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    Botox advice: Tips to getting the most for your money when paying for botox injections. Be smart about Botox pricing!

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    Women are spending their money on regular Botox injections. For hundreds of dollars every few months, it definitely pays to be proactive, spread treatments out, shop for fair pricing on the injections. Your money is no laughing matter. It's the too busy working woman that drops money on Botox without really knowing or thinking about the price of the treatment!

    Saving money on the price of Botox injections

    Should you be brave enough to get Botox injections then it really pays off to be smart and proactive about the cost of the Botox you are getting. Asking the injector questions about the procedure can go a long way towards saving you money. If nothing else, it demonstrates that you are not blindly spending money on Botox like it grows on trees. Here are some basic questions that you should ask your cosmetic surgeon, dermatologist, nurse or whomever is administering the Botox cosmetic to you.

    Botox Question 1: How many units am I getting?

    Some women pay a fixed cost for the Botox per area. This means they really have no idea how many units of the Botox they are actually getting. If you are paying $250 per area for example, you have no way to match the amount to the price. What if you need a lot less Botox than someone who has deeper frown expressions than you? Are you paying the same thing that they are paying for the same area?

    Not knowing the number of units of Botox you are getting leaves you exposed to potentially getting less of it. If you keep up on your appointments and get Botox frequently then you may be getting re-injected before the frown lines come all the way back. The injector may give you less of the product accordingly, since your wrinkles are not that bad. If you are paying a fixed price for the Botox, you can see how this can easily lead to you over paying for an area and getting less Botox leading to a cycle of having to return more often.

    Granted the injector will give you an amount they deem appropriate at the time interval that you return, yet still, you could be getting short changed. The easiest way to put a stop to this is to ask how many units you are getting each visit. If the amount is varying, you may want to pay per unit instead of per area.

    Botox Question 2: How fresh is the Botox?

    Botox is really the freshest right when it is opened up and diluted. If it sits in the fridge for a week so to speak, it can lose a bit of its potency. Some doctors have enough Botox customers that they are opening up the vials on a daily basis, or at least every few days. If your doctor does not administer Botox like crazy however, you could get product that is a little bit stale. It likely won’t hurt you, but it also won’t be quite as strong as product that is diluted and used on you very soon after.

    Botox Question 3: What is your dilution formula?

    The doctors dilute the Botox with a sterile special saline type solution prior to applying it. Now, the doctor can easily fib to you about the dilution ration they are using. Obviously, you really can’t exactly gag and put the doctor in a straight jacket then dilute the stuff yourself can you. However, just asking this question to the injector will make them realize that you are counting your money and that you have no desire to have the Botox wool pulled over your eyes. Always ask them about the dilution ratio and register that information in your mind. If you ever switch to another cosmetic surgeon or office, you will have that information and can make an informed comparison with the new office. In order words, if you switch Botox injectors in order to save money then obviously you have to have a good idea as to how much you were getting and the dilution ratio in order to make an informed price comparison at the new place.

    Botox Question 4: How long have you been doing this?

    Asking the doctor about the time they have injected Botox as well as their qualifications is obviously important. Seeing as you are getting a potentially dangerous substance injected into your body, you don’t want to take any additional risks by having it injected by an idiot. Check qualifications and go by reliable word of mouth in your neighborhood to find someone near home, and with whom you feel totally confident and safe.

    The famous plastic and cosmetic surgeons or dermatologist can charge an arm and a leg for a Botox injection, as can wellness centers and spas. It really does pay to shop around yet you don’t want someone who just finished their Botox injection class yesterday. Injection experience definitely counts are you will be less likely to get black and blue marks from clumsy injection pokes not to mention having complications, drooping or drifting of the Botox if too much is injected into the wrong spot. Sometimes you can find a nurse in a local cosmetic doctor’s office that offers the Botox at a good price point and can administer it to you safely to boot.

    Botox Question 5: Can I look at my medical chart please?

    You might just notice that little medical chart they wip out when you come in for that Botox injection every few months. Most women just ignore the chart in ignorant bliss. Ignorant is the operative keyword. If you are paying that kind of money for the Botox, roll your eyeballs over that chart. The Botox doctor generally marks notes on a diagram with a face on it, may jot notes as to how many units they injected, and also note where exactly they injected the units.

    I have caught one doctor switching not only the amount of the Botox that was administered but also how much he was putting in each area. He most likely was just administering what he thought was appropriate, yet I was paying a fixed price point per area and getting less Botox product as a direct result of his decision. I figured that out and decided to switch where I was getting the Botox. Since then, I probably saved tons of money.

    Personally I am on a very, very constrained financial budget and this is one beauty procedure I do like because I have the strongest crows feet and laugh lines ever. I have to spread the appointments out as far as I can, according to my budget. If I am even lucky enough to have saved up enough money for a Botox injection, I am going to want to know exactly what I am getting for my money and I want it to work right without getting or paying for too much or too little of the Botox.

    If you love the stuff, try to forego most other salon appointments (hair, nails, etc) and expensive beauty products to scrounge money for Botox every now and then. More often than not it is often the working women, who are not on as tight of a budget, that are most oblivious. They are the ones that can be really getting short changed without realizing it by paying a high price per area without asking questions. Asking to see the chart will wise the doctor up to the fact that you aren’t stupid about the money you are spending on Botox.

    In conclusion, your safety is paramount when taking the plunge into Botox injection addiction. Just remember, if you have serious expression lines that the Botox ameliorates, this stuff can become insanely addictive. Don’t spend blindly. Being ripped-off can add up quickly. Women are notoriously clueless about the Botox and spill out hundreds of dollars for an area not realizing that this is like a mini-mortgage.

    Take Botox and the money it is costing you seriously, shop around, and be smart about it. You may annoy your injector by asking so many questions, yet if they are forthcoming with you then in the long run you may just become a long-standing customer. This is the ideal situation for you. You get a very good rate from them and become a long-term customer of theirs as a result.

    If you really want to save on Botox, just say no to it. If you aren’t overly interested in Botox and you don’t have a real problem with expression lines, just don’t bother to get it at all. Not getting Botox at all is going to save you the most amount of money. If you have not discovered Botox or have an aversion to alien injections of substance into your body, consider yourself lucky. Botox injections don’t last and if you like the results it is both addictive and costly. When it comes to Botox, what you don’t know definitely won’t hurt you. It won’t hurt your pocket book to stay clueless and skip it.

    For more information about Botox, be sure to read other articles that I have written about getting Botox injections


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