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    Become stylish by giving your closet a makeover. Start with the bras and panties. Get rid of old lingerie and pare down your inventory. Buy new a new item once every few months and get rid of one item you are not using. Organizing your clothes is inexpensive and help you learn to look more stylish

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    Closet makeover time again! Have you been procrasticating that closet makeover? Start slowly and revamp your bra, panty, lingerie, sock and stocking drawers. Out with the old and in with the new. Cut down on your inventory and periodically replace items to keep everything fresh and new.

    To keep your underwear fresh and organized, you should shop for a new lingerie item every few months. Once you purchase something new, be sure to throw out or give to good will one old thing a month. Voila! Within the next six months, your closet will become the envy of your girlfriends and you’ll be looking fresh and stylish like a celebrity in no time!

    Are you looking frumpy in your clothes lately? With the dismal economy the way it is and few signs of improvement, many women myself included, are surviving as best they can on old clothes. At a certain point however, enough is enough. It’s time to revamp that closet and get rid of everything that makes you look ugly. Here are a few motivational tips and beauty advice for getting that wardrobe and closet overhaul underway. Women absolutely underestimate how good clothes can make them look, and you don’t need to pay designer prices for the clothes. Each article in this series will give you a few tips and ideas for getting your clothes situation under control.

    In the photograph at left you will see just how disheveled your closet can become. With a little tender loving care, you should be able to reorganize your lingerie drawers on a dime. Eliminating old items and creating an easy organization and folding system will help get things cleaned up. You’ll also want to adapt a queue like mentality from her on out to keep the lingerie system in place. Every few months pick up a new piece. Keep your eyes out for incredible deals and only purchase something you love. When you put it into your drawers be sure to rotate out something worn out or never utilized. It’s the best way to keep your lingerie fresh and you feeling beautiful. Plus, it keeps the drawers from overcrowding again. Seeing as your lingerie is the first thing you reach for in the morning, keeping it perky and fresh will surely help your mood.

    Get motivated and think of your apparel overhaul as an ongoing hobby

    Redoing your clothes closet can seem like a big nuisance because it takes time and energy. Not only that, getting rid of things takes mental energy since you have to make a stay or go decision. You have to try things on. If you can’t wrap your head around getting through your entire closet in one fell swoop, break it up into stages. When I started redoing my clothes and dressing more stylishly, I felt the same exact desire to procrastinate the closet cleaning that many women feel. After reading and authoring hundreds of beauty and fashion articles however, you know what to do.

    The way to approach your clothing overhaul is to conceptualize it as an ongoing project or pet peeve. The peeve is, I am going to get my closet and clothes drawers into celebrity form. Every time you go out that door of your house you want to look good, right? The way to do this is to methodically go through your clothes piece by piece, drawer by drawer, item by item and allocate yourself ample time to make progress. Instead of thinking of it as I will redo my entire closet this weekend, think in terms of, I will do one drawer at least every week and over the next 6 months or year, I will look ten times better in all my clothes. Everything gross that was in my closet or drawers will be gone.

    Make it something you can maintain

    The less you have, the easier it will be to maintain it on a shoestring budget. Therefore, your goal should be to reduce the amount of clothes you own. Pare down and simplify. With less, you won’t need as much space and you won’t have to invest in expensive organizers either. To do this on a budget and be able to maintain it yourself you are going to want a relatively small wardrobe of clothes.

    You’re going to want to cut down on the sheer volume of items, and then improve your closet and drawer organization. Sure it would be nice to hang all your bras on dainty hangers however maybe not so practical. Organize things in such a way that you can maintain it over time. The simplest is to have a drawer for panties and lay them out flat with separate piles for casual, fancy, things, comfortable, etc. Bras can be laid out one behind the other (flat stored) in a drawer using the same organization ideas. Socks should be in a drawer of their own and as soon as there is a rip or a mismatch the stray sock should be discarded. All socks should be paired, no rips. Same goes for stockings.

    Your main objective should be to get rid of everything old and pair down to a manageable amount of bras, socks and underwear. Once you’ve paired down, you can rotate in new items periodically. Every time you bring in a new item, be sure to rotate out an old item to keep from acquiring too much. You need your lingerie to fit into the space you have and by keeping it on a rotation you’ll only be keeping around items that you actually use. If you keep doing this and refreshing your bras, socks and underwear you will look ten thousand times better than you did before. If you keep an eye out for sales and shop at the discount stores you can keep your bras, socks and underwear looking fresh for only a few dollars a month if that.

    Start with the Underwear

    The best place to start your fashion overhaul is with the underwear drawer. Keep a separate drawer for the underwear. Go through everything you have and just get rid of all that looks old and granny. Throw it away. See what is left. Then make your first trip out to a discount store and pick up a few fresh pairs. Every few months, buy a new pair of underwear since it is only a few dollars and when you put it into you underwear drawer make sure to throw something out that is in there that you never wear. The idea is to keep your drawer fresh by periodically buying a new item and throwing away an item you aren’t using.

    Each woman has a certain style of panty that she is comfortable wearing and those are the ones to buy the most of. Sure it is nice to have some really racy lingerie for romantic occasions however you also want to feel clean, polished and pretty in your day to day underwear. Some women wear thongs and absolutely love them, others despise the way they feel. Some women like boy shorts but others despise them as they can constrict the waist and thighs. Stay true to what is comfortable because nine times out of ten those are the items you will purchase. Cotton has a whole new meaning to a woman after forty. Cotton equals comfort heaven.

    When it comes to underwear, look for comfortable materials with perhaps some lace to it. I think you get the most mileage out of cotton and lace. Men like delicate ribbon details. I love lace as it feels comfortable yet looks super fancy. When going through your lingerie you’ll find yourself keeping nice items just because they are pretty or were expensive. Don’t. If you aren’t inclined to ever wear it then it matters not what it cost. Be ruthless when it comes to keeping a fresh and rotating bra and underwear drawer and swear yourself not to backslide into messy granny panties.

    Classic 100% cotton underwear

    Even if you like the full coverage style classic cotton panties you can buy new and fresh ones so that they look nice. Victoria’s Secret still carries the classic cotton underwear with full coverage. Underwear is so inexpensive right now that it’s worth it to invest. It’s the first thing you reach for in the morning. If you have something comfortable and nice to put on it’s going to set your mind in the right direction!

    Next is Bras

    If you want to get great ideas for organizing your bras then go no further than the local Victoria’s Secret store. The store has closet like drawers under all of the displays and they fold bras and panties in there. That will give you nice ideas. If you have the drawer space I say simply lie bras flat stored one behind the other in rows according to every day, special occasion, sports, and so on. This is an easy configuration that requires no folding. You can also fold them in half. Just be sure how you keep them will be easy to maintain as you do laundry and put back items frequently.

    Bras that fit

    When a bra no longer fits get rid of it. After having children you probably have several bras that no longer fit right. Why have them stored at all, just get rid of it. If a bra is illfitted, frayed, or a wire starts protruding or the bras is falling apart and can’t be easily stitched then get rid of it. Another no-no is keeping bras that have forever twisted bra straps. Once they get all twisted and tangled and frayed it’s time to replace.

    Make sure to get the right size and get enough support. Breasts can sag as a direct result of ill-fitted brassieres with lack of support. Keep the assets supported in a bra that fits properly. If you aren’t sure about size then get fitted at Victoria’s Secret and take it from there. You can get fancy bras at the discount stores like Marshals, Ross and TJMax. Just make sure you get the right size and that it has nice straps. Stay away from zany patterns and go for the basics. Black, white, gray, beige, brown, navy, red. Look for a nice solid and neat looking strap.

    You should always have a few special bras in your drawer which include a strapless, halter, and racer-back style. This will really come in handy for certain dress up occasions where you want to hide the bra completely. Also keep a few nice sports bras on hand for working out. Try to get a new bra every few months to keep lingerie fresh with clean neat lines and no frays. If you are really particular, invest in a lingerie washing bag. It’s a netted bag that you can wash fancy lingerie in that helps it not get ripped up and frayed in the wash. They have netted lingerie washing bags at Nordstrom’s or even Target.

    Socks and Stockings

    I like to store socks as a pair with one tucked into another. This keeps them together and easy to access. I would get rid of all socks that are mismatched or have rips in them. Try not to buy socks with color details or accents as they just clash with your clothes. Stick to basic white peds or athletic socks for working out. For work, try to get black, beige, brown, white. That’s all you need. It’s nice to have a few good wool or argyle ones for the winter. If you wear shoes like toms you might also get the nude ped socks that don’t shoe but keep the shoes from getting stinky. Stay away from bright colors and patterns and periodically get a new pair of socks to replace old ones. Ratty socks look sloppy and socks are cheap. Make sure to keep yours nice.

    Women with casual jobs have few stockings however if you are corporate you’d have a lot of pantyhose. Stocking drawers can become a tangled web of messy pantyhose. You don’t want to have to untangle them and try on three pair before you find one with no rips. Therefore, your pantyhose should be organized neatly along with panties and brassieres. If you have available space I like a separate drawer for pantyhose so they don’t become tangled in with the socks. The best way to keep stocking draws neat are to organize the pantyhose into Ziploc storage bags. Keep a bag of big ziplos in your pantyhose drawer and use the bags to store them in. It’s cheap and keeps them separated and visible. Once you get a snag in the stocking, it’s time to throw it out and pick up a new pair. Keep your eye out for stockings at the department store sales and know exactly what size you wear. That way, when you see deals on pantyhose you can snatch them right up.

    Stay Tuned

    With a dicey economy you may be forgoing expensive beauty treatments due to tight finances. Clothes however, are now cheaper than ever! Start weeding out of your closet items you never wear. Get rid of it, get organized and see what is left. Then, shop judiciously and replenish your closet with new items on a regular basis. If you aren’t desperate for clothes, you will be able to shop smarter and get the best deals and pricing. Once you have your underwear, bra, sock and pantyhose drawer looking neater, you will be ready to take on your clothes. I’d recommend going through all of your pants first, starting with the blue jeans, then move on to shoes. Click the tags below to continue reading about clothes, closet organization, wardrobe makeover, and other money saving beauty tips.

    closet makeover, bras, beauty tips, become stylish

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