, pre-styled and colored and I would try to find a light weight one that wasn’t overly hot on my head

    If I were to get a wig I would say that I would most likely go for the synthetic type of wigs. I’ve tried them on at the beauty supply stores. They make the synthetic hair wig so good now and I actually like the glossy look of them and the fact that they are pre cut, styled and colored. Plus, synthetic hair is a little less costly than human hair wig. I like the longer silky hair ones styled with some bangs and tapered layers going down into a longer length in the back. I like the ones with bangs or some shorter pieces in front to hide the obvious skull cap look at the temple. I also think the more light weight hair looks better. If the hair is too thick and full then the wig is going to look to conspicuous (see wig photos of big hair LOL). If you were edgy and not trying to hide the fact that you wear wigs you could get a few different styles and use them as accessories! Follow the tag link below for more articles about hair wigs and extentions.

    Being a woman with hair loss is no laughing matter

    I try to make light of wigs with some humor but know that I understand hair loss from my experience with friends. I especially hate cancer now. It is a very sensitive issue for women. One last thing, after chemo, hair may never grow back to its original thick lush gorgeous natural state. The new hair that grows in can often have random baldness/hair loss now which has to be concealed by styling her hair to the side for example. The female baldness, bald spots (alopecia) and hair loss in women often happens near the hair part in front where it is most obvious unfortunately. Also, original hair thickness becomes thinner as we age. Some women’s hair grows back after chemo just like it was but for older women it usually is never the same. Having lost all of ones due to chemo however, I am sure that hair coming back is cause for celebration, even if it is thinner or more grey than it was.

    There are some really nice online hair-wig retailers so if you are shopping to buy a wig online there are many to see. If and when I buy a wig I will probably purchase it from a beauty supply shop where I can try before I buy. It would be hard to picture what a wig looks like on you without being able to try it on. But some of the beauty supply stores only have a limited selection and online you can find every style wig there is. There is a much bigger wig inventory to select from when you shop online for hair wigs. I’ll have more on wigs and wig care soon.

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    Beauty trends wigs - wigs and hair pieces are in. Celebrity actresses and models now sell you human hair wigs, synthetic hair wigs, and hair pieces for women's hair loss solutions

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